Mood Swings of Babies at 19 Months of Age and How to Handle Them

Most babies at 19 months of age feel independent and want to do everything by themselves. So let the toddler do their work by themselves to an extent that it’s safe for them. If we refuse them for something they actually want to do or actually want to play, the mood swings start and they become crankier sometimes. So handle their mood swings with patience. Stick to the situation whether it is correct or wrong. Don’t confuse them with your decisions. For example, by giving them the toy which is harmful once and let them play, and at another time refusing him by saying no. They learn quickly. Say no if required strictly but in a polite manner. So handle them according to their moods and not by your decision at certain times and situations. Gradually as the months pass, they understand everything and the habit which is correct or wrong. Please give them some time to adjust by themselves and everything will be normal as time goes on. Every child is different from others, so don’t compare them with others and ask them to do the same. Toddlers can get angry when they encounter a challenge and are unable to communicate want they want to say or do. Such as going to the toilet or if they’re hungry and want some milk or water or else some toy. Sometimes, they show tantrums. Tantrums can be controlled by many things. Ask them to help with your daily needs and make them busy with the work or any play. A toddler’s mood changes from time to time. As their age increases the need for everything increases. Parenting is a huge task. At the same time, it’s important to teach the toddler how to behave in public and in private. Don’t confuse them with your actions at different times. Think it’s this month’s milestone and it goes by the time you teach them how to handle it effectively and make them calmly understand what’s to be done and what’s not to be done.

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