A Curved Path Will Always Reach A Beautiful Destination

A Curved Path Will Always Reach A Beautiful Destination

My journey began early, but it wasn’t completed that time. In my earlier stage of pregnancy, I had a miscarriage because of unknown reasons. My mother took it seriously – she is already a mother, of course she understands better. She took me to a doctor, and after going through lots of tests, I found out that my blood is thick, due to which the baby didn’t get proper blood supply. The doctor prepared me for the future, that whenever I conceive again, I must go to her to take injections for the whole pregnancy. Obviously that was something shocking to me. Injections, and that too for the whole pregnancy! But after the first miscarriage, my husband and I were tensed and worried. But, with God’s grace, at the end of August, I got to know that I am pregnant.

I was on cloud 9, but I didn’t know that this phase going to be tough. The doctor prescribed me daily injections for the whole pregnancy. As it was not possible to go every day to administer the vaccination, my husband learned how to give me the injection. In the beginning, I took the injections on my tummy, and later on my hand. Initially, I found it was okay, not a big issue – but later, my hand started swelling as it could not bear injections everyday. I cried in pain. As a little girl who always preferred medicines over injections in childhood, I was now taking injections every day just to welcome my little bundle of joy.

My journey was very tough. I suffered a lot of body pain and every other possible symptom of pregnancy – blood vomit, pelvic pain, sugar, BP, etc. My journey was hard, but I knew that this time, God is rewarding me with the best, and from my pregnancy, I started collecting memories for my baby. I have kept my pregnancy test with me which tested positive, and I have my injection box with me that made the pregnancy tougher but life easier.

Now life is easy, filled with wonderful colours and more meaning. Thank you God, for giving me the best and blessing me with a little bundle of happiness, a naughty, smart and cute baby boy. Thanks for making our life more beautiful. Thanks for teaching me the real meaning of being a mother. One thing that I really want to say from the core of my heart is that I love my mother more after becoming a mother myself. I understand her better. Thank you Mom, for everything. I love you so much.

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