25 Birthday Jokes For Kids To Laugh Out Loud

25 Birthday Jokes For Kids To Laugh Out Loud

According to Science, ‘More birthdays bring a longer life!’ That was a good one, right? Birthdays are supposed to have presents, flowers, cakes, chocolates, games, and a healthy dose of laughter! Read on to find 35 hilarious happy birthday jokes for children that will make your birthday party a super hit event!

Kid-Friendly Birthday Jokes That Your Children Will Surely Love

Read on to get some safe and kid-friendly 8-year old birthday jokes that your kids would love!

1. Why are the candles always kept on the top of the cake?

Answer: Because it’s difficult to light them from below!

2. What is on the other side of the cake?

Answer: The side that hasn’t been eaten!

3. What goes up always but never comes down?

Answer: Your age!

4. What does every birthday end with?

Answer: The letter Y!

5. Why did Mary put the cake into the freezer?

Answer: Because she wanted to ice it!

6. Which music is bad for the balloons?

Answer: Pop! 

7. What do clams do on their birthdays?

Answer: They Shell-e-brate!

8. What did the cake say to the ice-cream?

Answer: You’re cool!

9. What is the favourite cake of ghosts?

Answer: I-scream-cake!

10. What did the funny candle say on the birthday?

Answer: Birthdays burn me up!

11. Where do you get the birthday present for a cat?

Answer: In a cat-a-Logue

12. What kind of birthdays do babies have?

Answer: Nappy birthdays!

13. Why did the girl hit the cake with a hammer?

Answer: Because it was a pound cake!

14. What do you surely get on your every birthday?

Answer: A year older!

15. What is served at a birthday party in heaven?

Answer: Angel Food Cake!

16. Which birthday cake is as hard as a rock?

Answer: Chocolate Marble Cake!

17. Which birthday song is sung for a dancer on her birthday?

Answer: Tappy birthday to you!

18. What’s common in cake and baseball teams?

Answer: Both need a good batter!

19. What did the teddy bear say after blowing the candles off?

Answer: I’m stuffed!

20. How do you wish a rabbit on its birthday?

Answer: Hoppy Birthday!

21. What was the age of caveman on his birthday?

Answer: Stone Age!

22. Why did the thieves break into the bakery?

Answer: Because the cakes are rich!

23. Which year is your birthday?

Answer: Every year!

24. What will happen if nobody comes to your birthday?

Answer: You get to eat the cake alone!

25. What was it that the pirate said on his 80th birthday?

Answer: Aye Matey!

We hope that the above list of funny birthday jokes for kids will make them laugh out loud on their special day!

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