30 Best Dad Jokes for Kids

30 Funniest Dad Jokes For Kids

Laughter is said to be the best medicine! You share a classic corny joke, and your kids and family will be huffing and puffing with laughter. So, why not make it unique this Father’s Day or any other day, which is special for you and your family! Here we have 30 family-friendly dad jokes which your kids are going to love!

Best Dad Jokes That Will Make Your Child Laugh Loud

Read on to find some good dad jokes which you can share with your kids!

1. What’s the difference between a well-dressed man on a tricycle and a poorly dressed man on a bicycle?

Answer: His attire!

2. Why was the math problem looking sad?

Answer: Because of all his problems!

3. What did the slow tomato say to the others running faster?

Answer: I’ll ketchup!

4. Why do celebrities always stay cool?

Answer: Because they have so many fans!

5. What would you call a fake noodle?

Answer: An impasta!

6. Why don’t eggs crack a joke?

Answer: They would crack each other up!

7. Why aren’t the crabs charitable?

Answer: Because they are shell-fish!

8. What did the ocean say to another ocean?

Answer: Nothing, they just waved each other!

9. Which type of cheese can never be yours?

Answer: Nacho cheese!

10. What would you call a boomerang that will never come back?

Answer: A stick!

11. What will a vegetarian Zombie eat?


12. What is common between Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh?

Answer: The middle name!

13. What’s the resemblance between red and green apples?

Answer: They are both apples!

14. How would you deal with the fear of speed bumps?

Answer: You get over them slowly!

15. How many apples grow on a tree?

Answer: All of them!

16. What will you call the bears without ears?

Answer: B!

17. Does anyone over here need an ark?

Answer: I Noah Guy!

18. When does a tailor go on a vacation?

Answer: When they seem stressed!

19. What’s the best joke about construction?

Answer: I’m still working on it!

20. What would the two goldfishes in a tank talk about?

Answer: Do you know how to drive this?

21. Why was the burglar so sensitive?

Answer: He takes things personally!

22. Do you know the new word I invented today?

Answer: Plagiarism!

23. Why do cannibals never eat clowns?

Answer: Cos they taste funny!

24. Which was the most ground-breaking invention?

Answer: Shovel!

25. Why does taking reverse in a car make you nostalgic?

Answer: Because it takes you back!

26. What would you call a fish without an eye?

Answer: Fsh!

27. Why do the flamingos always lift only one leg?

Answer: Because they would fall if they lift two!

28. Why are there gates in the graveyard?

Answer: Because people are dying to get there!

29. What has four wheels and flies on it?

Answer: A garbage truck!

30. What gives milk and has one horn?

Answer: A milk truck!

We hope that the above jokes would give you and your family a healthy dose of laughter!

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