Household Items Which Cannot be Used as Toys for Babies

5 Household Items That Could Harm your Baby!

Household items which cannot be used as toys for babies are often those that babies are most attracted to. Unfortunately, moms often give in to their baby’s whims just to keep them happy. This is a terrible idea and quite the worst thing you can do!

Babies lose interest in toys very fast and are drawn to objects they shouldn’t be playing with. The pleasure at this stage is in putting everything in the mouth and this is where these household items are sure to find themselves! Aside from choking, there are many other safety concerns that these “household toys” can pose, which is why you should keep them away from your baby.

 Household Items that are Unsafe for Babies

1. TV remote

Babies are probably attracted to the TV remote just because they see you make a grab for it ever so often. They want what grown-ups have and you may see no harm in handing over this device to them. Well, the first thing to come off after your baby’s constant chewing on it is the battery casing. This increases the risk of your baby swallowing the battery or ingesting small button batteries. Equally dangerous are the small plastic pieces that could break off from the remote and become a choking hazard.

2. Keys

One of the most common household items used as baby toys are keys. The jangling sound of keys can hold a baby’s fancy for long. But keys, typically made of brass, also contain small concentrations of lead. Your baby could be ingesting something with severe health hazards! Keys can also injure the mouth if your baby falls while sucking on them. They can hurt him in the face too, if he gets too excited and rattles them around.

3. Cell phones

They are the breeding ground for germs from hands and the random places they are kept in – not something you want baby to encounter! Plus, like TV remotes, they can also lose their battery casing if dropped to the ground and you know what that means. Even though it’s the most convenient toy to give your baby in order to appease him, refrain from doing so.

4. iPads and tablets

While these devices are designed with plenty of apps for kids, it’s best to keep toddlers away from them. Children under the age of two don’t anyway understand the educational content in it. Besides, too much screen time at such a young age isn’t good for their eyes. On a more dangerous level, these electronic gadgets have glass screens, which can easily shatter to pieces if dropped.

5. Markers and pens

Most pens and markers are also those household items which cannot be used as toys for babies. Though non-toxic, they can cause injury if your baby pokes himself with the nib. What if the ink spills from it? You’ll have a lovely picture with your baby and your walls looking an identical sight!

You may not have given these baby hazards much thought and may have even made light of it. However, these are everyday objects your baby should not be playing with. Pay heed to these perils to help create a safe environment for your baby.

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