45 Funny & Hilarious Jokes About Summer Heat For Children

45 Hilarious and Silly Summer Jokes for Kids

Summers are approaching, and soon it will be the school holidays. Your kids are already making plans for beach, road, and camping trips. Now kids get bored while traveling, and it’s upto the parents to keep them entertained and make the trip enjoyable. What better way to keep the kids entertained and engaged than summer jokes. Your kids can also use the summer jokes to tell their friends at parties or on night-overs. He will make their friends laugh and make your kid the ultimate joke master.
Summer jokes make the kids laugh and help boost their immune systems. Laughter releases feel-good endorphins. So, when kids laugh, their body releases endorphins, and it helps make their immune system work better. So, hilarious summer jokes are just for making kids laugh and better health

45 Funniest Summer Jokes for Kids to Enjoy 

We have compiled a great collection of hilarious and silly summer jokes for kids. The list has summer jokes ranging from hot weather jokes to summertime jokes and from jokes about summer heat to summer vacation jokes and more. You can use these to make your kids laugh to pass the time at home or on the road trip. They are sure to make even you giggle with your kids. Here are the summer jokes:

1. Why doesn’t an elephant ever buy a suitcase when going for his summer holidays?

Answer: Because the elephant already has a trunk. 

2. What happens when you mix a fish with an elephant?

Answer: You get a Swimming trunk. 

3. Why did the newspaper reporter talk to the ice cream?

Answer: He was looking for a cool scoop. 

4. Do fish ever go on a vacation? 

Answer: No, never. They are always in their school. 

5. When do you stop at green and go at red?

Answer: When I eat watermelon. 

6. Why were the dolphins crossing the beach?

Answer: They wanted to get to the other side. 

7. What does your mom tell you when you want to swim in the sea when it’s high tide?

Answer: Let’s wait and sea. 

8. Why don’t the oysters never share their pearls?

Answer: Because the oysters are shellfish. 

9. Why did your teachers jump into the pool?

Answer: Because my teachers wanted to test the water. 

10. What type of candy are available at the airport?

Answer: Plane chocolate!

11. What type of tree will fit in your hand?

Answer: A palm tree!

12. What’s the thing that can travel worldwide but still always stays in one corner?

Answer: A postage stamp!

13. Why does a banana use sun scream?

Answer: Because it doesn’t want to peel!

14. Why do the fish like to eat worms repeatedly?

Answer: Because the fish got hooked on the worms.

15. What will you do when you get rejected for a job at the sun cream factory?

Answer: I will re-apply. 

16. What is the favorite sandwich of the shark?

Answer: Peanut butter with jellyfish!

17. Why did your teacher wear sunglasses?

Answer: Because we are very bright students!

18. What will happen if I cross a shark with a snowman? 

Answer: You will get a Frostbite!

19. What is the favorite summertime treat of a frog?

Answer: Hopsciles!

20 . What to call a dog who goes to the beach on a hot summer day?

Answer: A hot dog!

21. Which part of a fish weighs the most?

Answer: It’s scales!

22. Why can’t we accuse a dolphin of doing anything wrong?

Answer: Because a dolphin never does it on porpoise. 

23 . What type of water never freezes?

Answer: Hot water

24 . Why couldn’t the basketball players go for their vacation?

Answer: Because they got called for traveling!

25. What did the baby corn ask its mama corn?

Answer: Where is pop-corn?

26. What will happen when you throw your red sun hat in the pool?

Answer: It will get wet!

27. Which is the coolest letter of the alphabet?

Answer: Iced’ T’

28. Why does everyone invite the ice cream to their party?

Answer: Because it’s cool!

29. What are the seagulls who live near the bay called?

Answer: Bagels

30. Why are the fish never good at playing tennis?

Answer: Because they are afraid to get close to the net. 

31. What does a mermaid use to make a call to her friends?

Answer:  A shell phone!

32 . How does a piano differ from a  fish?

Answer: A piano can be tuned, but one can’t tuna fish. 

33. What is gray in color, has four legs and a trunk but not is an elephant?

Answer: A mouse on its summer vacation!

34. Where does your math teacher like to go on his vacation?

Answer: Times Square

35. What is a snowman called in summers?

Answer: A puddle!

36. Why do you find mountains the funniest place to go for holidays?

Answer: Because they are hill-arious!

37. What is black and white in color with red all over?

Answer: A sunburned Zebra!

38. What did the student tell the teacher when she told him he’d missed summer school?

Answer: No, ma’am. I didn’t miss school at all. 

39. What can’t hear, though, has ears?

Answer: A cornfield 

40. What type of music do killer whales like?

Answer: They love the orca-stra. 

41. Why do the fish swim only in saltwater?

Answer: Because in pepper water, they would sneeze.

42. Where do the sheep go for vacation?

Answer: They go to the baa-hamas!

43. Why do the robots go for summer vacations?

Answer: They go to recharge their batteries. 

44. What did the pig call himself on a hot summer day?

Answer: I’m bacon!

45. How do you know the ocean is friendly?

Answer: It waves!!!

Use these hilarious summer jokes to have fun with your kids and see them laughing as they try to understand them. 

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