Why Do Women Stay Quiet About Their Daily Struggles and Pain?

When we were bachelorette, we hardly bothered about things taking place around us. The only thing we were aware of were a number of folks in the family who took care of everything. Life then always seemed carefree and lively. And so many times then, people teased us because we had freedom.

Then one fine day, we get married to someone whom we don’t know well and need time to know them. Then after a year or so we start getting suggestions from families to have a baby. But I wonder why? It’s a woman’s body, it should be her choice whether to have a baby or not. But suggesting young married couples to have a baby is a common phenomenon. It doesn’t matter whether you’re living in urban areas or in rural areas.

With God’s grace, there are some who conceive but then there are women who struggle to conceive. There is a popular belief that a woman is incomplete without a baby. But nobody understands that women are complete. If a baby is that essential then why can’t one adopt a baby?

Then the time comes, when a woman becomes a mother and raising a child is a difficult job, which is understood by only those who are raising kids or have raised kids.

Some people say that a child is a mother’s responsibility. And it doesn’t matter if the woman is a working mother or a housewife. People have certain expectations from the mother and a mother gives her 100% to fulfil their expectations. But this is only a woman’s duty to wake up early and prepare food for everyone. At the same time, she has to take care of the child. If the mother is a working mom, she has to finish everything in time so that she can rush to office. And then women become habitual to this daily grind and start thinking, “Yes, taking care of the house and children is a woman’s duty and she should not approach to anyone for help.”

Women do all the work and hope that people living around them can admire them at least, but only a few do that. If a woman raises her voice, then the poor society only blames the woman saying that the lady has no ethics. The outside world judges only women.

Why don’t women speak openly about their tired day schedule? Why do they step back all the time? People say women are the incarnation of Maa Durga, then why do women stay quiet?

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