M for Motherhood – for All the New Mommies Out There!

M for Motherhood - for All the New Mommies Out There!

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This is a tribute cum life experience for all the lovely ladies, or more particular, to-be mothers who have been on the verge of a life-altering experience post giving birth. As a newly crowned mother, you are new to almost everything. By the time you are ready to cope with the physical changes in your body, relative or friends will usually come up with weird parameters of judging motherhood.
We then weep, how can someone judge us when they may not even know what we went through or are still going through, as everyone’s body is different. We then continuously reflect on their belief and judgement, which make our heads churn. The inverse is when we start getting conscious to such weird advice of our society.
To sound more commanding, the so-called umpires of Motherhood have draw out unwritten norms for a lady to transform into a perfect mother. After careful analysis, I feel those norms are no more than the fiction of their lopsided imagination. Let me quote some examples of personal experience: ‘The the baby is not sleeping well.’ She may not be having enough milk, she is not not gaining much weight, she cries a lot… And the list goes on.
We live in a society where people always criticize a woman, whether she is a mother, a working woman, or both. No matter how much we try to manage everything, society will see the other side of the coin. Being mother is definitely not the end of the road – it is the start of new beginning.
While we gradually adapt and evolve to the new life, the controversial point remains as to how can some of us can be so insensitive in the rush to teach others.
I am the mother of a 10 month old baby girl, and have undergone the transformation from a carefree girl to a growing mother. The moment I saw those two pink lines till today, while I am writing this blog, I clearly recall that evening – I freaked out. I am trying and trying my best, like everyone else, to be a good mother.
Most of us have to assume the role of the mother and homemaker at some point of time, and it’s the beautiful part of human evolution.
In my point of view, we just want some guidance and friendly advice. So, to all the experienced and traditional but judgemental people, who are being sarcastic all the time: support us, and guide us with warmth to be good mothers and good human beings. With loads of hope, I sincerely pray that in trying times, we accept and guide each other as pillars of support with open minds and positivity.
Listen to everyone’s advice, but do what your heart says! As a mother, you know what is right for your child.

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