Strategies and Tips for Coping With ADHD in Adults

ADHD Survival Tips – Save your Mind From Overdrive!

It is usually easy to identify ADHD in children, but it is not the same for adults. Acts of forgetfulness and impulsive behaviour in adults are simply considered irresponsible. So how do you find ways to deal with ADHD? Learn ADHD coping skills to make your life as normal as possible.

With a few ADHD coping techniques in place, adults and children alike can have an easier time living with the condition. We have put together a few easy to adopt techniques and habits that would make coping with ADHD easier.

Dealing with ADHD Without Losing Your Mind

1. Organise. Organise. Organise

The one best self-help people suffering from ADHD can do is to organise. Take help from your family and allot a little time once a week to arrange and label everything you will need during the following week. Put things you are sure to miss in transparent bags and keep them in places you will easily find them at.

2. Odd Reminder Strategy

This one is simple: just place an odd object in a place it clearly doesn’t belong. The object will act as a reminder for the task you need to perform. For instance, put a sock on the dresser; the next time you come across the sock you’d end up thinking, “Why did I put this here? Right, I have that thing I need to do.

3. Plan Your Work; Work Your Plan

Haven’t we all heard this gem numerous times (and ignored it of course)? Write down a plan, yes – even for the smallest tasks. Even small errands like going grocery shopping can become a task if you don’t plan them well. Planning makes sure that nothing small but critical gets over-looked.

Plan your work; work your plan

4. Always and Always Have a Plan B

“I forgot my cash, but it’s alright because I have some in my backpack!” – this is what we mean by Plan B. If you carry around cash in one place, redistribute it. Put some in your backpack, your car, your dresser and some in your wallet. Always carry extra packs or multiple packs of the same thing so you are not left helpless even if you forget to carry them with you.

5. Sleep Well

Your brain depends on it. Sleep helps the brain relax, rejuvenate and prep for another day. An ADHD person’s brain is already over worked, so give it some rest. Do not work weekends, instead make the best of your weekdays. Go out for walks, read, take a hike, sing and dance. And while you are at it, do not give yourself another task to complete. Resting and relaxing should be the only task.

ADHD is difficult to understand and tougher to live with. But adopting a few strategies and following our ADHD coping skills can keep your troubles at bay. Maintain transparency about your condition with your family, colleagues and friends. However, if your ADHD is severe, medication and therapy may be necessary. Do not let ADHD control you and you can make the most of your life.

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