100 Funny Birthday Jokes for Kids to Laugh Out Loud

100 Birthday Jokes For Kids To Laugh Out Loud

Who doesn’t love birthdays? They’re like little milestones of joy sprinkled throughout the year. According to Science, ‘More birthdays bring a longer life!’ That was a good one, right? It’s fascinating how each passing year adds to our experiences and memories. Birthdays are not just about growing older; they’re about celebrating the wonderful journey of life. They are supposed to have presents, flowers, cakes, chocolates, games, and a healthy dose of laughter! So, let’s dive into humour and find 100 hilarious happy birthday jokes for children that will make your birthday party a super hit event!

Kid-Friendly Birthday Jokes That Your Children Will Surely Love

Read on to get some safe and kid-friendly 8-year old birthday jokes that your kids would love!

1. Why are the candles always kept on the top of the cake?

Answer: Because it’s difficult to light them from below!

2. What is on the other side of the cake?

Answer: The side that hasn’t been eaten!

3. What goes up always but never comes down?

Answer: Your age!

4. What does every birthday end with?

Answer: The letter Y!

5. Why did Mary put the cake into the freezer?

Answer: Because she wanted to ice it!

6. Which music is bad for the balloons?

Answer: Pop! 

7. What do clams do on their birthdays?

Answer: They Shell-e-brate!

8. What did the cake say to the ice-cream?

Answer: You’re cool!

9. What is the favourite cake of ghosts?

Answer: I-scream-cake!

10. What did the funny candle say on the birthday?

Answer: Birthdays burn me up!

11. Where do you get the birthday present for a cat?

Answer: In a cat-a-Logue

12. What kind of birthdays do babies have?

Answer: Nappy birthdays!

13. Why did the girl hit the cake with a hammer?

Answer: Because it was a pound cake!

14. What do you surely get on your every birthday?

Answer: A year older!

15. What is served at a birthday party in heaven?

Answer: Angel Food Cake!

16. Which birthday cake is as hard as a rock?

Answer: Chocolate Marble Cake!

17. Which birthday song is sung for a dancer on her birthday?

Answer: Tappy birthday to you!

18. What’s common in cake and baseball teams?

Answer: Both need a good batter!

19. What did the teddy bear say after blowing the candles off?

Answer: I’m stuffed!

20. How do you wish a rabbit on its birthday?

Answer: Hoppy Birthday!

21. What was the age of caveman on his birthday?

Answer: Stone Age!

22. Why did the thieves break into the bakery?

Answer: Because the cakes are rich!

23. Which year is your birthday?

Answer: Every year!

24. What will happen if nobody comes to your birthday?

Answer: You get to eat the cake alone!

25. What was it that the pirate said on his 80th birthday?

Answer: Aye Matey!

We hope that the above list of funny birthday jokes for kids will make them laugh out loud on their special day!

Funny Birthday Jokes for Children

These funny jokes are sure to tickle out your kid’s laughter on his/her birthday: 

1. Why did the birthday cake go to school?

Answer: Because it wanted to get a little “baked” education!

2. What do you sing to a bear on its birthday?

Answer: “Happy birthday to zoo, happy birthday to zoo, happy birthday dear bear, happy birthday to zoo!”

3. What did the balloon say to the birthday cake?

Answer: “Hi, I’m blown up for your party! Ready to have a blast?”

4. Why did the tomato turn red on its birthday?

Answer: Because it saw the salad dressing!

5. What do you give a lemon having a birthday party?

Answer: Lemonade!

6. How does a dinosaur celebrate its birthday?

Answer: With a “Rawrrrr-tastic” party!

7. Why did the boy bring a ladder to his birthday party?

Answer: Because he heard the party would be off the charts!

8. What kind of birthday cake do ghosts prefer?

Answer: I-scream cake!

9. What do you get when you cross a birthday cake and a snowman?

Answer: Frosting-covered ice cream!

10. Why did the birthday boy/girl always bring a flashlight to their party?

Answer: In case they needed to have a “spotlight” moment!

Short Birthday Jokes for Kids

These short and unique jokes are sure to bring a smile to children’s faces on their special day:

1. What did the cake say to the ice cream?

Answer: “You’re cool! Let’s have a sweet celebration!”

2. Why was the math book sad on its birthday?

Answer: Because it had too many problems to count!

3. How does the ocean say happy birthday?

Answer: With “seas” of wishes and waves of joy!

4. Why did the teddy bear never get invited to birthday parties?

Answer: Because it was always stuffed with cake!

5. What did one candle say to the other candle?

Answer: “Don’t birthdays just “wick” you out?”

Animal and Plants Birthday Jokes for Children

These animal and plant-themed jokes will add a touch of nature to any birthday celebration and bring laughter to children’s faces!

1. What did the tree say to the squirrel on its birthday?

Answer: “Leaf it to me to make this party nutty and fun!”

2. How does a lion celebrate its birthday?

Answer: With a “roaring” good time and a prideful cake!

3. Why did the flower bring a gift to the birthday party?

Answer: Because it wanted to “blossom” its friendship!

4. What do you give a kangaroo for its birthday?

Answer: A hopping good time!

5. What kind of birthday cake do monkeys love?

Answer: Banana split cake!

6. Why did the turtle invite friends to its birthday party?

Answer: Because it didn’t want to shell-ebrate alone!

7. How do bees celebrate their birthdays?

Answer: With a buzz-worthy party and honey-flavoured cake!

8. What do you sing to a fish on its birthday?

Answer: “Happy birthday to fin, happy birthday to fin, happy birthday dear fish, happy birthday to fin!”

9. What did the owl say to the birthday boy/girl?

Answer: “Whooo’s ready for a hootin’ good time?”

10. Why did the bear bring a ladder to its birthday party?

Answer: To reach new heights of fun and adventure!

11. How does a frog celebrate its birthday?

Answer: With a ribbit-ing party and a lily pad cake!

12. What do you give a cow on its birthday?

Answer: A moon-velours celebration!

13. Why did the dog throw a birthday party at the park?

Answer: It wanted to have a “fetch” -ing good time!

14. How does a giraffe celebrate its birthday?

 Answer: With a neck-extravagant party and a tall cake!

15. What did the horse say to its best friend on their birthday?

 Answer: “We may be a year older, but we’re still neigh-bors!”

Kid-Friendly Birthday Cake and Food Jokes

These cake and food jokes will add a delicious twist to any birthday celebration!

1. Why did the birthday cake go to the doctor?

Answer: Because it was feeling a bit crumbly!

2. How does a pizza wish someone a happy birthday?

Answer: “Have a slice day!”

3. What did one slice of cake say to the other slice at the birthday party?

Answer: “You take the cake!”

4. Why did the cookie go to the doctor’s office on its birthday?

Answer: It felt a little “crumby” and needed chocolate chip therapy!

5. How do you make a birthday cake float?

Answer: Add soda and ice cream and watch it party!

6. What do you call a cake that’s full of itself on its birthday?

Answer: Confetti-dent!

7. Why did the birthday cake go to school?

Answer: To get frosted with knowledge!

8. What did the gingerbread man bring to the birthday party?

Answer: Lots of dough!

9. How do you make a pancake smile on its birthday?

Answer: Butter it up with compliments!

10, What did the ice cream say to the birthday candles?

Answer: “You melt my heart!

11. What do you call a cake that’s always rushing to work on its birthday?

Answer: A fast-food cake.

12. Why did the birthday cake go to the gym?

Answer: To work off those extra layers of frosting!

13. How does a cupcake celebrate its birthday?

Answer: With a party hat and sprinkles on top!

14. Why was the computer cold on its birthday?

Answer: It forgot to put on a birthday “sweater”!

15. How do you make a carrot cake laugh on its birthday?

Answer: Tell it a cheesy vegetable joke!

16. Why did the M&M go to the birthday party?

Answer: Because I heard there would be lots of sweet treats!

17. What did the loaf of bread say to the birthday cake?

Answer: “You’re really on a roll!”

18. How does a burger celebrate its birthday?

Answer: With a “meat”-and-greet and a patty, good time!

19. What do you call a birthday cake that flies?

Answer: A layer cake copter!

20. Why did the jellybean bring a flashlight to the birthday party?

 Answer: In case it needed to “light up” the celebration!

Birthday Decorations and Presents Jokes for Kids

These 5 jokes will bring fun and laughter to the decorations and present at any children’s birthday celebration!

1. What did the balloon say to the birthday present?

Answer: “You really know how to wrap things up!”

2. Why did the birthday candle bring a fire extinguisher to the party?

Answer: Just in case the celebration got too hot to handle!

3. What did the confetti say to the streamers at the birthday party?

Answer: “Let’s have a colorful blast and make this party pop!”

4. Why did the gift wrap have a bandage on its finger at the birthday party?

Answer: It accidentally cut itself while trying to be ribbons!

5. Why did the birthday present bring a ladder to the party?

Answer: It wanted to “raise the bar” and be the highest gift!

Birthday Jokes About Age for Kids

These quirky age-related jokes will bring some fun and lightheartedness to birthday celebrations for kids!

1. Why did the computer go to the birthday party?

Answer: I heard there would be lots of byte-sized treats!

2. Why was the math book sad on its birthday?

Answer: It realised it had too many “subtracting” years!

3. What did the birthday candle say to the other candle?

Answer: “You’re really lit for your age!”

4. Why did the tomato turn red on its birthday?

Answer: It saw the number of candles and blushed!

5. What’s a ghost’s favourite age?

Answer: Any age they can boo-fully celebrate!

Knock Knock Birthday Jokes for Children

These 15  knock-knock birthday jokes will keep you laughing at children’s birthday celebrations!

1. Knock, knock.

   Who’s there?


   Lettuce who?

   Lettuce celebrate your birthday with lots of fun!

2. Knock, knock.

   Who’s there?

   Cow says.

   Cow says who?

   Cow says, “Happy birthday, moo!”

3. Knock, knock.

   Who’s there?


   Wanda who?

   Wanda wish you a fantastic birthday!

4. Knock, knock.

   Who’s there?


   Olive who?

   Olive you and wish you a happy birthday!

5. Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?


   Boo who?

   Don’t cry, it’s your birthday—let’s have a great time!

6. Knock, knock.

   Who’s there?


   Harry who?

   Harry up and blow out the candles—it’s your birthday!

7. Knock, knock.

   Who’s there?


   Justin who?

   Justin time for your birthday party!

10. Knock, knock.

   Who’s there?


   Banana who?

   Banana split for your special day!

11. Knock, knock.

   Who’s there?


   Olive who?

   Olive your presents are for you!

10. Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?


    Lettuce who?

    Lettuce celebrate your birthday and have a great time!

11. Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?

    Cow says.

    Cow says who?

    Cow says, “Have an udderly amazing birthday!”

12. Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?


    Wayne who?

    Wayne, for the birthday cake—it’s time to eat!

13. Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?


    Boo who?

    Boo who? Don’t cry—it’s just a joke! Happy birthday!

14. Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?


    Lettuce who?

    Lettuce celebrate your special day with cake and laughter!

15. Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?


    Olive who?

    Olive, the birthday wishes coming your way!


1. Can Birthday Jokes Be Used to Teach Kids About Humour and Comedy?

Absolutely! Birthday jokes can be a fun and effective way to introduce kids to humour and comedy. Jokes help children understand wordplay, puns, and the concept of a punchline. They encourage creativity, imagination, and laughter. By exposing children to different types of jokes, they can develop a sense of humour and learn to appreciate comedic elements in various forms.

2. Do Different Age Ranges of Kids Prefer to Choose Different Types of Birthday Jokes?

Yes, different age ranges of kids may have varying preferences regarding birthday jokes. Younger children might enjoy simple, silly, and visual jokes that rely on physical humour or funny noises. Children may appreciate more wordplay, puns, and clever jokes as they age. Tailoring the jokes to suit the age group can make them more relatable and enjoyable for the children.

3. Are There Any Tips for Parents Who Want to Include Birthday Jokes Into Their Children’s Party Games?

These handy tips when including birthday jokes in party games can be very useful: 

  • Choose jokes that suit the age of the children attending.
  • Keep the jokes light, silly, and easy to understand.
  • Use props or visual elements to enhance the comedic effect.
  • Engage the children by involving them in riddles or knock-knock jokes.
  • Incorporate the jokes at appropriate moments during the party for maximum impact.

We hope the above list of funny birthday jokes for kids will make them laugh out loud on their special day!

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