8 Things That Your Baby Knows About You Right From The Beginning

8 Things That Your Baby Knows About You Right From The Beginning!

When your baby is hungry, when he wants a nap, what is irritating him – you know your baby inside out. But have you ever thought whether he knows you at all? Are you just some person who takes care of him every day or does he know things about you?

Here’s the good news – your baby knows quite a bit about you! His knowledge only goes up as he grows older, but even at the outset, there’s quite a bit of information he has about Mamma.

Check Out the Complete List of Things Your Baby knows About You. It’s Extremely Heartening

1. He knows Your Voice

He could hear you even when he was in the womb. Now, when you talk and sing to him, he instantly makes the connect

2. He Even knows Your Smell

We all have a distinctive smell – did you know that? Well, your baby does. He can not only identify your smell (as well as the smell of delicious milk) but he loves it as well.

3. He Can Recognize Your Face

This may seem a bit odd but yes, your baby can actually see what you look like. His eyesight is still hazy and short-ranged, but when you’re feeding him, for instance, and your faces are close to each other, bingo! He knows it’s Mamma – or at least some nice person who’s always there for him.

4. He knows You Won’t Let Him Go Hungry

Newborn babies require frequent feeding and get cranky if that doesn’t happen. But every time your baby gets hungry, you are there. He knows you will not let him go without his food. In fact, he can get so possessive about you that he won’t let anyone feed him!

5. He knows You Will Come Back – Always

This will take some time to develop, but usually around 6 months to 1 year of age, your baby learns this about you. Just because you have gone to the other room or the bathroom, it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to come back.

6. He Can Figure Out That You Love Seeing Him Happy

When he plays with his toys, grins, attempts to hold your hand, or makes funny sounds, you look happy. In fact, anything that delights him makes you happy too. This holds at least till toddlerhood when some antics may drive you up the wall!

7. He Understands When You are Feeling Upset

Your baby is there for you when you are blue. Even though he cannot talk or understand your problem, he can discriminate between different facial expressions. If he thinks you look sad, he will even smile and coo to make you happy.

8. He knows You Will Always Protect Him

That scary thunderstorm, sudden darkness or a weird noise in the room – there’s no fear as long as you’re here! Your baby knows that you will always protect him. This thought soothes and comforts him all day.

Isn’t this amazing? Your little angel not only loves and knows so much about you, his world of exploration is only just starting. You can look forward to making beautiful memories with him in the future – all the best!

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