Baby Shower Thank You Notes - What You Should Write

Baby Shower Thank You Notes – What You Should Write

Your family and friends put together a great baby shower for you. Your little bundle of joy has received amazing boxes and bags full of gifts and a whole lot of love. Now, what can you do? It’s time to sit and think about how you can thank your guests who attended the event and contributed. A thank you note is the least of it considering the time and effort that went into making this day very special for you. You might wonder what you should write in the note in which case; we have the perfect list for you. It can be difficult to think about the baby shower thank you wording for all the notes that you have to write. Read on to find out what you should write in your thank you notes.

What Are the Important Details to Be Mentioned in a Baby Shower Thank You Card

A thank you note must be written depending on the guest that you have to send it to. You may write a personalized message for someone who is close to you or something short and sweet for someone who you are not very close to. Either way, a thank you note is baby shower etiquette 101. Here are some details about what to write in a baby shower thank you card.

  • The address
  • Any special stationery
  • Make sure to call out the gift
  • A meaningful message
  • Most importantly, a thank you and sign off with Yours Sincerely

Exquisite Wordings for a Baby Shower Thank You Note

For the Host/Hostess

1. You are an amazing person, and I’m lucky to have a friend/family member like you in my life. I loved my baby shower and can’t thank you enough for organizing it. I had a wonderful time and hope I can do something as great for you sometime.

2. I was more than excited to know that you and I were going to co-host this event because there is nobody I’d rather do it with than you. I am very happy that you took care of all the guests and made them feel comfortable. I especially loved the satin blankets that you bought for me. Thank you for being there during this wonderful event and also for being my friend.

3. Nobody else could’ve executed such an amazing and fun baby shower. I greatly appreciate everything that you did, and I’m thankful for having a friend like you in my life to make me feel so loved and supported.

4. This event will be one of the most memorable things that you have done for me. How can I thank you enough for all the time, effort and thoughtfulness that has gone into this shower? From the food, games to the guests and the gifts, everything was absolutely perfect. I cherish you, and I’m proud to call you my best friend. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Lots of love!

For a Group Gift

Baby Shower Thank You Note For the Group Gift

1. Thanks a lot to all of you for being there on this wonderful day. I am truly blessed to have such supportive and wonderful friends in my life. The crib that all of you gifted will be of great help once the time comes. I’d love to meet you all again so that we can hang out and do things like we once used to. I’ll make sure to put together a plan! See you all very soon and thank you very much again.

2. Having all of you in the same room reminded me of our childhood when we used to do everything together. Thank you so much for attending my baby shower and also for the amazing gift you bought for me. I can’t wait to open it and set it up. You guys are special and mean a whole lot to me.

3. It was very thoughtful and sweet of all of you to give me that basket filled with the lovely goodies. From the towels, diapers to the bottles and binkies, I’m sure all of them will be of great use. I appreciate the thought that went behind this goodie basket and I’d like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for being here, during this wonderful time in my life, at the baby shower.

For Co-workers and Colleagues

1. Thank you very much for coming today. This is really a life-changing experience for me, and I’m glad you helped me through this time of transition. I’m very grateful to have colleagues like you.

2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful gift that you gave me. I’m truly going to miss your energy in my time of absence.

3. Your presence at my baby shower meant a great deal to me. Thanks for being there! Love!

4. I’m glad to be a part of such a great team with colleagues like you. Your gift was very thoughtful and generous. Thank you for taking the time out to attend the baby shower. I will surely drop by the office with the baby for all of you to meet him/her.

For a Monetary Gift

1. Hey! Thank you so much for attending my baby shower. Your gift will surely help to buy things for the baby in the coming months and I appreciate it. I’m grateful for having someone like you in my life.

2. Hi uncle! Thank you so much for your generous gift at my baby shower. It will definitely be very helpful, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Lots of love!

3. Wow! Thank you very much for the gift, it was incredibly generous! I’m sure it will come in handy as we welcome a sweet little addition to our family. Thank you for attending the baby shower and just being there! Your presence added happiness to the environment!

For The Benign Presence

Baby Shower Thank You Note For the Benign Presence
1. Thank you so much for making this day so special for my baby and me. We both feel loved and supported to have someone like you in our lives.

2. I am so lucky to have a friend like you in my life. Thank you so much for joining me on this special day and supporting me through this scary but exciting time.

3. Thank you for attending my baby shower. I appreciate everything you have done and all the support that you have provided during this time.

4. I can’t thank you enough for attending not only my baby shower but also everything you have done to support my family and me. I am grateful for everything you have done. Thank you!

5. Thank you for attending the baby shower and celebrating this new addition in my life. Having you there really meant a lot!

For the Ones Who Couldn’t Come

1. Thank you so much for your gift even though you couldn’t attend the baby shower. It would’ve been amazing if you could’ve made it, but I’m sure you were here in spirit!

2. I understand that you were busy and could not attend my baby shower, but I’d like to thank you for the wonderful gift that you sent across. You are so thoughtful, and I am lucky to be supported by someone as amazing as you.

3. It was very kind and thoughtful of you to send across a gift even though you couldn’t make it for the baby shower. I’m grateful for having someone like you who loves and supports me!

4. Thank you for thinking of my baby and me during this wonderful time in my life even though you couldn’t make it. The gift that you sent across is amazing! I am beyond grateful for your generosity and kindness. Love you and can’t wait for you to meet the baby!

For the Unexpected Gift

Baby Shower Thank You Note For the Unexpected Gift
1. I’m so astounded by your handwoven blanket for the baby. It was unexpected and I can’t believe you took out so much time to knit it. I love it and thank you so much for making this day special for me by not only being there but also giving me such a wonderful, time-intensive gift. You are the best!

2. The baby stroller was one of the things that I really wanted, and I was so glad when I saw it because you bought it for me. Thank you so much for attending the baby shower and being so thoughtful and wonderful. You will definitely see the stroller when I drop by the office!

3. Wow! The playmat for the baby’s tummy time was very unexpected since it didn’t even cross my mind. Thank you for being so kind, considerate and giving me a gift that will help with the baby’s development!

4. Thank you so much for this absolutely unexpected gift! I have never received anything like it in my life. You are benevolent and thoughtful, and I am very grateful to have someone like you in my life that cares about me. Hope to see you very soon!

From the Little Baby

1. Thank you so much for the super cute onesie. Navy blue happens to be the colour that looks best on me, and I can’t wait to slip into it. I’m excited to meet you, hopefully in my new outfit!

2. Today was my first social gathering, and I got to meet mom’s close family and friends. I loved the microfiber blanket that you got me; it feels very soft and comfortable. I’m excited to use it and be constantly wrapped in it!

3. I am glad to have an aunt/uncle like you in my life who cares about me enough to buy me all these gifts! I loved all of them and can’t wait to try all of them on for you to see. Can’t wait to see you again!


Although this is a list of different kinds of thank you notes you can send across to guests at your baby shower, you still might have some questions regarding the notes. We have listed some FAQs below that might help clear up some of your doubts.

1. Who Should Write the Baby Shower Thank You Note?

As a mother, you will be the center of attention at your baby shower. Baby shower thank you notes are usually fun to write considering all the gifts that you receive are adorable and sweet. It is important to thank your guests through personalized baby shower thank you cards, which helps them know that their effort has not gone unnoticed. The thank-you note should be written by the mother to all the guests and must be specially personalized for the guests who are very close to her.

2. Who Should Receive the Baby Shower Thank You Note?

All the guests who attend your baby shower should receive a thank you note or some form of gratitude. Depending on the kind of relationship you share with that guest, you can either personalize it or keep it generic (in case of co-workers and acquaintances). For their time, effort and money, a thank you message is the least you can do. The possibilities of the content are endless!

3. When Should I Send My Baby Shower Thank You Note?

Baby shower thank you cards etiquette indicates that you should ideally send a note within two to three weeks after the baby shower. Anything past three weeks may make you come across as lazy or unappreciative. Make sure you go through our list and have a bunch of personalized thank you notes for every kind of guest that attended your baby shower.

Thank you notes can be tricky and can take some time to put together. You shouldn’t delve too much into the content and get stressed out about it. It might take some time, but make sure whatever you write is heartfelt. The details of the note also depend on the kind of relationship you share with the person. Don’t worry about how to write baby shower thank you cards. Thank you cards are important and tell your guests what their presence and gifts meant to you. We hope this list of sample baby shower thank you notes that we put together helps you in some way. All the best!

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