12 Best Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Infants

Top 10 Health Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Babies

When it comes to selecting skin-care products for your baby, you just don’t want to go wrong. Moreover, babies and kids are susceptible to skin conditions and problems. This is why one natural product that works best in treating skin conditions in many babies and keeps your child’s skin soft and healthy is coconut oil. Let’s see how coconut oil works for babies and how you can get the maximum benefits out of it.

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1. Coconut Oil for Baby Massage

A good body massage soothes crying and fussy infants and, most importantly, helps them sleep. Using coconut oil for a massage is a good option, as it has anti-bacterial properties and is easily absorbed into the skin. Make sure you use a good quality coconut oil.

Tip: Use pure coconut oil for a baby massage for the best results.

2. Coconut Oil for Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition in which the skin becomes very dry and itchy. It is common in infants but usually disappears as the child grows. Using coconut oil for baby eczema can soothe dryness and provide relief.

Tips: If you are looking for baby eczema natural remedies, massage your baby with coconut oil before or after bath time. Also, massage your baby before bedtime for adequate moisture. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties, and you will see the condition decreasing with regular use.

3. Coconut Oil for Baby Hair Growth

Is coconut oil good for babies’ hair? Not many of us are aware that coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). This type of fatty acid has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which nourish the scalp and help in eliminating sebum build-up from hair follicles. It is also high in the C12 chain of MCFAs which is called lauric acid. This property helps prevent protein loss from hair.

Tip: This is an effective remedy for baby dry scalp. Coconut oil, when massaged before bath time, helps replenish the skin and promotes hair growth.

4. Coconut Oil for Diaper Rash

Most babies suffer from diaper rash due to urine absorption and diaper quality. The moisturising and anti-fungal properties of coconut oil help prevent the occurrence and spread of diaper rash. Coconut oil can also be an effective cure for Candida Albicans, which causes fungal infections. Yeast diaper rash, a common ailment in babies, is effectively treated by coconut oil, which acts as a barrier between the soiled diaper and the affected skin.

Tip: Apply a layer of oil on your baby’s diaper area every time you change him. Gently massage it into the groin and in the folds of the skin.

5. Coconut Oil for Moisturised Skin

Coconut oil is rich in vitamins and healthy fats and works as a natural moisturiser for the skin.

Tip: Simply dab some oil on the baby’s dry skin and massage until it absorbs. Coconut oil moisturises the skin when left on until you give the baby a bath. However, if the skin is persistently dry, do see a doctor.

6. Coconut Oil for Baby Acne

Babies sometimes develop tiny red bumps or pimples, which could be swollen or itchy. Such breakouts could be acne, and if touched, there are chances of infection. Coconut oil for baby acne is a tried and tested remedy. The lauric acid in coconut kills the bacteria-causing acne and also prevents scarring after the condition disappears.

Tip: Rub the oil lightly between your fingers to warm it before applying on the acne. You can later wash it off with warm water or leave it on. Do make sure you check with your paediatrician before using it.

7. Coconut Oil in Baby Food

If you have never cooked food in coconut oil, you may be wondering ‘is coconut oil safe to eat?’ There are several benefits of adding coconut oil to your homemade baby food. The oil is a good source of fat and calories for your baby and is considered safe for consumption. If you are apprehensive about using it, you could consult your doctor before doing so.

Tip: You can use the oil for cooking just like normal oil.

8. Coconut Oil for Constipation in Babies

Coconut oil is hypoallergenic and contains lauric acid that eases digestion and provides relief from constipation.

Tips: You can mix half a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil in your baby’s breakfast but ensure that the baby takes enough fluids to encourage bowel movements. You can even rub some oil in the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum) and leave it overnight.

9. Coconut Oil for Cradle Crap

Most newborns develop cradle crap or dry scalp. The condition is usually caused due to hormonal changes toward the end of pregnancy and is symptomised by a flaky scalp that looks like dandruff. The condition is also known as seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea. The anti-bacterial property of coconut oil works wonders in curing this.

Tip: After you apply the oil on the scalp, let it stay on for 20 minutes. Then, brush off the flakes using a soft baby brush. Once the flakes come off, you can wash the oil off with lukewarm water.

10. Coconut Oil for Baby Chapped Lips

Chapped and dry lips can be painful for babies and can make breastfeeding difficult. The condition can get exacerbated if the baby constantly licks his lips to ease the pain.

Tip: Dip your fingers in oil and smear it on your baby’s lips and the area around it. If you want to get the maximum benefits of coconut oil for babies, make sure you use organic, virgin coconut oil instead of the refined version.

Easily available and beneficial, coconut oil benefits for babies are within every mother’s reach. Make sure you have this multi-purpose oil at hand to easily soothe the many ailments which may bother your baby. In case there is a history of coconut allergy in your family, please check with the doctor before using coconut oil for your baby.

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