8 Creative Writing Games & Activities for Kids

8 Writing Games and Activities for Kids

Being a parent is challenging and no walk in the park. This is especially true for those parents who struggle with their children’s schoolwork. Most children, undoubtedly, dislike writing and related activities. Here we discuss some stimulating ways to nudge your child into writing more, yet having fun so that it doesn’t get weary.

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Fun Writing Games and Activities for Children to Encourage Them Write More

You will find below a list of games and activities that will encourage your child to willingly write more and enjoy it:

1. Telephone Pictionary

This is an interesting game that will spark the creativity in your child while encouraging them to write. The game is more fun with a larger number of players.

Material You Need

  • Plain sheets of paper
  • Pencils for each player

How To Play

  • Each player writes a sentence on the sheet and passes the sheet anti-clockwise.
  • The players now draw what the previous player has described in a sentence and fold the top of the sheet down so that only their drawing is seen.
  • The sheet is passed to the left again.
  • The players now write a sentence describing the drawing and fold the sheet such that only their sentence is seen.
  • The sheet gets passed around in the same manner until there is no room for writing or drawing on the sheet.
  • Open the sheets and compare original sentences with final drawings and have fun laughing at the transformation.

2. Pass Around Story-Writing

This game involves telling a story, which is a story writing games for kids, but it comes with a twist that will make writing a fun exploit.

Material You Need

  • Plain sheets of paper
  • Pencils for each player

How To Play

  • Write on a board the first sentence of a story.
  • The children then have to come up with their continuation of this sentence to build on the story.
  • After two minutes, they pass their paper to the next child, who continues the story for the next two minutes.
  • The paper is passed on again in the same manner for a few times until each story is completed.
  • Enjoy reading the unique and interesting stories that come about from this game.

Pass Around Story-Writing

3. Fill in the story

This game involves giving your child a story with blanks in between.

Material You Need

  • Sheet with a story printed, with blanks in between
  • Pencil

How To Play

  • Hand your child the sheet with the incomplete story and ask them to fill the blanks.
  • Make them fill out the blanks using their imagination.
  • Read the completed story together.

4. Birthday Messages

This is a great way to have your child willingly write something fun.

Material You Need

  • Card
  • Pencil

How To Do It

When there is a birthday in the family, have your child write out the birthday message. It will encourage them to voice their affection for family members and get some writing done in the bargain.

Birthday Messages

5. Cut Out My Name

This activity helps children to take an interest in cursive writing and can double up as handwriting games.

Material You Need

How To Play

  • Take a blank sheet and fold it into the half.
  • Let them write their names in cursive hand. Make it flowing and large. The writing should be along the crease of the fold.
  • Make the children trace over the writing many times over.
  • Let them fold the paper along the same crease again.
  • Have the children run over the folded piece many times until the writing creates a mirror image on the other half of the sheet.
  • Get the kids to cut out the names, leaving a slight amount of white space around the writing. The resultant image should look like a large bug.
  • Students can paint and glue these name “bugs” onto their cupboards.

6. Vocabulary Challenge

This is a game suitable for children who are over 6 years of age and can comfortably write.

Material You Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper

How To Play

  • Give your child a new word and explain the meaning.
  • Now ask them to write a sentence using the newly learned word in it.
  • If you have time on hand, get your child to write an entire story around this new word.
  • Ask them to include drawings or sketches of characters if you want them to truly not feel the pressure of writing.

Vocabulary Challenge

7. Comic Strip Dialogue Activity

This is a fabulous activity for slightly older children who can read and write easily. It is a wonderful creative writing activity for kids who might enjoy spinning a tale or two.

Material You Need

  • Printed comic strip with blank speech bubbles.
  • Pencil

How To Play

  • Give the child the comic strip and have them fill out the blank dialogue bubbles.
  • Give them a challenge by asking them to make it exciting.
  • If your child is old enough, you can have them use felt pens and crayons to make the cartoon strip more colourful and lively.

8. Guess-Who-It Is Cards

This is a popular activity that can be done with slightly older children who are between 5-8 years. It involves guessing the personality on a set of placards.

Material You Need

  • Placards with Cartoon characters or movie characters known to the child.
  • Paper
  • Pencil

How You Will Do It

The children are shown a placard and asked to write a detailed description of the character and its features as seen in the picture.

Guess-Who-It Is Cards

As hard as it may be to make children commit to writing, as parents you can make a mundane task come alive by masking it through these fun games and activities. Parents who devote quality time to improving their children’s skills will certainly see a marked difference in their child’s learning capabilities because not everything can be taught in schools. Your child will benefit from the attention and individualistic treatment you give to each of these games, tailoring it to your kid’s requirements.

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