Miracles Do Happen: My Story of Endometriosis, Pain, and Hope

Miracles Do Happen: My Story of Endometriosis, Pain, and Hope

Hi, my name is Roshni, a 38-year-old pahadi woman from the beautiful lands of Uttarakhand. I had always been fit with no health issues. Things were very good until the age of 30. In 2012, I got married. After three years of trying to conceive, I failed, and things started falling apart. The menstruation cycles and ovulation were on time; I was anxious and confused about what was going wrong. Finally, we decided to visit the gynecologist, who informed me that I had a few cysts in the ovary; however, my health was good, and there was nothing to worry about. She suggested to me to keep trying.

Despite all efforts, nothing changed, and my agony reached its peak. We switched to a different gynecologist who prescribed countless ultrasounds, blood tests, tube tests, etc. Eventually, she came up with some ray of hope. She diagnosed grade 3 endometriosis; all of my internal organs are attached to its tissues. Luckily, there was one open tube, and it was in good condition. This news gave new hope and joy. I once again started with injections and medicines, but nothing happened even after years of treatment. We eventually decided to go for IVF. We did IVF, but it failed because of endometriosis. The doctor suggested opting for a donor egg or laparoscopy to rid the ovary of the cysts. I went for laparoscopic surgery; however, after a few days, one more IVF failed. I was broken and asked my husband to leave me with my fate and not ask me to visit any more doctors.

A few months later, endometriosis played its game again, and this time, it messed up with my menstrual cycle. In January 2018, I had a prolonged period of one month. I reluctantly visited a doctor in my vicinity and narrated to her my medical history. She rekindled in me the hope of motherhood. She stopped my period for three months by giving me Leuprolide injections. In May 2018, she did my third IVF, and on the 29th of May, I did another pregnancy test. After years of waiting, longing for, and praying, I saw what I was so desperately waiting for – the two lines on the test strip. I cried and cried the whole day. I couldn’t speak as tears went rolling down my eyes uncontrollably. I was finally pregnant and happy!

On the 5th of October, at the fifth month of pregnancy, I noticed a pool of blood in the loo early in the morning. My husband rushed me to the doctor, who did an immediate scanning. She informed us that I needed to be immediately shifted to a hospital as my uterus had opened. I lost my baby boy on the 10th of that month. Those five days when I was lying on the hospital bed with feet elevated, I could feel my baby’s movement every hour. I couldn’t stop crying, knowing that we would not be able to save him. Every memory is still etched fresh on my mind.

My husband suggested adoption, and we registered ourselves in CARA. In 2020, when Corona hit and the entire country was in lockdown, I got the positive pregnancy report. Initially, we thought it was a wrong report, some weird mistake. But here I am today, the mother of a 5-month-old baby doll. God is kind; miracles do happen, and it happened to us!

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