World Bicycle Day 2023 - 7 Proven Health Benefits of Cycling for Children

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Cycling for Kids

With rapid advancements in technology, the key mantra is “Go digital”. Although digitalization has its own set of benefits, you might find that children are drawn towards gadgets, playing video games, watching cartoons, and so on. Parents find it challenging to bring them into the real-world environment. Playing outdoor games is diminishing slowly. However, you can introduce your children to cycling, which is fun and one of the best activities to keep them active, healthy, happy and rejuvenated. Let us look into the benefits of cycling.

Health Benefits of Cycling for Children

Cycling is considered as a low-impact, healthy, yet a fun-filled activity. Children enjoy cycling as it makes them feel independent. Initially, they might find it strenuous but ensure to encourage them, and it will become their favourite pastime. Let’s look at some health benefits of cycling.

1. Exercises Cardiovascular Muscles

Cycling is an excellent workout for the large muscles in the legs. When the leg muscles are exercised, the heart rate increases, thereby accelerating the stamina in the body. It exercises the cardiovascular muscles and keeps a check on the weight of your child, helping him/her attain the ideal weight.

2. Builds Muscle Mass

Although it’s a known fact that cycling is a good exercise for the legs, it strengthens the entire body. It builds and strengthens muscles slowly and steadily. If you are worried about stressing your child by making them cycle, then wipe off that worry as cycling is slow, but an effective activity that helps your child in the long run.

3. Relieves Stress

Cycling is an excellent stress buster. Children have a hectic day at school and feel completely drained out in the evenings. A bicycle ride can help them recharge their energy. Being out on their own after a long day in school helps them relieve their stress and make them happier. Worries come down, and they tend to become calmer after their bicycle rides.

4. Strengthens Emotional Wellness

Cycling boosts confidence in children. It enhances their self-confidence because they now begin to move out independently. They become aware of their body and the surroundings and feel more responsible. It helps them know the world around them and prepares them to get accustomed to their environment. Their confidence helps them in being comfortable when they are out of the home, without getting into a zone of fear or helplessness. At times, when parents accompany their children for fun rides, it adds to the family bonding. Children tend to enjoy their rides more and make wonderful memories, which make them more positive and happy.

5. Enhances Socializing Skills

Cycling helps in socialising with children and people in the neighbourhood. It enhances their communication skills and gives them an opportunity to make new friends, share their views, share secrets, discuss their own little problems and have fun together. The joy of having fun riding as a group can be even more enriching than riding alone.


6. Keeps Them active

Being less active, spending time on indoor virtual games using gadgets confine the children to be indoors and makes them lazy and inactive. This can lead to childhood obesity in some children. Cycling is one of the best activities to reduce weight and keep them active. Cycling gets the kids outdoors and helps them be totally active because exercising their legs help in toning their body and remaining healthy.

7. Energises Them Holistically

Cycling balances children completely. Following are some cycle learning benefits for kids that prove to have amazing health benefits:

  • Children get out of their homes into the sunlight. This exposes them to the natural source of Vitamin D from the sun. They get fresh air, which rejuvenates and calms them down. They tend to sleep well.
  • As they enjoy going out more, they reduce their gadget obsession and TV addiction.
  • Stepping out of home, cycling, and moving around confidently also adds to the balancing and coordination of their bodies.
  • They learn about the layout they reside in and the surrounding areas. They tend to explore more and enhance their know-how about the environment around them.
  • They tend to be more active in school and perform other activities with zeal.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Although cycling has many benefits and keeps children healthy, it is mandatory to follow safety guidelines. Following are some of the safety guidelines that come handy when your child is ready to explore his cycling journey:

  • Most of the cycles are designed and manufactured based on international standards. If your child is a beginner, it’s always recommended to get cycles that have safety stabilizer wheels.
  • Ensure that your child uses cycling helmets for safety.
  • Children can end up having a fall with scraped knees and bruises. Sometimes, it can be risky. However, this should not stop you from introducing your child to cycling. These falls are learnings that make them extra cautious and force them into taking safety precautions.
  • Ensure that the bicycle is serviced regularly to help it function at its optimal best.
  • Familiarize your child with the parts of a bicycle, the various problems that they can run into while cycling and tips about how to handle themselves and the cycle, in case of an emergency. These tips can come handy when they are in need.

You might fret sending your child out cycling, but remember the health benefits and the joy in your child’s life. It’s a pleasure to watch your child make a million memories as their bicycle bells clink endlessly.

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