Have a Baby Only When You're Ready, and Plan Well for the Big Day!

Have a Baby Only When You’re Ready, and Plan Well for the Big Day!

I got married in 2014 and became a mother in 2019 at the age of 32. All my relatives, including my in-laws and parents, were adamant that I should embrace motherhood soon, as any delay would affect my fertility and so on. But, my husband and I were sure that we didn’t want a baby now, and we would plan it when we were mentally ready to be parents. After a few years when we were certain to enjoy parenthood, the first thing I did was eating the right food, to ensure I’m not vitamin, calcium or iron deficient. I literally prepared my body, so I can be a healthy mother and worked towards minimal medical consequences. Having lots of fruits, green vegetables, juices, supplements and daily exercises, not only helped me to get pregnant naturally (considering our hectic schedules) but this was also the greatest advantage, which my baby enjoyed in my womb. My pre-pregnancy nutrition diet proved to be a boon for both of us (my baby and I) that helped me to keep active during all nine months and led to my normal delivery.

You may have mood swings and cravings, which can force you to miss your balanced diet, during pregnancy, hence it is very important that you nourish your body well in advance to avoid any criticality. I ate an apple, pomegranate and banana regularly for calcium and vitamin fulfilment. Cow milk and its curd is a good source of folic acid (I won’t deny that I had taken folic acid tablets too). Beetroot and tomatoes boosted my blood supply. I also had a glass of milk, twice a day, which I still follow. 1 hour of yoga, thrice a week, helped in achieving inner peace and rhythm. It is essential that you should learn how to remain calm and patient throughout the process and yoga helped me to achieve that! When I disclosed the news to my boss, the one piece of advice, she offered was to stop expecting anything from anyone from that time on, which would cause me to get depressed. And another incredible advice given to me by my mom was to keep myself active and to do all my work as per my capacity on my own.
A favourable result of all the necessary tests was the next step towards this beautiful journey! Hence, it is very important to plan your pregnancy journey well, and prepare for your big day!

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