Congratulations, You Are Pregnant!

I was 23 and my husband was 27 years old when we got hitched. We both are into IT. We did not want a baby as we felt we were not settled in life yet and having a baby now is too early for us. We both were into workouts, travelling, cooking, movies, trekking, etc. Life was all good. My husband used to shield me from everyone who asked when are we giving them the ‘good news’.

After 5 years of our marriage, we started feeling that this is the right time for us to have a baby. We suffered a lot with getting pregnant (which I will share in my next writeup). One fine day, I missed my period. I checked it at home with a pregnancy testing kit. To our surprise, there was a very very faint positive line. I took a pic and sent it to one of my friends who is a doctor. She said she can’t say 100% if it’s because of pregnancy. Let’s wait for 10 more days. Consider it as negative for now.

We went to our regular Gynaecologist. She did the test again with the kit. We knew it will be negative as we did it yesterday and my friend told it may not be a positive pregnancy as well. But, the doctor checked the test kit and said, look here, there is a very very faint positive line. We have to wait for 7 more days and redo the test on the coming Wednesday. If it comes out to be positive (darker line), let’s do an ultrasound scan to confirm the pregnancy.

But, we came back home and were so excited that, we would do the test everyday. Sometimes twice a day to check if the darkness of the positive line has increased or not. First day again the same, very faint positive line. After 3days the test positive line was such dark that no-one would say it’s a negative. I jumped crazily. And my husband smoothly planted a kiss on my forehead and said with excitement Maanu, don’t jump, it may hurt the baby and you must be very cautious from now on. We called our parents and said the test has come out positive. We are going to the doctor now. They said they will be waiting for our confirmation call.

We literally waited till it was 7 pm at which the clinic opens because we wanted to confirm this from our doctor. We were there even before the clinic was open. We went in. I handed her the test panel which had darker positive lines. She told my husband to wait outside and made me lie down on the bed and did the checkups. I was praying to god. And the doctor called my husband inside. She was all smiles. There it was what we both wanted to hear. Yes, she said congratulations, you are pregnant!
And thus began parenthood.

To know more about pregnancy high lows, read my upcoming blog.

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