Top 80 Native American Boy Names & Their Meanings

80 Popular Native American Baby Names for Boys

We understand that choosing the appropriate name for your little one is a tedious job, and needs a lot of research. Names come up with a lot of stories that can impact your kid’s life. Therefore one needs to be very careful while choosing the name. There are some factors one should keep in mind before choosing a name like significance, impact, spelling, ridicule, feeling, uniqueness and agreement.

Native American Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Well, keeping in mind all the above factors, we have come up with a list for your assistance. Let’s ponder upon the below list of names and choose the perfect one for your son.

1. Ace

The name is short, but it has a strong meaning- unity. This child can always be the reason for your family to have a strong bond always.

2. Ahanu 

This beautiful name means ‘he laughs’. It is the perfect name for a laughing baby.

3. Ahusaka

Freedom is very important in life to shine. This name means ‘wings,’ and thus these people fly high to achieve success.

4. Akando

Every parent expects a safe and secure life for their child. Individuals with this name are usually very powerful and wealthy.

5. Akikta

This name is very impactful. It refers to a person who is determined to achieve his goals and excels in everything he does.

6. Alo

This is a short, sweet name which means ‘one who is a spiritual guide.’ It can be a highly suggested name.

7. Anders

A parent wishes their son to be strong and stout, so this name is very appropriate as it means ‘a strong and brave man.’

8. Angeni

For every parent, their child is a blessing to them from God. This name can convey your feelings to your son as it means ‘angel.’

9. Apiatan 

The name is of  Kiowa origin region and means ‘Lance made with wood’. 

10. Aponivi

The name means ‘where the wind blows down the gap.’ By opting for this name, you can let your son fly free and explore the world. The name is more like a blessing for your kid and thus can be the most appropriate name for your little one.

11. Axayacatl 

The name is of Spanish origin, and it means ‘face of water’.

12. Axe

The name is a symbol of peace. Usually, people with this name spread positivity all around and try to avoid any violence.

13. Bidaban

It is a unique native American boy name. You can opt for this name for your son as it refers to an excellent human being.

14. Bidziil

This unique name refers to ‘a strong human being,’ thus you can choose it for your son as it is important to be both physically and mentally strong.

15. Calian

The meaning of this name is ‘a warrior of life,’ and in this competitive era, it is very important to be strong and brave to achieve success.

16. Chaske

This name sounds quite cool, and people with this name are usually friendly. They can easily be the center of attraction.

17. Chaytan

It can be one of the highly suggested names as it refers to a person with a sophisticated personality and who is very decent.

18. Chenoa

Well, it is a variation of the name Cherokee. It is the name of a place and is not a commonly used one.

19. Chogan

It is a kind of bird species usually found in Asia and Europe and opting for names after birds are in trend now.

20. Chunta 

This is a fun and mischievous name for your little one, it means ‘cheating’.

21. Colson

It comes from the name ‘Nicholas.’ It refers to an individual who attains victory in whatever he does in life. Therefore, we highly suggest this name as a popular native American name.

22. Cuauhtemoc 

The meaning of this unique name is ‘one who has descended like an eagle’.

23. Cusa 

The meaning of this short name is ‘the one who provokes’.

24. Dakota

It is very important to be a good and trustworthy person in life. People with this name are expected to be a good friend.

25. Dasan 

This is the perfect name for child who is destined to be a leader. It means ‘chief’.

26. Davian

This is a modern version of the name David, which means beloved. By opting for this name, you can convey your love and affection for your son.

27. Dyami

It means ‘a majestic eagle,’ and is named after a bird. It is in trend now, and especially this name shows determination in a person.

28. Elsu

No doubt that names after birds are very popular these days and ‘Elsu’ means ‘a flying falcon.’ Usually, boys with such a name achieve great success in life.

29. Emmett

It is a version of a feminine name ‘Emma.’ It means ‘truth’ and men with this name are expected to have a pure soul.

30. Enapay 

The meaning of this name is ‘brave’.

31. Gatlin

A child is a support system for every parent, and this name means ‘a companion for life’. Thus, this is one of the suggested names.

32. Goyahkla 

The name means ‘the one who yawns’. It is the perfect name for a sleepy baby.

33. Haroldo

These people are generally very powerful and have leadership qualities. Therefore this name can surely give an identity to your son.

34. Hiawatha 

The meaning of this name is ‘he who combs’. It’s the perfect name for a baby born with beautiful hair.

35. Hotah 

The meaning of this name is ‘grey’ or ‘white’.

36. Jacy 

The name represents the moon as well as the creator of plant life.

37. Jair

The name is rarely used or heard so you can opt for it and flaunt it easily as it means ‘one who shines in life.’

38. Japa

This belongs to traditional names, and if you belong to a religious family, then this will be a perfect choice. Usually, people with this name have a strong belief in the Almighty.

39. Jonas

The name sounds very sophisticated, and it means ‘dove’ which is a symbol of peace. Moreover, names after birds are very popular and thus highly suggested these days.

40. Kele

The name sounds very cute, and it means ‘sparrow.’ Well, names after a bird are very much in trend, and thus your son can flaunt his name too.

41. Keme

This short name comes from the Algonquin origin and means ‘secret’.

42. Kenesaw

There is a mountain named Kenesaw in the USA, Georgia. The name means ‘grass’ and men with this name are soft.

43. King

The name has its origin from Old English and means ‘a tribal leader.’ Therefore, this name can give an identity to your kid.

44. Kohana 

This sweet name means ‘little flower’.

45. Lonato 

The meaning of this unique name is ‘a flint stone’.

46. Lulu

This is a short name and was very popular in the 1900s, but, its time again to bring it back. It means ‘rabbit.’

47. Mahkah

It is one of the cool names we have come across. Usually, these people are very down to Earth in nature.

48. Makya 

This is the perfect name for a young warrior. The meaning of this name is ‘eagle hunter’.

49. Maovesa

The meaning of this name is ‘a wild horse.’ It is tough to stop these people if they are determined to do something.

50. Matto

Matto means ‘a brave warrior.’ Though the name is short, it’s impactful because it is necessary to be brave and strong these days.

51. Maverick

Every parent wishes for their son to be an independent human being in life, and this is name correctly suits them.

52. Merrick

This name can easily be a gift from you to your son as it means ‘one who gains fame and has lots of powers.’ It is one of the highly suggested names for all parents.

53. Meda

This short and sweet name represents the sea.

54. Nodin

This is a rarely used native American name which means ‘wind,’ usually, people with such names are unstoppable.

55. Nova

The name is very classy, it means ‘new’ and every child is a new chapter in a parent’s life which unfolds with time. The name is evergreen and is a great option for you.

56. Odakotah

Here comes another unique name. Men with this name are very trustworthy and can be a very good friend. Thus it is also a highly suggested name to every parent.

57. Ouray

This person is generally very sharp-minded. He will be excelling in his field always because of his determination, and thus it is an impactful name.

58. Pays 

The name is gender-neutral in nature and means ‘peace’.

59. Pegalesharro 

The name is of Pawnee origin and means ‘man chief’.

60. Piapot 

The name is of Cree origin and represents a flash in the sky.

61. Powa

Every parent expects their child to have a luxurious life. Thus this name is very suitable as it refers to a person who is very rich and wealthy.

62. Quanah 

This unique name means ‘fragrant’.

63. Quannah

This is an adorable name which means ‘one who has a sweet smell.’ These people generally are very charismatic.

64. Raini

The name is very amazing as it means ‘the creator.’ This is one of the top listed traditional names which you can opt for.

65. Roca 

This short name means ‘tower of strength’.

66. Ryland

The name comes from Ryan and Ryder which were commonly used in 2018. Ryland, the new version means ‘area where rye is grown.’

67. Sahale 

This unique name means ‘falcon’ in Native American culture.

68. Shawree  

This is a name given to a powerful bear. It is the perfect name for a fierce little one.

69. Shilah 

This beautiful name is of the Navajo origin and means ‘brother’.

70. Shillan

People around individuals with this name feel very comfortable. They have an adorable soul.

71. Skah 

The meaning of this short name is ‘white’.

72. Tarhe 

The meaning of this name is ‘crane’

73. Tasunke

It is one of the popular native American names which means ‘a horse.’  It is an evergreen name and is very impactful.

74. Tatanka

This beautiful name is the Lakota word for bison.

75. Tattuye

This unique name is of Blackfoot origin and means ‘fox’.

76. Tecumseh

This unique name is the Shawnee word for ‘shooting star’.

77. Tenaya

Every parent expects their son to have their own prominent identity. This name is like a blessing to every child as it comes with leadership qualities.

78. Titan

The name is very popular because of its existence in Greek mythology. It means ‘a defender,’ and so it a popular native American name.

79. Tyee

Though the name is very short, it is impactful as it means ‘a chief.’ This name is unique, and so you can flaunt it by opting for your son.

80. Wahkan

Are you from a religious family? This is the best name for your son as it means ‘sacred.’ It is one of the topmost suggested traditional names.

We hope our assistance was fruitful and you have got the name as per your criteria. Therefore we wish you and your little one a very happy and successful life ahead.

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