Advice for New Parents on How to Take Care of a Newborn

Advice for New Parents on How to Take Care of a Newborn

Being a mother of a four months old baby, I can understand how important it is to take care of the baby. Throughout this journey, the most important thing I learnt about being a mother was how to make my baby feel comfortable, and this is a concern that every mother has. When I gave birth to my baby, we were so happy to have her. The day we brought her home, we realised how big of a responsibility she is for us. Like most new parents, we were confused most of the time about the baby crying even when we have already fed her. Slowly and gradually, we noticed many things and learnt how we should take care of her. It is common practice, that when a baby is brought home, old ladies start giving a lot of information about how to raise the baby. Based on my personal experience, I found that most of the time, their advice was just a myth. Believing your doctor is essential before you follow anyone else’s opinion.

The next question that all new mothers have is how to comfort your baby. I will give an example from personal experience. When we brought our baby home, the first thing my mother asked me to do was apply kajal in her eyes. Without wasting a second, I called my doctor and asked if it’s okay to apply kajal. My doctor said that applying kajal can be harmful to the baby’s eyes, and there is no advantage of applying it. If luck is not in your favour, then it may damage the baby’s eyes permanently. I googled this information and found the same answer. That day I decided to keep Google as a second opinion, and my doctor’s advice will be the first. My mother-in-law was forcing me to put oil inside my baby’s ear, and I found out that it is a myth as well, and it can cause an ear infection.

A baby’s comfort is in his parents’ hands. If you love your baby, don’t do anything without getting all the information about its effects on the baby’s health. Older people may tell you that they have taken care of many kids, and they know how to take care of kids, but you should always do what your doctor suggests. And that’s how you can take care of your baby without creating any kind of discomfort for him. Remember, babies don’t cry without reason at least until they can understand whatever you say. So keep that in mind while taking care of the baby. Hold your baby and make him feel special, let him know he is not alone. That’s how you can grow a happy baby.

Now, when people visit my home and see my baby, they can’t believe their eyes. They are surprised by how active and happy my four months old baby is. It is because my baby applies all her energy in learning and observing things, not in crying and being fussy. Taking care of a baby is not a small responsibility. Parents need to understand their babies. If anything causes discomfort to them and they start crying, you should definitely pay attention to it and try to find out why the baby is crying. Don’t just ignore it, thinking that the baby will cry only for a few minutes.

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