Six Tips to Celebrate Diwali With Your Family

Six Tips to Celebrate Diwali With Your Family

Festival time, family time.

Hello readers, how are you? Your writer Monika is back with another life experience. Hope you all enjoy reading my blog as much as I loved writing this one for you.

I recently visited the mall with my niece and my daughter. The moment we entered, we saw the mall was beautifully decorated for Diwali. It was simply startling! My niece and daughter were overjoyed to see such a grand decoration. I realised that we can surely celebrate the festival despite the pandemic. They offered some Diwali events for kids on the ground floor. We took part, and while I’m not sure how much fun the kids had, I’m sure the parents did.

The family moments I enjoyed at the mall made me think that why don’t we celebrate this festival with the same zeal at home? The holidays are an excellent time to introduce your child to relatives, friends and culture. This is the best time to have excellent family time.

So, here are some things I listed that we can do with our entire family this Diwali:

1. Bring the Family Together
We forget the importance of family today since we are all preoccupied with our personal lives. Please call your grandparents, uncles, and aunts at home if you are a nuclear family. A festival isn’t complete without the presence of elders and family members. I realised from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law that your children will understand the value of family and unity if you celebrate festivals with your loved ones around.

2. Prepare the Sweets and Goodies Together
In the market, there is a wide range of sweets and treats to choose from, but it is always more fun to do it with your family at home. Participate in the preparation of Diwali sweets with your elders and children. They’ll have a good time, and it will provide them with excellent family time.

3. Decoration
I feel Diwali has its own significant charm. It is all about lights, decoration, rangoli, and cuisine. Encourage your child to do craft activities and art. You all can make wall hangings, rangoli, diya decorations. You will enjoy it and so do your family.

4. No Pollution Diwali
I know Diwali is incomplete without crackers. So we need to be more careful while purchasing any crackers. Go in for eco-friendly crackers. This is the time when we need to create awareness and educate our children about environmental crises and pollution.

5. Eat Dinner Together
On our typical days, we are all very busy. We don’t have time to speak with our children till the weekend. The festival is an excellent opportunity to spend time with them. Prepare the lunch and invite everyone to join you. Instil in your children the value of eating meals together.

6. Pray Together
On Diwali, we all worship the Goddess Laxmi. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to educate our children. You can explain the significance of Diwali to them. For example- it is commemorated in every religion for a different purpose. Hindus celebrate Lord Ram’s return after a 14-year exile. It is celebrated by Jains in honour of Lord Mahaveer Moksh, or Nirvana.

The reason for Diwali celebrations differs from one person to the next. The intentions, though, are the same: peace, harmony, spirituality, and a fresh start. I wish you and your loved ones a joyous and prosperous Diwali.

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