How to Say - “Please Keep Your Hands Off My Baby!”

How to Say- “Please Keep Your Hands Off From My Baby”!

Whether it’s the baby’s cuteness or the evil eye, people can’t seem to keep their hands off a newborn baby. Most of the new mommies face this awkward moment of outsiders touching and kissing their baby. I am one of those mommies! It’s an obligation to say no to such people, but it’s not impossible. There are many ways to politely say no to them.

  1. Covering up works decently at preventing people from touching the baby. You can cover their body with a blanket, nursing cover, or provide extra coverage with socks/mittens.
  2. Avoid people who are uncontrollable after seeing the baby! By uncontrollable, I mean they just can’t stop themselves from kissing the baby’s cheeks. If they do, just tell them that the baby is hungry or sleepy. Please do clean baby’s face or parts they have kissed.
  3. Try the honest approach with something like, “I’m a little worried about germs, so I’d prefer you look, but not touch.” Say it with a smile so the other person knows you’re not being mean – just a protective mom.
  4. Create a physical barrier. Stay far from such people. Not all are the same. I have observed few who do wash their hands before touching the baby. But it’s better to keep a barrier for those who don’t!

Blame it on the baby. My son is very active and overloaded with cuteness, that he does attract people to touch him. I become helpless at such moments. I know it’s hard to prevent relatives from touching the baby, and all we can do is clean the baby after a touch or kiss. And yes the most important thing, which I do believe in is removing the evil eye of the baby! Be a smart mommy and save your little one from those unwanted germs and evil eyes!

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