5 Symptoms That Prove You're Burning Out as a Mom

5 Symptoms That Prove You’re Burning Out as a Mom

Have you been feeling burned out lately? Moms have so much to do and often, so little time, that burnout is a common occurrence!

Burn out is a state when you feel zapped of all mental and physical energy, which in turn prevents you from handling further stress. Motherhood, even with all its rewards, can get stressful at times. There are a million things to do, and what with your tot’s tantrums, workplace stress and family responsibilities, there can be just too much to handle. These unrealistic expectations to keep up on all fronts might wreck you emotionally and cause burn out.

Identify the symptoms and attend to them immediately for your and your family’s well being. The following 5 tell-tale signs will help you identify your condition.

Alarming Signs Of Being Burnt Out

1. Perpetual Exhaustion

Are you feeling drained even after a full night’s sleep? If you’re always exhausted and even a stroll in your garden seems a humongous task you might be crisply burned out.

2. Irritability

If you are being unnaturally moody and snapping continually at your children, spouse, friends and family at the slightest instigation, you might be suffering from burn out.

3. Demotivation and Reduced Interest

Inability to cope up with the many demands may make mothers might feel hopeless. This results in demotivation, which reduces productivity across all levels and aspects of family and work life. When you find activities which you used to enjoy earlier dull, boring and uninteresting, you are surely suffering from burn out.

4. Diluted Mommy-ness

During a burn out, it’s difficult to find energy for your daily tasks. Spending time with children may seem like an extremely strenuous affair. This means less mommy playtime with the kids, or not whipping up your kiddies favourite desserts over the weekend. This is one of the most obvious and painful signs you are burnt out.

5. Forgetfulness

Though poor memory is common during pre and post pregnancy, constantly forgetting everything is a matter of concern. You might look for your child’s blue lace dress for the evening party which you had washed in the morning, only to find that the laundry is still in the machine! Life can get really strenuous for an exhausted mother who, come what may, needs to be chirpy and happy for her kids.

Dealing With a State of Burnout

While parenting is definitely an arduous albeit rewarding journey, it is crucial to relax every once in a while. Preventing burnout is way easier than recovering from one. Use the following tips to bring your spirit and energy levels back to normal:

  • Take help from family and friends. They are there to assist you– with parenting, cooking, household chores, and everything else you have been finding difficult to fit into the day.
  • Reduce expectations from yourself. You are not infallible and it really is okay to take it easy.
  • Take sometime out for yourself. Do what makes you happy, perhaps that old hobby of quilling you haven’t revisited in ages?
  • Hit the gym. Exercise can really lift your spirits.
  • Meditate. Taking deep breaths and allowing your mind to rest can help bring you out of burnout.
  • Follow a proper diet. Stock up on vitamins, proteins and minerals and avoid sugary, processed foods. They have been linked to mood swings.
  • Detach yourself from gadgets. A digital detox can help you centre your energy on your family and children.
  • Always believe in yourself that whatever you are doing is the best. Trust us, you are a brilliant mom!
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