Combing Baby Hair: Reasons, When to Start & Tips

5 Reasons to Brush Your Baby’s Hair Regularly

Not all newborns are born bald, some may have lots of hair, but the texture and the colour of a baby’s hair might change before his first birthday. He may even lose some of his hair by the time he turns six months and then it may grow again. But whether your baby has thick hair or not, brushing his hair regularly can be beneficial for him. Find out why!

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Why Should You Comb Your Baby’s Hair?

As baby’s skin, scalp, and other body parts are so delicate, it is only normal for parents to ask if they can brush their baby’s hair. The last thing you’d want to do is hurt your baby, so this question is expected. However, you will find yourself at much ease once you know all the benefits your baby will have after a gentle combing. Some of the reasons are listed below:

1. Promotes Healthy Blood Flow

Brushing your baby’s hair with a baby brush that has soft bristles can help increase the blood flow to the scalp and stimulate it. As a result, it will promote healthy hair growth.

2. Helps Relax the Baby

Combing or brushing your baby’s hair gently can give a very therapeutic feeling to your little one and make him feel calm. This can be helpful if you want to make him sleep.

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3. Stimulates the Nervous System

When you brush your baby’s hair, you actually massage his scalp. Your baby may feel that you are giving him a light massage, which may help him relax. Massaging can also stimulate his nervous system. This will further promote a stronger central nervous system and your little munchkin will have a healthier brain.

4. Clears Cradle Cap

Newborn babies, especially in the first few months, tend to develop scaly, crusty skin on their scalp, called cradle cap. Although this condition is harmless and usually cures on its own, brushing your baby’s hair regularly will help clear the flaky skin and even reduces the chances of him developing cradle cap again.

5. Helps Groom the Baby

There’s no harm in making your baby look extra cute, especially after he wakes up from a nap with messy hair. Combing your baby’s hair will help set it and make him look well-groomed.

When Should You Start Combing Baby’s Hair?

You can start brushing your baby’s hair at any time. There is no set age to start combing his hair, but always remember to use the right kind of brush that has soft bristles. It should not irritate your baby’s skin.

Simple Tips to Brush Your Baby’s Hair

Your baby has a delicate scalp and that’s why you must brush his hair with care. If you are apprehensive of combing your baby’s hair, you can do well with these tips that explain how to brush a baby’s hair.

  • Soft bristle combs are an absolute must. Do not use any other adult combs, as it might irritate and may hurt your baby.
  • Ensure that the comb has wide teeth. This is beneficial when you need to detangle the hair. It allows you to do it without hurting the baby.
  • If you see that your baby’s hair is tangled, you can occasionally use baby hair serum.
  • Start combing from the tip of the hair. If there are tangles and your baby’s hair is long enough, hold the hair and try to comb it. Be careful not to tug at it or put any pressure on it.
  • Use a separate comb for your baby’s hair and do not mix it up.
  • If you have a little girl, only use soft elastic bands to tie her hair. And remember to tie it loose enough. Tight ponytails can cause a lot of distress to the baby.
  • Only comb your baby’s hair when it’s dry. Air-dry the hair after bathing him. Wet hair tends to pull out easily from the scalp.


What Type of Comb Should I Use to Comb My Baby’s Hair?

Use soft bristled, wide-toothed comb to brush your baby’s hair. Remember to brush it as gently as you can and avoid causing any discomfort to your little one.

Your baby’s hair and head are very delicate in the first year. Combing his hair can help him with a lot of things, but you need to understand that it needs to be done with proper caution and care. Once you get the hang of it, comb your baby’s hair twice a day.

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