16 Funny But Important Parenting Rules You Cannot Ignore

16 Funny But Important Parenting Rules You Cannot Ignore

Children are the cute, innocent and magical bundles of energy who never fail to delight the entire household. But then, you will admit that the very best of kids can sometimes drive their parents up the wall! In these moments that test your patience, a handful of parenting mantras in your kitty can be just what the doctor ordered.

Right from babyhood to toddler years to even when your kids are into their teens, for you they remain little. You can’t fathom how fast they grow and how much they understand. For every stage of life, moms and dads have thumb-rules that help them along. Whether the biggest test in your current stage of parenting is poop-cleaning, sleeping through the night, school-going tantrums, or healing a broken heart, these tried and tested mantras will fit right in.

Check out our golden rules for parenting that will hold you in good stead even when you feel right on the edge of parenting madness!

Hilariously Good Parenting Rules For Kids Of All Ages

1. Carry a Warfare Bag

Never leave home without fifty extra diapers, a dozen favourite toys, a change of clothes and a fully charged mobile phone. The day you forget will be the day you live to regret.

2. It’s Likely To Be Poop

When there’s a baby in the house and you are wondering what that yellowish thing is, it’s best to assume it’s poop. It could be anywhere – from the sheets to the clothes to your fingers.

3. Sleep Wherever You Can

As a new mom, get over your penchant for sleeping through the night in a nicely made bed with crisp bedsheets. Sleep is sacred. Avail of it whenever and wherever you can.

4. A Minute Could Be Too Much

Never, ever leave a permanent marker in your child’s custody for even a minute. Not unless you want err, graffiti in your living room and bedroom and every other room.

5. Rent More Home DVDs

In your child’s toddler years, it’s a brilliant idea to get more Home DVDs as opposed to watching movies in the theatre. You won’t miss out on all the best parts that way, for the best parts are when your kid’s likely to throw the most tantrums.

6. Bid Adieu To White

Wearing a pretty white dress to a children’s birthday party is a singularly bad idea. That is, unless you want to come back looking like you celebrated Holi instead.

7. Keep Quiet and Read

It really is okay to leave your tot to himself every now and then and read a romantic novel on the couch. He may even be curious to pick a book of his own and see what Mamma’s all pleased about.

8. The Walls Have Ears

Never have a “secret” conversation in front of your toddler that you wouldn’t want the entire guest attendance at the next family get-together to know.

9. Everyone Needs a Treat

Occasionally giving in to tantrums for chocolate, chips and cheese does not a bad parent make. Keeping some of these for yourself could be even better for parenting sanity.

10. Say Hello To Mr. Blue

Memorize the names of all your preschooler’s friends – even the stuffed animals and birds. You will be allowed in on many more secret conversations that way.

11. Pay Respects To The Queen

Miss Mala, the English teacher at your child’s primary school, is likely to become the queen of their heart and be infallible. You should never counter anything she says unless you have strong evidence to back it up.

12. Bad Craft Is Still Craft

Accept that the artwork you and your preteen do will have bleeding colours, half-stuck ears, ripping paper and breaking parts. Also, after the activity, the suggested “Big Girl Cleans Her Room” rhyme will work only if you have wished on a shooting star.

13. Love Can Happen Anytime

A day when your teen stands by the window, ignores phone calls, and gives a watery smile to the pizza delivery guy is less likely to be examination stress than a crush on the new girl in college.

14. Endure The Goth Phase

When your teen’s room overflows with noise you find hard to call music, and their taste in clothing and aesthetics seems from the Middle Ages, be very careful. Cool moms don’t object and it’s cool moms who are privy to what’s actually happening.

15. Think Beyond Medicine and Law

It’s a particularly bad idea to look down on the career option of a fashion designer, guitarist, abstract artist or, thanks to social media, panda hugger. It’s infinitely better to list out the pros and cons of all the options, along with the three big Ps – Passion, Perseverance and Potential.

16. Finally, The King Of All Rules

Take a deep breath, hug your children and your husband, and repeat this rule in your head over and over again – everything will change just after I am convinced I have learnt. So, it’s really okay to slack sometimes.

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