Using Aloe Vera for Babies - Benefits & Precuations to Take

Aloe Vera for Babies – Must Know Benefits and Precautions

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These days, everyone is raving about the multiple uses and immense benefits of aloe vera. Introducing Aloe Vera to your baby’s skincare regimen can bring forth a host of benefits, but it’s crucial to approach it with care. This natural plant extract offers soothing properties that can alleviate minor skin irritations and dryness. However, it’s imperative to exercise caution and adhere to specific guidelines when using aloe vera gel for infants. This article explores the essential advantages of incorporating Aloe Vera into your baby’s skincare routine, along with important precautions to ensure their safety and well-being.

What Is Aloe Vera?

If till now you are deprived of the various medicinal benefits of this wondrous plant, we shall like to tell you what exactly aloe vera is. Aloe vera is a pulpy and fleshy plant, which belongs to a cactus family and needs minimum care and water for its growth. The pulp or gel of this plant is used in making various skin lotions, creams, ointments and other medicinal products. Aloe vera is safe to be used for babies and it has many benefits for babies too.

Active Components Available in Aloe Vera

Here is what aloe vera contains:

  • Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. It also contains natural sugars like fructose and glucose.
  • Aloe vera has a number of enzymes in it, which helps in reducing inflammation.
  • The enzymes work properly because of the presence of potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, copper, sodium and other such minerals.

Is It Safe to Use Aloe Vera on Babies?

Yes, it’s generally safe to use Aloe Vera on babies. However, exercise caution and ensure it’s pure, without added chemicals. Test on a small area first and discontinue if any irritation occurs. Avoid oral consumption. Consult a paediatrician for specific advice, especially for infants under six months old.

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Infants

Here are some benefits of aloe vera for babies:

  • Babies have soft and sensitive skin and their skin may easily get damaged whenever it gets exposed to the sun for long hours. Though sun exposure is good for the babies, keeping them under the sun for more than required amounts of time may turn their skin red and it may burn too. You may use aloe vera for baby sunburn to bring down the inflammation and redness. This gel has cooling properties that soothe your baby’s skin.

  • Some babies may develop eczema, a very uncomfortable skin condition in which red and itchy inflamed patches may appear on your baby’s skin. You may even use aloe vera for babies eczema as it may help in providing relief from the itching and inflammation.

  • You may do your best as a parent to protect your baby, but injuries, insect bites, rashes or other skin conditions are inevitable and may affect your baby at some point. You may use aloe vera for your baby’s skin to cure most of the skin conditions. The gel can be applied on minor bruises, burns, cuts, rashes and other such skin conditions for providing relief and healing. The gel also works well to provide relief from insect bites too.

  • Diapers are saviours for mothers but sometimes improper care may lead to diaper rash in babies. Diaper rash can be a very uncomfortable and painful condition for your baby. You may use aloe vera to treat diaper rash in babies. Apart from that, this gel may prove to be extremely beneficial in treating various kinds of fungal, bacterial or viral skin rashes that your baby may suffer from.

  • If you are wondering, is aloe vera juice safe for babies? Well, you may use aloe vera juice to wash your baby’s hair. The scooped gel can be blended with some water and used as a shampoo to wash your munchkin’s hair. This juice is not only effective in keeping the ph balance of your baby’s scalp but it also makes your baby’s hair soft and shiny.

  • The topical application of aloe vera proves effective in ulcer prevention. This is attributed to its rich content of mucopolysaccharides, amino acids, zinc, and water. These elements collectively contribute to its healing properties.

  • Aloe vera gel contains aloe protein and salicylic acid, both of which possess antifungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. Additionally, research indicates potential antiviral effects, attributed to the presence of anthraquinone compounds. These natural components enhance its therapeutic potential.

Side-effects of Using Aloe Vera on Babies

The following are the possible side effects of using aloe vera on babies:

  • Aloe vera may cause mild skin irritation or allergic reactions in some babies, especially if used in excessive amounts or if they have sensitive skin.
  • There is a risk of accidental ingestion, which can lead to digestive discomfort or, in rare cases, more serious issues. It’s crucial to keep aloe vera products out of reach of infants.

How to Use Aloe Vera Safely on Baby’s Skin?

While applying aloe vera on the baby’s skin, follow these steps:

  • Choose pure aloe vera for babies’ skin without additives.
  • Perform a patch test on a small area to check for any allergic reactions or irritations.
  • If no adverse reactions occur, apply a thin layer of aloe vera on clean, dry skin.
  • Avoid sensitive areas like the eyes and mouth.
  • Use aloe vera sparingly and discontinue if any discomfort occurs.
  • Consult a paediatrician before use, especially for infants under six months old.

Precautions to Take While Using Aloe Vera on Babies

There is no denying that aloe vera is a wondrous plant and you may derive many benefits out of it. However, when it concerns your baby, you should always exercise caution. Here are some precautions that you may consider before using aloe vera on babies:

  • You should not give aloe vera gel or juice orally to your baby as it may not be safe for your baby’s consumption. Consult your doctor if you plan to do so.
  • If you are pregnant, consuming aloe vera orally may harm your unborn baby.
  • Also, if you are a breastfeeding mother, you should refrain from consuming aloe vera gel or juice as it may enter your breast milk and thus may cause harm to your baby.
  • Babies have sensitive skin and sometimes using aloe vera gel may lead to an allergic reaction. If you notice any kind of rash, redness or inflammation after using aloe vera gel, wipe it off or rinse well and seek medical assistance.
  • Using aloe vera on your baby’s skin may cause interference or reduce the effect of other medicines that you may be using for your baby.

How to Prepare Fresh Aloe Vera Gel?

You may procure a ready-made aloe vera gel from the market; however, you may make it at home too. Simply cut a small portion of the aloe vera leaf. Wash it through under running water. Slit it from the centre and gently scoop out the gel. Mash this gel nicely and use it fresh.


1. What Things Should I Consider Before Buying Aloe Vera Gel for My Baby?

Consider purity and potential allergies, conduct a patch test, seek a pediatrician’s advice, check for additives, and choose a reputable brand when buying aloe vera gel for your baby. Prioritise safety and quality.

2. Can I Use Aloe Vera for Acne in Babies?

Baby acne typically resolves on its own, though it may be itchy. While aloe vera has anti-acne properties, use caution on delicate facial skin to avoid irritation. Additionally, be mindful of potential ingestion risk.

People all over the world are going gaga over the immense benefits and uses of this miraculous plant. You may safely use aloe vera gel for your baby too, however, we recommend taking a heads up from your doctor before doing so.


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