21 Best Playstation 4 (PS4) Games for Kids

21 Exciting PS4 Games for Kids

Most people refer to games made for the older audience when they mention PS4 games. However, there are exciting PS4 games for kids as well. These games are underplayed for this console. However, the variety is really impressive. Some of the titles are easy to play and to be enjoyed by the kids while staying alone whereas some titles are appropriate for parent-kid bonding time. To explore this untapped treasure for amazing family time, check out this article to find out great PS4 games.

Best Playstation 4 Games for Kids

1.Grow Up

Age Recommended: Children below 8 years 

Number of Players: Single-player

About the Game: Grow Up is about a robot named BUD who is hunting down the bit and parts of his broken spaceship named MOM. The style of this game’s gameplay is innovative and fun at the same time. The levels get more difficult and BUD also grows more powerful the more you play the game. This is satisfactory for the young players.

2. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/295548794275979865/

Age Recommended: Children below 8 years

Number of Players: Multi-Player

About the Game: The fact that kids love slapstick has not gone unnoticed by the producers of this game. Gang Beasts is all about a colorful journey that stars unsteady men who are instinctively silly. The lack of control due to which all the players try to knock out each other adds the fun element to it.

3. Yooka-Laylee


Age Recommended: 5-8 years

Number of Players: Single-Player

About the Game: If you are looking for simple PS4 games for 5-year-olds then Yooka-Laylee might be the right choice. This colorful adventure game stars a bat and a chameleon. The player in this game will guide these two silly characters through different levels and will help them collect Pages to fight the evil plans of Capital-B. This cartoonish game can also bring nostalgia to the parents.


PS4 Games for Kids

Age Recommended: 8 years and above

Number of Players: 1-4

About the Game: No matter how many games come and go, FIFA will continue to be the top of the league of interest even though its basic gameplay never changes. The classic example of time tested game, FIFA, is about playing football in a virtually real setup- it gets as real as it can. Here players can play fantasy football with the team of their choice, take part in auctioning the players, etc.

5. Rocket League

Rocket League PS4 game

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/137289488816364471/

Age Recommended: 8 years and above

Number of Players: 1-4

About the Game: rocket-powered supercars merged with football players! What could be more attractive than that? The kids will enjoy this game as it has one of the best competitive multiplayer modes. The game is designed for all of the current systems. Wait for its cross-play feature which allows you to play between PS4 and Xbox One.

6. The LEGO Video Game

The LEGO Video Game

Age Recommended: 1-8 years

Number of Players: 1-2

About the Game: How many times have you found yourself attracted to the tiny little Lego figures? Of course, your child would like Lego games as well. This multiplayer video game offers you a great environment inspired by the best franchises you could think of: from Star Wars to Jurassic World, from Marvel and DC comics to the world of Harry Potter or Indiana Jones.

7. Just Dance

Just Dance

Age Recommended: 1-8 years and above

Number of Players: Single-player (but the entire family can join)

About the Game: Does your kid love to dance? Then this is one of the good ps4 games for kids. Just Dance is kind of a dance karaoke. The rhythm your kids groove to is comprised of a plethora of new and old pop hits. You can make your playlist here while the entire family dances to that.

8. Aladdin and The Lion King

Age Recommended: 4-6 years

Number of Players: Single-player

About the Game: The classics from the Disney land, Lion King and Aladdin are recreated through this game franchise. The kids can be a part of the journey of Simba as he grows up and joins Aladdin for his various adventures. The challenges they face are something that they enjoy.

9. Overcooked

Age Recommended: 5-8 years

Number of Players: Multi-player

About the Game: Do you want your children to grow up with age-old values like teamwork and cooperation bottled up in a modern method? Then overcooked should be your pick. Both this game and its sequel are just the perfect example of ps4 educational games with four players who take up the personality of four chefs and make meals.

10. Unravel

Unravel PS4 game

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/856106210390397496/

Age Recommended: 8 years and above

Number of Players: Single-player and Multi-player

About the Game: Unravel is a puzzle-based videogame. Kids can enjoy the game with his or her friends on the same console. The game teaches team building and cooperation to the players as the gameplay revolves around the story of two friends work hand in hand to manipulate the environments and solve the puzzles.

11. Pix the Cat

Age Recommended: 5-8 years

Number of Players: Single-player

About the Game: Want to have a throwback to your puzzle games day? Pix the Cat is then the perfect choice for your kid. This arcade game will have your kid play as the kitty (the main character) where they have to scoop up the eggs and deposit it in the nest. Certain obstacles are coming in the way which can be easily tackled by the kids.

12. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

PS4 games for kids

Age Recommended: 7-8 years and above

Number of Players: Multi-Player

About the Game: The first version of PlayStation had kids glued to the Crash Bandicoot series. This trilogy is nothing but a trip down memory lane and introducing your childhood to your child. The game has been made with the first three titles of the Crash Bandicoot series. The gameplay involves Crash traveling and winning through different levels of different difficult stages to save the world from evil Doctor Neo Cortex.

13. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends

Age Recommended: 5 years

Number of Players: Multi-Player

About the Game: If you loved Super Mario Brothers as a kid, you could buy your kids Rayman legends. This old-fashioned platformer gives one advantage to the kids- it has non-stop energy to keep playing on. The vibrant colors and uniqueness in level design mostly compensate for the lack of plot points.

14. Minecraft

Minecraft PS4 game

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/157274211975726644/

Age Recommended: 5-8 years and above

Number of Players: Multi-Player (1-10)

About the Game: Minecraft is very close to a virtual Lego experience, and Minecraft is also so much beyond that. Minecraft, one of the most creative PS4 games for 7-year-olds, inclines life lessons that the kids will have to face eventually and its gameplay helps the kids muster cooperation, exploration, creativity and above all, team play. The entire experience of this game is extremely exciting for your kids.

15. Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Age Recommended: 4 years and above

Number of Players: Single-player

About the Game: This game is going to bring back the memories of the purple dragon from your childhood. The Spyro Trilogy games are made to recreate this classic character and platform and brought together to win your kids’ heart with memorable characters. Spyro games feature light-hearted characters with fun missions and simple puzzles.

16. All-star Fruit Racing

Age Recommended: 7-8 years and above

Number of Players: Multi-player (1-10, online-offline)

About the Game: The fruit lovers of the world! Here is one of the most perfect PS4 games for 7-year-olds. This game will take your journey through a series of beautiful landscapes where you have to race to collect juicy fruits. The kids will have to make their way through a lot of obstacles.

17. Monster Jam: Crush It!

Age Recommended: 8 years and above

Number of Players: Single-player

About the Game: Racing games are always a hot favorite amongst the children. So, you do not need plot points and creative obstacles- just get them racing. Monster jam does just that. Different levels of this racing game will make you go through different types of plains. There are different obstacles to bypass for your racer kid.

18. Pure Pool

Pure Pool PS4

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/152911349831261102/

Age Recommended: 8 years and above

Number of Players: Multi-player (1-2)

About the Game: Classic never gets old when it comes to games. The pool is a classic video game every kid and grownups like to play. Those kids, who are tranquil and want to enjoy a challenging classic gaming experience pure pool is a very simulative experience for them. Even the parents can join the kids in this game and teach them the intricacies of Pool.

19. Everybody’s Golf

Everybody's Golf

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/157274211975697480/

Age Recommended: 6-8 years

Number of Players: Multi-player (1-10 online/offline)

About the Game: Looking for those PS4 games for 4-year-olds or more that offers the most learning experience. This game gives a complete look and feel of the game golf. The golf stadium, the golfer and the golf items everything looks real in the game. The kids get to choose what avatar they want to impersonate- and accordingly, the look will be decided in the game. The kids can also enjoy this game with friends and family locally or online as it is a multi-player game.

20. Tetris Ultimate

Age Recommended: 5-8 years

Number of Players: Multi-player (1-4)

About the Game: If you want to develop your kid’s cognitive abilities, nothing better than a puzzle game can help them do so. Tetris Ultimate is a puzzle video game featuring seven Multi-player modes and one single-player challenge mode. Putting the color boxes in the right shape and position and winning through the levels is the final objective of this game. There is no violence and no threat in this game- it is rather a good cognitive learning experience for the kids.

21. World of Final Fantasy

Age Recommended: 4-7 years

Number of Players: Single-player

About the Game: This game takes your kids to the world of fantasy. The characters, the gameplay, the environment- everything is the outcome of children’s fantasy. The protagonists can also change their Avatars to fight the battle and win over. The inclusion of new characters and villains makes the world of fantasy much more overwhelming.

These are the most popular and the best PS4 games for children between 4 and 8 years. These games also offer a good parent and children bonding time. The games teach good values like team spirit, togetherness and the ultimate win of good over evil.

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