15 Easy To Make Christmas Card Ideas For Kids

15 Easy To Make Christmas Card Ideas For Kids

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Now that Christmas is around the corner, we’re all getting ready with our Christmas cards to be sent out. While a card from a store sounds nice, wouldn’t it be better if you did something creative? It costs a lot less, and you can also get the kids involved in the activity. We’ve created a list of 15 Christmas cards for kids to make this season.

Top DIY Christmas Card Ideas For Kids

Making a Christmas card is a fun and entertaining activity with an emphasis on creating a keepsake with sentimental value. The DIYs mentioned below are easy and wouldn’t take more than an hour each.

1. Magnet Sheets

Not all kids have perfect motor skills, which makes drawing complex figures a difficult task. Worry not! There’s a hack that you can use to let your kids make some basic shapes.

Material Needed

Pine/ Gift Shaped Fridge magnet, pencil, eraser, sketch pen, crayons


  1. Use a pencil to trace the fridge-magnet on a card.
  2. Use crayons to fill the pattern in.
  3. Add an appropriate season’s greeting.

2. Buttons

Old or discarded buttons can be used to create the image of a row of Christmas ornaments.

Material Needed

Buttons, pencil, sketch pen, eraser, glue



  1. Use a pencil to draw the string that holds all the Christmas ornaments together.
  2. Draw a small connecting string attached to the main string.
  3. Glue the buttons onto the card so that they appear to be hanging from the connecting strings. Your kids can even use multi-coloured buttons to make the card look radiant.
  4. Use a black sketch pen to darken the pencil shade.

3. Footprint Reindeer

This is another DIY that can use the active involvement of your little one.

Material Required

Large red bindi (about an inch), non-toxic brown paint, plastic eyes, black sketch pen, a few twigs, glue


  1. Apply the paint to your toddler’s foot and ask them to stamp the card for about a minute.
  2. Use glue to apply two plastic eyes in the area below the toes.
  3. Apply a large bindi at the tip of the heel (this will be the nose).
  4. Use some glue to place two twigs on either side of the toes (ears).

4. Clip Art

This DIY allows kids to put up images that are too complex for them to draw, such as Santa on his sleigh.

Material Needed

Scissors, glue, printer, desktop/PC, internet connection


  1. Find and print images on an A4 size paper.
  2. Cut and stick the images onto the card.
  3. The letters M-E-R-R-Y-C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S can be printed out separately and glued together to spell the same on the card.

Clip Art

5. Fingerprint Tree

A fun to-do project, this is one of those Christmas card ideas that needs teamwork and can be done by siblings.

Material Required

Pencil, scale, non-toxic green paint, sketch pen


  1. Draw a vertical line (the trunk) in the middle of the card. The line should cover up 3/4th of the space of the card.
  2. Draw a horizontal line (bottom branch) from the base such that it intersects the vertical line at roughly 1/6th the distance from the bottom. The length of this line should be about ½ the length of the vertical line.
  3. Draw lines that join the end-points of the horizontal line with the top end of the vertical line such that a triangle is formed.
  4. Use a sketch pen to darken the pencil shade.
  5. The kids can now dip their thumbs in green paint and use it to fill up space in the triangle.

6. Paper Plate Santa

Make a 3-D image of Santa on your card using a paper plate!

Material Required

Red chart paper, paper plate, cotton swabs, sketch pen


  1. Use a scissor and cut a paper plate in half.
  2. Cut out red chart paper in the shape of a triangle such that the base is the same length as the diameter of the paper plate.
  3. Use glue to stick the base of the triangle to the cut section of the plate.
  4. Use a sketch pen to draw a nose and eyes.
  5. Glue the cotton ball along the circumference of the plate such that it looks like the beard.
  6. Glue the Paper Santa onto the card with a Christmas message.

7. Handprint Christmas Tree

This is a DIY where you can involve your infant in the project (with some supervision, of course!)

Material Required

Non-toxic green paint, yellow paper, brown-coloured crayon, scissors, glue


Use a crayon to make a small trunk for the tree.

  1. Dip your child’s palm into the paint and press it on the card to make leaves. If you are using your toddler’s palms, use multiple prints to make a tree.
  2. Cut the yellow paper into a star and stick it to the top of the tree.

Handprint Christmas Tree

8. Felt Paper

This involves a lot of cutting and allows versatility in terms of what images you want on the card.

Material Required

Multiple sheets of felt paper of different colours, scissors, glue, sketch pen


  1. Choose the image of a Christmas tree, gift boxes, or even just plain text reading “Merry Christmas.”
  2. Cut the felt paper with a scissor to the shape that you picked and stick it onto the card.

9. Potato Snow Man

Any leftover potatoes in the house? Use one of them to help you out with the card.

Material Required

Potato, knife, paintbrush, white acrylic paint, red felt paper, scissors, glue, sketch pen


  1. Cut the potato in half and make sure it’s cut evenly.
  2. Use a paintbrush to apply the paint onto the cut surface of the potato. Avoid dipping the potato into the paint as it can cause the paint to spread unevenly.
  3. Press the painted potato onto the card.
  4. Cut felt paper into a heart and a carrot for the nose and embellishments.
  5. Use a sketch pen to draw eyes and stick-arms, and write a Christmas message.

10. Fingerprint Christmas Lights

This is similar to the button project done earlier, except that the buttons are replaced by paint.

Material Required

Pencil, scale, non-toxic paint, sketch pen


  1. Draw a squiggly line diagonally across the page.
  2. Your kids can dip their fingers in paint and apply pressure on the card. Make sure they do it in such a way that the tip of their fingers just barely touches the line.
  3. Write a Christmas greeting to complete the card.

11. Twig Christmas Tree

Do you have a garden at home or stay near a park? Go on a twig hunt to build your very own miniature Christmas tree.

Material Required

Bundle of twigs, cardboard, scissors, glue, sketch pen


  1. Cut the cardboard into the shape of a pine tree.
  2. Place the twigs horizontally/vertically onto the pine-shaped cardboard cutting with the help of some glue.
  3. Cut out the twigs in the shape of the cardboard below so that it takes the shape of a pine tree.
  4. Use some glue to stick the cardboard onto the card.
  5. Use a sketch pen to add some season’s greetings.

Twig Christmas Tree

12. Embroidery Thread Tree

This is the toughest DIY from the list and must only be done by children who are 10-12 years old, with adult supervision.

Material Required

Compass, pencil, eraser, scissors, embroidery thread, needle, scotch tape, A4 size paper, glue


  1. Use a pencil to lightly draw the shape of a pine tree onto the card.
  2. Use a compass to punch holes across the outline before using an eraser to remove the pencil shade.
  3. Pass the thread through all the holes of the card with the help of the needle and fasten it from the inside of the card using scotch tape.
  4. Stick an A4 paper with glue to the inner part of the card to conceal the thread work.
  5. Use a sketch pen to write a season’s greetings.

13. Hand-Shape Reindeer

A DIY variant of the Foot reindeer, this one involves the palms.

Material Required

Non-toxic brown paint, scissors, twigs, red bindi, plastic eye, red felt paper, sketch pen


  1. Apply the paint on the palm of your kid’s hands and make them put an imprint on the card. Make sure that the fingers are imprinted at the bottom, denoting the legs.
  2. Glue a plastic eye on the base of the thumb imprint.
  3. Stick the bindi at the tip of the thumb imprint denoting the nose.
  4. Stick two small twigs at the base of the thumb, a little away from the eyes.
  5. Cut the felt paper in the shape of a heart and place it at the centre of the hand imprint.
  6. Use a sketch pen to write a Christmas greeting.

14. Nail Polish Gifts

Have some old nail paints lying around? Use it to keep your kids busy and make some beautiful Christmas cards while they’re at it!

Material Required

Nail polish, pencil, sketch pen


  1. Draw a pattern of your choice on the card with a pencil and darken it with a sketch pen.
  2. Use the nail paint to fill in the colours and add a Christmas greeting.

15. Washi Tape Family Photo

This is one of the few Xmas card ideas that indirectly involves the whole family.

Material Required

Washi tape, pencil, scale, scissors, family photo

Washi Tape Family Photo


  1. Place the picture on the card and make a note of where the edges of the photograph fall.
  2. Make cuts along the card to hold the photo.
  3. Use a pencil and a ruler to make a border.
  4. Stick washi tape between the photo and the border.
  5. Cut out the area that is not covered by the washi tape.

Handmade cards have a greater emotional value than store-bought cards. While the kids themselves can make most of these cards, make sure you supervise them if they are using objects like scissors and needles. Try out as many of these easy Christmas cards for kids and brighten your family and friends’ celebrations with these handmade Christmas cards. Have fun!

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