Once You Become a Parent, You Remain One Forever! Some Tips on Parenting

Once You Become a Parent, You Remain One Forever! Some Tips on Parenting

Giving birth to a new life or adopting a baby is a choice. Once you make this decision, it is your responsibility to raise this child in the best way possible. Here are some parenting tips for first time parents.

  • First and foremost, connect with your baby. Play with him everyday to create a bond between the two of you, and help him develop essential skills. One day, the building block skyscraper he created may encourage him to be an architect or the kitchen-set may arise in him a love for cooking and being a chef. Cultivate good habits since early days. Following a ritual of cleanliness, exercise, healthy diet, and punctuality will set him him good habits from early on.
  • Let him figure things out by himself. Bumps and bruises are inevitable while growing up, but they will make him stronger. Motivate him to freely express his emotions, be it love, anger or sadness.
  • You and your partner should always remember, babies and children pick-up on your moods, emotions, and language. Therefore, never argue or curse around them. A good role model is respectful, caring, and loving.
  • Right from the first day, learn to read your baby’s cries and cues to know right away if he is hungry, uncomfortable or just sleepy. Similarly, when kids become teenagers or adults, we must keep looking for their cues and clues. In this world of Internet and instant access across the world, our children are prone to fall into bad company or make decisions or petty mistakes. Don’t blame yourselves for them. These mistakes make your child human, but it is your responsibility to find out and assist him back onto the right path.
  • Speak freely. Ask, listen, understand, and offer help or advice. Tell him you are with him always; through everything and anything. Also remember to give him some space. Build on your trust everyday. Similarly, celebrate every win, however small or big, and encourage him to fulfil his dreams.

We, as parents, have a lifetime job of making sure our babies walk the path of righteousness towards a healthy, happy and successful life. It is a basic instinct because once you are a parent, you are a parent forever.

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