15 Best Books for a New Big Sister to Read

15 Best Books for a New Big Sister

Has your little angel taken over the role a being a new big sister? If you are looking for ways to make it easier for her to understand her newly found role, then you’ve come to the right place. A wonderful way you can help your little girl transition to be an elder sister is through books! We have a collection of some amazing books that you can read with your daughter as you help her discover all the good things about being an elder sibling. She will learn all about what’s coming her way as she forms this new relationship with your bundle of joy.

15 Best Big Sister Books to Prepare Your Child for a New Baby

New responsibilities and roles can sometimes be too much for younger kids, and as parents, you need to make this journey easier for your kids. Here are some insightful reads that can help you in preparing the new big sister for the exciting times that are coming ahead.

1. Best-Ever Big Sister

This adorable little big sister book offers a valuable message in an easy to understand language.

By- Karen Katz

Why Your Child Will Love It

The book beautifully describes how it is natural for an older sibling to feel jealous of the new baby, but they are also reminded that they are unique and have a lot of good qualities too!

2. I’m A Big Sister

The timeless text and illustrations will make this book a valuable addition to the new sister’s bookshelf!

By- Joanna Cole

Why Your Child Will Love It

The book shares the story of a young girl who has a new baby in her life. It depicts how the little girl compares her life with that of the baby’s and also talks about how special she is to their parents.

3. Little Miss, Big Sis

This is one of the must-have big sister books for 2-year-olds as it a happy and upbeat book on sibling bonding.

By- Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Why Your Child Will Love It 

This is a joyful book that shares the bright side of becoming an older sibling, and also shows how fun and exciting sibling love and bonding truly is.

4. My New Baby

Best Books for Big Sisters

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This book comes in a series of four books that explain the special relationship that siblings share. It also answers all the questions that your daughter may have about having a new baby in the house.

By- Rachel Fuller

Why Your Child Will Love It

This book is great for making young kids understand all about having a new baby in the house. The book also aims at helping older siblings cope up with the changing emotions and situations.

5. A Baby Sister for Frances

This is one of the best books about being a big sister that you can read with your daughter!

By- Russell Hoban

Why Your Child Will Love It 

This perfect new big sister book shares the story of Frances, who has a new baby in the house. It depicts how she is making efforts to cope with the changes, and even decides to run away!

6. Babies Ruin Everything

The eye-catching illustrations and humourous element give an edge to this big sister book!

By- Matthew Swanson

Why Your Child Will Love It

This book takes a different take on becoming a big sister and shows how the protagonist feels that the new baby has turned her life upside down. However, soon she realises that she needs to work on becoming a better older sibling.

7. You Were the First

This is one of the sweetest big sister books for toddlers that helps to explain to the kids how deeply they are loved even after becoming the older sibling.

By- Patricia MacLachlan

Why Your Child Will Love It

This book shares the story of a young girl named Ella, who has been an only child for a long time. The story also describes how her parents tell her that no matter what, she will always be their firstborn. An excellent book for kids to know about their special place even after a new baby arrives!

8. Snuggle the Baby

Books to Help Kids Become Older Siblings

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A fantastic handbook for youngsters that explains how to do little things for their baby sister or brother.

By- Sara Gillingham

Why Your Child Will Love It

This book is kind of a road map for the kids that they can take help from in learning about rocking, snuggling, holding, and tucking a newborn baby.

9. King Baby

This book offers a humorous take on the presence of a newborn in the house, and how life may not always be easy with them.

By- Kate Beaton

Why Your Child Will Love It

A fun and delightful read for families with newborn babies or the ones expecting one. It portrays how newborns are actually like kings or queens in their own special way with everyone revolving around their needs and demands.

10. Babies Ruin Everything

A great read for new big sisters or brothers, this fun book offers an empowering and fun experience to young minds.

By- Matthew Swanson

Why Your Child Will Love It

This book depicts the story of a little girl who finds everything about babies to be utterly annoying. But, she soon realises that the small problems that come with a baby are too trivial, and it is incredible to be an elder sister.

11. Poor Louie

Young kids will definitely love this adorable comic book as it is written from a pup’s perspective.

By- Tony Fucile

Why Your Child Will Love It 

Louie is a cute pup who notices changes around him that make him guess that a new baby is on the way. Poor puppy feels that his life will no longer be the same, but his parents reassure him that they have plenty of love for everyone.

12. Maple

Books That Help Kids Prepare for a New Baby

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This book describes a beautiful bond between a young girl and her playmate, which is a tree.

By- Lori Nichols

Why Your Child Will Love It 

The book showcases the sweet story of a girl named Maple and a tree, that is her playmate and whose company Maple still yearns for. Soon there is a sapling and a baby in the picture, which lends a beautiful twist to the tale.

13. Pecan Pie Baby

This is going to be a big sister book that helps in reassuring young minds that a baby’s arrival won’t change their parents’ love for them.

By- Jacqueline Woodson and Sophie Blackall

Why Your Child Will Love It

The story is about a young girl named Gia, who is perfectly happy in her little world. But soon the news of baby changes everything around her, as everyone is talking about it, which makes her anxious and jealous. However, soon she understands that nothing can change her momma’s love for her.

14. Hello In There

The book shares the wonders and excitement of becoming an elder sibling!

By- Jo Witek

Why Your Child Will Love It

The book shares the excitement of a young girl who is thrilled about her mom’s pregnancy and eagerly waiting for the baby to arrive. While she waits for the baby’s arrival, she sings and talks to the baby in her mom’s belly.

15. What Sisters Do Best

This fascinating book depicts loveable and adorable ways of sisterhood.

By- Laura Numeroff

Why Your Child Will Love It 

The book shares the story of what big sisters can do, such as teaching the younger sibling about riding bikes, climbing trees, swimming, etc.

We hope you like reading these books with your angel as you explain her new role, and tell her how special she will remain in your life!

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