Father of My Baby, Now I Need You More Than Ever..

Father of My Baby, Now I Need You More Than Ever..
Dear father of my baby, it all started with us and we will be the one who will show our child what relationships are. It will be us holding hands in front of her to make her understand the bonding that we carry. But please make me feel this that before a father you were and are a husband, a partner, a companion. Our baby will see a strong mother but you are the one who has seen when her mother was down and was broken in life. I may be her ideal figure, the superwoman of her life but it’s you who has seen this superwoman crying and asking for the superman’s soul.
She may learn how to carry herself but it’s you who has seen the untold story behind those mascaraed eyes…I always want you to be by my side so that she can f-my-baby-now-i-need-you-more-then-ever/understand that she is the daughter of a loved pair. I wanted your support in every aspect of life but now I want it more. My journey from before a mom to after a mom has crossed several ups and downs but it was you who pulled and pushed me as and when needed. I want to say now as a new mom I want you
more. I want more attention towards me ..more kisses more hugs and more I-love-u moments .
Your strong lady may sometimes lose herself because she is not the same as she was, she may wobble and look for you to hold. She may be nasty but want you to make her mind correct.
I want you more, more focus, more care, more love, more praises.
I know I  am not the old me, I am not that pretty, arresting, wonderful, unassailable but now I am a mother and  a more beautiful soul. When I cry don’t ask me the reason just pamper me.. if you see me quiet please talk to me. If you find me awake please ask me the reason. Sometimes I may be fragile but I will be up if you will be there. Motherhood being the most amazing feel I am loving
it but sometimes it gives me a feeling of being locked up ..that’s natural, please bear with me .

Physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, financially, I need you more than before.. be with your lady and help her be what she was.

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