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Bajra (Pearl Millet) and Moong Dal (Split Green Gram) Khichdi Recipe

This quick, wholesome, and one-pot khichdi recipe is a comforting meal for your little prince or princess! Bajra moong dal khichdi is considered to be the best nutritious food for babies, kids, and adults. Especially when someone is sick, the first thing that comes to our mind is making a simple and healthy Bajra moong dal khichdi for proper recovery from the illness. A little addition of some onions and veggies will add on to give excellent flavour and health benefits. Read on to find out how to make Bajra moong dal khichdi for your baby!

Cooking Time

Type  Time (hh:mm:ss)
Preparation Time 00:20:00
Cook Time 00:40:00
Total Time 00:60:00

Cooking Method:


Type of Meal:


Suitable For:

Babies and toddlers older than 7 months of age

Meal Schedule:

Lunch or dinner

Recipe Type:

Main dish


Type  Quantity 
Bajra (black millet) (soaked for 8 hours and drained) ½ cup
Moong dal ½ cup
Onion 1 medium-sized
Tomato 1 medium-sized
Veggies 1 cup chopped
Biryani masala powder (optional) ½ teaspoon
Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon
Asafoetida (hing) 1 pinch
Water 4 cups
Salt As required
Oil or homemade ghee 1 tablespoon
Cumin seeds ½ teaspoon
Coriander leaves A handful


Mentioned below are the step-by-step directions to make bajra moong dal khichdi:

  1. For the preparations, wash all the veggies thoroughly under running water and dice them into small pieces.
  2. Wash the moong dal thoroughly, and soak them together in warm water for about 30 minutes.
  3. In a pressure cooker, add the ghee, then the cumin seeds. Once they crackle, add the onions and sauté until slightly golden brown.
  4. Once the onions are done, add in the tomatoes. Fry till the tomatoes soften and turn mushy, then add turmeric powder and other veggies, and stir well.
  5. Next, add the bajra and lentils, and mix everything well.
  6. Add the required water, biryani masala and salt. Mix well and bring it to a boil. Now, close the lid and cook on low to medium flame for 2-3 whistles, and then turn off the flame.
  7. Once the pressure is released, you may open the lid and serve!

Recipe Tips

  • This simple bajra moong dal khichdi recipe can also be made without veggies.
  • The homemade bajra moong dal khichdi baby food recipe is best served hot or warm, otherwise, it may turn hard and difficult for the kids to eat.
  • You can also top it with 1 teaspoon ghee to enhance the flavour and for better digestion in babies.
  • This recipe can also be made with biryani rice or basmati rice instead of bajra.
  • For very small babies, it is better to skip the use of green chillies, ginger and biryani masala powder.
  • For veggies, you may use any veggies of your choice, like carrot, cauliflower, potato, peas or beans.

Nutrition Information

Type  Value (Per 200 grams or 1 cup serving)
Carbohydrates 38.1 grams
Calcium 44.2 milligrams
Iron 4.7 milligrams
Protein 12.0 grams
Fat 6.5 grams
Fibre 7.7 grams
Magnesium 65.2 milligrams
Phosphorous 273.1 milligrams
Potassium 378.8 milligrams
Sodium 17.5 milligrams
Zinc 1.2 milligrams
Folic acid Vitamin B9 71.6 micrograms
Vitamin A 448.2 micrograms
Vitamin C 2.2 milligrams
Vitamin E 0.1 milligrams
Vitamin B1 0.2 milligrams
Vitamin B2 0.1 micrograms
Vitamin B3 1.3 milligrams

Health Benefits

We have been having bajra moong dal khichdi regularly in Indian households for ages. But did you know that this simple looking delicious meal has so many health benefits hidden in it? Let’s see what they are:

  • Bajra moong dal khichdi is packed with wholesome goodness and a healthy dose of carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous.
  • Bajra moong dal khichdi is very easy to digest, hence it is considered to be the best meal one can have while recovering from an illness.
  • According to the ancient Ayurveda, bajra moong dal khichdi is considered as a part of the Tridoshic routine, meaning it tries to balance all the three doshas – Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha in our body.
  • Bajra moong dal khichdi detoxifies the digestive system and also improves immunity.

Buying Guide

Below mentioned are certain buying tips while choosing the ingredients for baby food recipes:

  • Try to buy clean, unpolished, and organic split moong dal and bajra when planning to make khichdi for babies.
  • Also, try to include organic vegetables in this recipe as they are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Bajra moong dal khichdi for babies can be made in many different ways at home. It is super easy to cook, and it goes well with both kids and adults!

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