Parental Control Should Be Different for Children of Different Age Groups

We are living in the age of high-tech world. Everyone, from kids to teenagers to adults are caught in the wires of internet. So, how can we control or keep track on what our kids are doing and getting involved on the internet? First of all, we need to accept that we cannot keep away our kids from the content that we don’t want them to watch. We are living in a world where kids grow watching news like a 10-year committed suicide for bullying, a 3-year old raped, and an 8-year-old in depression of studies. So how can we keep away from our child from this where everything is just-a-click away?

Children of different age groups need different kind of attention and control. Starting from a 2-year-old kid to an 18-year-old adult. We need to change and transform according to the age of the child. Don’t expect a child to change according to you.

When children are between the ages of 2 and 5 years, parents should play with their children and involve them in practical activities. As most brain-development happens in this age. At this age, kids want screen-time, but that we don’t need to monitor much as in this age they don’t understand anything. Still we now have the Smart TV where kids watch what they want on LCD/LED itself. So that, we know what they are watching and their vision will also not get affected.

Age 5-10 year is very critical as kids by this age start understanding different thing here their curiosity started to grow. They start feeling the difference between a girl and boy. They want to explore more
on this. Now, here parents have to be careful in clearing their doubts. Parents need to teach the things the way it is. Be normal in your conversation and understand that in future otherwise also your kid will come to know about everything but that may not be from good sources. Hence, parents need to be extra careful with regards to their activity on the internet. Ask them normally, what are you watching? What do you like to watch? They will surely answer it as it’s early for them to understand what to hide from parents what not. Then if the child is going wrong somewhere teach them calmly.

At 10-15 years of age, where children start facing many changes in their body or behaviour, they also start experiencing things practically what they had been just watching or hearing up until now. Now their conversations among their friends change. At this time children face a lot of hormonal changes so their mind in free time goes in sexual direction. On the internet also, they keep trying to explore from any source accessible. Parents really need parental lock on phones as a child for sure try to open sites that are not kid-friendly. Parents should be strict with their kids and try to make them understand different things.

Finally, when kids reach the age of 15-18 years, they are already an adult in this modern time. They knew everything and not so good truth is some of them might experience the things in this age (this is 21st century). So don’t get too much hyper but do make them understand their limits. Safety is the foremost priority.

So parents don’t panic and don’t keep too much track on your child’s life that he/she thinks as interference. Be normal with your child and let go some things. It’s a modern world and you cannot expect a child to be not aware of adult things. Feel free to discuss anything.

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