5 Ways to Make your Baby Laugh

5 Ideas to Tickle your Baby’s Funny Bone

Whether it is through the delightful sound of their laughter or their curious expressions, your baby can make you smile like never before. Just use these helpful tips and sounds that make babies laugh to sit back and watch your cherub rolling on the floor!

Who doesn’t love a happy baby? They make life’s woes and troubles disappear in a blink! Did you know that your baby can break into a riotous laughing fit if .

you know the right ways to make your baby smile head to toe? Favorite lullaby sessions, regular sleeping hours, bear hugs, cuddles and these tips for giggly fits can make your precious darling a happy baby.

5 Ways to Make your Baby Laugh

1. Tickles all the way

You may be unaware of the ‘sweet spots’ of your ticklish baby… until you hit the jackpot! The giggle spot could be anywhere under the armpits, chin, feet or on the side ribs. Tickle your baby and watch them laugh. If you have not experienced your baby’s uncontrollable giggles yet, keep trying and you just might make him go pink the next time you’re changing diapers!

2. That didn’t sound like you mom, chuckle!

Be creative and start conceptualizing sounds that make babies laugh. Funny as the act may sound, you’ll surely enjoy the reactions of your precious darling as you make swishing, swirling or wheezing sounds. Kids often break into long bouts of laughter if they hear a sound that’s appealing, crazy or simply too funny to even comprehend.


3. Silly gnawing acts for more crackles

Hear your baby squeal with delight by pretending to bite his cute little toes or the T-shirt he’s wearing. In fact, just carry on with your childish act until you find the right place that makes him laugh out his ribs. The downside? Your baby will probably be thinking ‘how silly can my mom be?’ It’s okay! You can do the most frivolous things to make a baby laugh. After all, anything for a good laugh, right?

4. Pass the bug

Laughter, like yawning, is often contagious. So, if you know how to make a baby laugh, you would know that seeing you giggle sets him off too. As an instinctive reflex, he flashes goofy grins, opens his eyes wide to see what’s making you go hysterical and follows suit. Need you ask for more?

5. Amusing pets for more laughs

If you’re still wondering what makes a baby laugh, then think animals. Their furry coat, unusual movements, and unheard sounds can make babies shoot ripples of laughter and how. Try introducing a friendly pet to your baby. An aquarium or zoo is an equally good idea for showing off animals that end up amusing your baby if you have no pets at home.

Try out everything within your means to hear those blissful chuckles. When you see your baby smiling ear to ear, your efforts will have been totally worth it!

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