Coping with the frustration of not having a baby & conceiving

Coping with the Frustration of Not Having a Baby

Having a baby is one of the most special feelings for any couple. But those facing fertility problems often end up feeling stressed about the situation. Drive away your frustrations of not having a baby by surrounding yourself with positive people. It is important to stay positive and not to give up hope.

Couples can get frustrated with all the trying for a baby without any positive results; add some peer pressure to the situation and you can easily imagine it growing out of proportion. Some couples may struggle to keep a positive attitude in life, and it may seem natural to get stressed. Trying to stay calm and patient is the best way to lead a happy life, even if you are feeling anxious about having a baby. In some cases, you might have undergone fertility treatments like IVF or ICSI, but did not get positive results. There is no need to give up as you can overcome the problem by first acknowledging it, and then finding and working on the best possible solutions.

Tips for Dealing with your Frustration

  • It is important to realize that what you are going through is normal. It takes an average of four to six months for a couple to get pregnant and if you take longer, then you should to consult a doctor. It is not necessary that everyone gets pregnant easily.
  • Stop blaming yourself or your partner for not being able have a baby. Neither of you wished it to happen, so be kind to yourself and your partner. If there are any fertility issues with either of you, thanks to advanced medical science, a majority of infertility problems are treatable.
  • Allow yourself to avoid certain functions like baby showers and baby naming ceremonies for the time being for they might trigger your baby-stress.
  • Take a break from trying and go on a vacation; enjoy some ‘couple time’. Conceiving might come easier to you if you stopped trying so hard. Stress is one of the major contributors for anovulatory cycles in a woman.
  • Laughter is the best medicine- Watch a funny movie,  read a funny book or go for a comedy show. You may realize there are still so many things that make you smile.
  • Avoid the company of the people who judge you based on your ability to have a baby, and don’t value you as a person or in any other role.
  • Next thing to do is to find a support system. You can talk to your friends or family members to ease the pressure off your mind. Go to online community websites where you can find people who have gone through similar experience and try to bond with them. You can share your feelings with such couples.
  • On days you are feeling low, tell yourself that you are going to have a baby someday. This can work as an instant relief for you.
  • Divert your mind from the issue by pursuing other interests. Join some hobby class, get busy in your work or lend a hand in social service. Keeping yourself busy is the best way to avoid frustrations.

Just remember not to feel helpless as you have the ability to conceive. Plan your pregnancy with the help of an expert, and keep a track on the fertile days during a month, to increase your chances of successful conception. Work on creating a harmonious life for you and your partner. Stay relaxed and have faith in the idea that you will get pregnant. You can seek timely help from an infertility expert if you are unable to conceive after six months of trying.

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