Top 70 Colombian Boy Names With Meanings

70 Colombian Names for Boy Babies With Meanings

Despite increasing globalization around the globe, many countries have managed to retain the naming traditions that are unique to them. Parents looking for some inspiration must consider the naming process of babies elsewhere in the world. Columbia is the fifth largest country in Latin America, with the world’s second-largest Hispanic population living in South America. More than 86% of Roman Catholics live in this spiritual haven, and most Columbians speak Spanish. Popular Columbian boy names can originate from Latin, Hebrew and Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, Italian, and Germany. They can be stylish, classy, and adorable, which highlights the diversity of ethnicities that make up the cultural fabric of Columbia. People of American, African, and European ancestry live in this beautiful country. Most names of babies living in Columbia have European derivations or include the common American names. Many perspectives of Colombian people’s culture can be traced back to Spanish culture early 16th-century and conflicts with Colombia’s native civilizations (Muisca, Terona). Most Colombian babies are named after the Spanish naming convention, and these naming customs are similar to Hispanic America. In Colombia, a person has two given names with a personal name always followed by the father’s paternal family name and then the mother’s paternal family name. The second name is not always gender-specific. Here is a curated list that can come to your rescue for those interested in knowing more about Colombian boy baby names.

Columbian Boy Names With Meanings 

The trendy and delightful appeal of Columbian boy names with meanings will make your baby boy stand out in the crowd. Here are some of the options of popular Colombian boy names to choose from:

1. Aaron 

Derived from Hebrew origin, Aaron means “high mountain or bearer of martyrs.”

2. Andres 

This Italian name means “manly.”

3. Arturo 

Arthuro is an Italian origin name that means “bear.”

4. Arvin 

Derived from Spanish and Old German, Arvin means “people’s friend.”

5. Austin

Derived from the Latin Augustus, Austin means “great.”

6. Baltasar 

This Arabic name implies “Baal protects the king.”

7. Benjamin 

Benjamin means “son of my right hand” in Hebrew. 

8. Bernardino 

This name of German origin means “Brave.”

9. Bruce 

Derived of Scottish, French, and English origin, Bruce refers to “From the brushwood thicket”. 

10. Bryson 

Bryson means “Son of Bryce” in Welsh.

11. Camila 

This Italian name means “Perfect.”

12. Canda 

This Latin name means “clarity.”

13. Chico  

This Portuguese name means “boy.”

14. Christian 

This vintage Latin name means” Followers of Christ.”

15. Cisco 

This Italian name means “Frenchman.”

16. Cyrus 

This name of Persian origin means “Sun.”

17. Dante 

This name of Italian origin means “enduring.”

18. Dario 

This name of Greek origin means “possessing goodness.”

19. Daza 

This topographic name of Spanish origin means “sorghum.”

20. Desmond 

This royal Anglo-Saxon name means “gracious defender.”

21. Diego 

Diego means “supplanter” and has its origin in Hebrew.

22. Elonzo 

This name of German origin means “ready for battle.”

23. Enrique 

This name of Portuguese origin means “Home Ruler.” 

24. Fabian 

This name of Italian origin means “noble.”

25. Fargo 

Derived from American origin, Fargo means “from the fenced pasture.”

26. Fernando 

Derived from Portuguese origin, Fernando means “daring.” 

27. Finlet 

Derived from Irish origin, Finlet means “Fair Warrior.”

28. Francesco 

This Spanish name refers to “a free man.”

29. Gabrio 

Originating in Hebrew, Gabrio means “God is my strength.”

30. Gage 

Gage means ‘Surety’ in French.

31. Gregory 

Originating from Greek origin, Gregory means “Vigilant.”

32. Herculano 

Derived from Greek origin, Herculano means “glory of Hera.”

33. Ian 

Derived from Scottish and Hebrew origins, this traditional name means “God is gracious.”

34. Isaac 

Originating from Hebrew, Isaac was the firstborn son of Abraham and means “one who rejoices.” 

35. Ivan 

Ivan means “God is gracious” in Hebrew.

36. Jacobo 

This attractive Spanish name means “he who supplants’ in Hebrew.

37. Jalen 

Galen means “healer” and stems from Greek origin.

38. Joshua 

Derived from the Hebrew Yehoshua, Joshua means “God is deliverance” in Hebrew.

39. Kian 

Derived from Gaelic, Irish, and Hebrew origin, Kian means “God is gracious.”    

40. Kieman 

Derived from Irish origin, Kieman means “Son of a lord.”

41. Kimberly 

This English name means “From the meadow of the Royal Fortress.”

42. Lance

This appealing Old English name means “God-like.”

43. Lando 

Derived from Latin origin, Lando means “famous land.”

44. Lorenzo 

Derived from Latin origin, Lorenzo means “from Laurentum or laurelled.”

45. Macario 

Derived from Italian origin, Macario means “happy.”

46. Marcos 

Marcos means ‘of Mars’ in the Portuguese language.

47. Mateo 

Derived from Spanish origin, Mateo means “gift of God.” It is the Spanish version of Mathew.

48. Matias 

Matias means “Gift of Yahweh” in Hebrew.

49. Maximo 

Derived from Italian origin, Maximo means “The greatest.”

50. Nacio 

Derived from Italian origin, Nacio means “fire, light.”

51. Nathaniel 

Derived from Hebrew origin, Nathaniel means “given by God.”

52. Nicolas 

Derived from Greek origin, Nicolas means “victory of the people.”

53. Oliver 

This Old French and Old English origin name means “warrior.”

54. Orion 

Derived from Greek origin, Orion means “rising in the sky.”

55. Orlondo 

Orlando means “from glorious land” in Italian.

56. Pablo 

Pablo is the Spanish version of Paul. Derived from the Latin word Paulus, Pablo means “humble.”

57. Paul 

Derived from English, German, French, and Dutch origins, Paul means “small.”

58. Quito 

Derived from Latin origin, Quito means “fifth.”

59. Rafael

Derived from Hebrew origin, Rafael means “he has healed.” 

60. Rico

Rico means “Home Ruler” in Italian.

61. Salvatore 

Salvatore means “savior” in Italian.

62. Samuel 

Samuel is a Biblical name of Hebrew origin and means “God has heard.”

63. Santos 

Derived from Latin origin, Santos means “saint.”

64. Sergio 

Derived from Italian origin, Sergio means “guardian.” 

65. Tate 

Derived from Anglo-Saxon origin, Tate means “pleasant and bright.”

66. Teodoro 

Derived from Spanish origin, Teodoro means “divine gift.”

67. Vicente 

Derived from Latin origin, Vicente means “conquering.” 

68. Victor 

Derived from Latin origin, Victor means “warrior.”

69. Wilfredo 

Derived from English origin, Wilfredo means “desiring peace”.

70. Zacarias 

Derived from Portuguese origin, Zacarias means “Jehovah has remembered.” 

Among the pool of names, most parents struggle to pick a unique name that might represent their roots. Your child, bearing a Columbian name with a beautiful meaning, will make a lasting impression wherever he goes.


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