Pregnancy Test With Salt

How to Test for Pregnancy With Salt

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The planning and trying is in progress and you have all the information you need, and very soon, you are sure you’ll have a little angel growing inside you! But you cannot hold the excitement any longer and you want to check for conception even before you miss your period. Here’s a way you can do so without having to spend any extra money on pregnancy kits.

Expecting a little baby along the journey of life is a joy for most people. But a lot of trying, patience and preparation goes on before this phase begins. Trying to get pregnant is a tricky time for most couples and it can lead to impatience, too. At such times a couple may want to increase their chances of getting pregnant as much as possible by following the right diet, the right sleep patterns, tracking for ovulation, the right sex positions, etc. Still, pregnancy may not happen easily for some. Some may need medication, might need to shed some weight or may also have to consider alternate measures in order to conceive. A skipped period is one of the biggest signs of pregnancy, but sometimes the excitement may lead you to purchase a pregnancy test earlier than the expected period dates. However, if you have been trying for a while, buying multiple tests can be an expensive affair. With that conflict of wanting to know and not wanting to spend too much, a lot of couples may look for cheaper alternatives. In fact there are even ways to check for pregnancy without taking a test. Along with store-bought tests and kits, there are certain homemade pregnancy tests too that have been passed on for years.

While there is no concrete proof that these tests give accurate results, a lot of people swear by them. Pregnancy tests with salt, sugar, bleach, toothpaste, vinegar or soap water are the most common ones.

What is a Homemade Pregnancy Test?

Isn’t it easier and more accurate to just buy a pregnancy tests from a chemist? Or are home pregnancy tests worth a shot? Home pregnancy tests are non-medical methods of testing for pregnancy and were formulated when pregnancy testing kits were not available. If you still don’t believe this is possible, read on. As mentioned earlier, people use pregnancy tests with salt, sugar, bleach and many other ingredients to check for conception. All tests work on one principle- they detect the level of hCG hormone in urine.
The choice of ingredients used to test for pregnancy all react with the hormone released during pregnancy, giving a sure shot sign that the baby has been conceived.

Let’s look at pregnancy tests with salt in this article. How does salt help detect the hCG hormone in urine? Read on.

When Should You Do the Test?

If you are opting to try the salt pregnancy test, you need to also when it would be most effective. To get the most accurate results with this salt pregnancy test, you need to try it on the fifth day of ovulation. Since you will already be tracking your ovulation dates, this should not be a problem to figure out. However, before you try this method out, let’s look at exactly what the process is and how do you go about testing for pregnancy using salt.

How Does the Salt Pregnancy Test Work?

Before we read about homemade pregnancy tests, we were surprised to know what reactions urine and common household supplies may cause! We know you are too. And while it’s tough to believe the authenticity behind a pregnancy test using salt, it could be a fun try!
The procedure to doing this homemade test is simple. You will need some salt(of course!), a transparent container and an alarm. Why an alarm? It’s because you need to remember to use only the first urine in the morning for the test to get the most concentrated level of hCG detected.
Take your glass container and collect your urine sample first thing in the morning. Add three quarters of a teaspoon of salt to this sample. Wait for about a minute or two and observe the changes/ reactions that may take place in the solution

What changes are you looking for? If you notice milk-like curdling, this is a sign of conception. Bits of white crumb-like textures were noticed in tests that were positive.

You can follow up with another test to be sure!
In case you are still unsure about the procedure and what a positive result looks like, here’s a video with examples of both positive and negative test results using this salt pregnancy test!

Key Takeaway: The video shows you how to do the salt pregnancy test and also identify if you are pregnant or not.
  • Try this test with the first urine of the day, as chances of pregnancy detection are more accurate then.
  • The urine curdles and foams if you are pregnant and remains unchanged if you are not.
  • The high HCG levels in the urine of a pregnant woman react with the salt, forming the foam.

Expectation From a Salt Pregnancy Test

With the salt pregnancy test, you can expect to get early results of pregnancy by a cheap and effective method.

However, most couples feel like store-bought kits may provide a more accurate answer. The truth is much like these homemade pregnancy tests, the store-bought ones too do not give you a guarantee of accuracy. These tests must be done at yours and your partners own discretion. Know that these can only satiate your curiosity and give you some hope as you wait to conceive. Eventually an appointment with your doctor and an ultrasound will give you the most accurate result, you’ll just have to wait a little longer.

In the meantime, enjoy spending time together and enjoy each moment of baby making, after all these intimate moments may be harder to find when you have a little bundle of cuteness crying his eyes out all night!

Have a happy baby-making phase and a happier pregnancy!

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