Baking Is So Much Fun With Kids

Baking Is So Much Fun With Kids

We spend the first five days of the week working – taking care of the house and the family, and then come the two most beloved days of the week – Saturday and Sunday! Days to relax, sleep and enjoy.

My plan was all set in the mind, but then I realised I had to keep my daughter busy throughout the day too and believe me, it’s not easy; one has come up with lot many ideas. This weekend I thought to try something new. With Father’s Day around the corner, I planned to bake with her.

My daughter was excited that we will be baking and that too for her dad. She said she wanted to wear the chef hat, maybe she has seen chefs wearing it in restaurants or on TV. She was feeling so responsible because we were trusting her with this important task. This gave her a great chance to get her hands dirty and experience a wide variety of textures. I tried to just embrace the mess and let her enjoy it. It was kind of fun for her to doodle in the flour all over the kitchen platform. Just seeing kids discover their own potential to work out problems, the struggle to stay patient, and finally, enjoy the cake that they bake, is magical. Let them squish and squeeze the dough and really get into the recipe.

Do not let the words ‘baking with kids’ fill you with terror. Are you scared that they will get hurt or they will get flour everywhere? Well, the answer is yes! It is going to be a messy job and you do have to be extra cautious with kids in the kitchen but the joy of seeing them enjoy will make up for it. The time spent together is really rewarding for all of you. You should invite kids into the kitchen for tremendous fun and delightful treats. It is a brilliant way to bond and make new memories. Lil ones love measuring and mixing things. It is also an important lesson for kids to understand that not only girls should cook, but boys can do so too. These little things when taught from an early stage can help them be a generation we all wanted to be ourselves.

The experience is much more enjoyable when we are focusing on the activity, more than the final product. It not only helps in developing their fine motor skills through all that scooping and stirring but also helps them identify healthy food from unhealthy food. Use the opportunity to inculcate healthy choices in your kids’ minds as they grow up. But beware: baking with kids is messy.

Happy Baking!!

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