With a Newborn, Life Revolves Completely Around the Baby’s Feeding and Sleeping Patterns

We often hear that being a mom is a beautiful feeling. Of course, it is a wonderful experience, but nobody talks about the transition that a mother goes through from being a woman to a completely responsible mother. A woman learns responsibility on seeing a tiny little human who is totally dependent on her. That human needs her the most. And when it comes to a child’s needs, it’s completely a mother’s choice whether to breastfeed or formula feed her baby. A new mom goes through body changes too, and they can be distressing. A mom may be tired and exhausted, but people still come and visit her and the child. People also advise you regarding feeding and sleeping patterns of your baby. However, only the mother knows about what is suitable for her baby.

The mother has to take care of the baby despite latching problems among other things. Baby’s feeding, massages, diaper changes, sleeping, bathing, changing clothes, burping, cleaning and entertaining are all the things a mom has to do every single day. A mom also has to do research on baby products to find out which ones are best suited for her little one.

Everyone comes and holds the baby, but who will hold the mother?

A woman needs love and support from her friends and family at this time. If you are in this phase, always remember to be clear and firm with your thoughts regarding how you want to nurture your baby. Take help and hire help if you need to. Share your difficulties and weaknesses with your friends and family. Reach out when you need to.

For me, initially, breastfeeding was a big problem. Even the nurses weren’t supportive. I was told that I need to express milk either by hand or through a syringe barrel till the milk settles. It became so painful for me that I wanted to cease breastfeeding completely. I was so naive that I had no knowledge about breastfeeding pumps and how easy they can be. After I got discharged, I researched and learnt about them and life got easier.

So moms, if you want to share your experiences about what you have gone through or help other moms with helpful messages, do it in any way you can.

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