Challenges Faced in the First Month Post-Delivery

Mom and Baby Sleeping
We all try to plan everything months before our precious day, the day we will finally meet our baby. But when we finally return home from the hospital, our so-called planning fades, and the real challenge starts. The first month is a roll a coaster ride for all first-time parents. Here are the top two obstacles you need to overcome before your journey to parenthood starts.
1. Compromised Sleep –  I love to sleep, but my sleeping hours are fixed. The first advice that you receive after delivery from everyone around you is that sleep when your baby sleeps. Honestly, I can tell you it’s not possible. How can someone expect that a habit that has developed over 30 can suddenly change? It’s true you are a mother now, and your baby is your first priority because your little one cannot even express his pain, hunger, or even anger. But this priority or your love for the baby cannot change your sleeping habit. The problem is that no one understands. Life is not just about searching questions on Google like – “How a new mother should behave?” and “What is best for a new mother?”
Compromise is a big word. But for the first two-three days, it’s a true feeling. Yes, I’m compromising my sleep. Now it has become a habit that I like, but back then, the story was different. People expect you to follow guidelines about baby-mother sleep time. But when your baby sleeps, you need to do some baby-related activities as well as some your every day work like bathing, combing your hair, eating, cutting your nails, etc. So, all this advice holds no merit in real life.
2. People Giving Advice – Yes, as soon you become a new mother you will meet different kinds of people who are ready to give you free advice about the dos and donts about taking care of your baby. But my advice for everyone is that we are all different people and our babies are different from each other. The bond is what you need to create with your baby. Why should we feel pressured to be a certain way? I might be an imperfect and messy mom. And with time, I will evolve as a great mother. So listen to all but do what you want. At the end of the day, if you feel depressed and overwhelmed from all of this, your little one will be the victim. Postpartum depression is widespread, and to manage it, the first step is to stop letting others’ opinions affect us.
Let’s change motherhood. Let’s enjoy it on our own terms because we all deserve to be happy.


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