Things Moms worry About When Working Out

4 Crazy Things Moms Worry About In the Gym!

What do you think about in the gym? Several mommies find the actual workout less taxing than the plentiful worrying about the gym! Frivolous issues can give you company on the treadmill and those thoughts in your head may refuse to leave. And the matter of losing weight? Well, far more pressing matters may choose to invade you!

As a new mom, with pregnancy weight to be shed off, you cannot afford to skip the gym. But in your efforts of getting back into shape, you realise that you always have nagging things in your head while working out! If you have some of these crazy ideas that make you squat less and stress more, maybe it’s time to work them out of your system first.

Crazy Thoughts That Drive Moms Away From Gym

1. Am I Looking too Huge?

Do you think you look funny while you’re working out in the gym? In most cases, that’s the number one thought that leads to mommies worrying about in the gym! Well, you’ve probably hit the gym after months and the top concern is to lose those love handles and get yourself back into shape. Worry less about your clothes and more about the treadmill.

2. When will The Ordeal be Over?

Do you have a fit lady working out right next to you? In such situations, even if you plan to work out for an hour, your excitement tends to fizzle out in precisely 15 minutes! This break in motivation begins the ordeal. You start thinking all over again, “I could have washed my baby’s clothes in this hour” or “ I could have chatted with mom; she was sounding low the day before.” Instead of falling for this convenient trap, start worrying about the gym goals. Everything else really can wait.

When will the ordeal be over?

3. Keep Crazy Thoughts on The Back-Burner

Even as you’re reaching out for the weights, you suddenly remember that you had boiled milk before leaving for the gym. But wait a minute – did you switch off the gas burner? And there, you have something that will simply not go sit on the back-burner! Just give some credit to yourself and assure your brain that you’re a mature person who knows how to manage things before leaving your space. Keep niggling issues at bay if you want to see fitness results.

4. Do I Look Like That Fat Lady?

Well, even if you do, it really is okay. Gaining weight comes naturally to all expecting or new mothers. As long as you’re aware of what’s required to shed it, you’re good. So, instead of worrying yourself crazy about your looks and hiding the flab, adopt the mantra – “why conceal when you can heal?” Don’t drive yourself nuts with crazy thoughts that mean nothing and flare up body image issues.

The life of a mom is hectic and how! It’s normal to have your thoughts going astray when you’re working out. What’s important is how you keep collecting yourself. Get back to thinking more about the gym and your fitness goals than those absurd thoughts that come without invitation!

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