A Tiny First Letter to My Son from Mamma

Since the time we got to know that we are expecting you, we couldn’t wait to see your tiny fingers. Though it was a hard pregnancy, I still remember when both of us, your mom and dad, waited from minutes to hours to feel your kicks. Oooh! I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach! That was the time when we felt that nothing can stop us becoming wonderful parents for you and partners for each other. You are the reason that completes us as partners and lovers for a life time. I wish all partners could get the same feeling that you made us go through. I have to admit, your father is such a sensitive and optimistic person, but I never ever seen him cry, until I saw his eyes pouring upon seeing you at the O.T. I can’t forget that moment.

I owe you a lot, Ved. I think when we become parents, they find their hearts in their child – it hurts when you are in pain. It was really hard to see you having crying and sleepless nights in your first few months. Both of us literally used to sing lullabies even when you were sleeping in Dreamland, and all our family is still laughing about it! I remember the day your Appa had to drive for hours and hours to visit you, and he fell asleep holding you on the sofa till late night, and Mamma waited without disturbing you both from the sleep to wake by yourself. I remember when you used to scan my face just before your feeding time, and your Appa used to say that you are verifying the mother. Haha!

We love you, Ved. We wish that you grow up to spread love, care, happiness and all your wisdom to each and every creature you meet from the moon to the earth.

Mamma and Appa

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