Twin Pregnancy Week 11: Symptoms, Baby Size, Body Changes & more

11 Weeks Pregnant With Twins or Multiples

Making it through the initial phases of pregnancy is one of the toughest things for a pregnant woman. If you have made it to the 11th week of your pregnancy while carrying twins or multiple babies, then be proud of yourself for staying strong in this tough period and in another week, you can relax a bit. You are approaching the completion of the first trimester and you can expect morning sickness and nausea to subside. You will feel yourself with a lot more energy than before. Many women at this stage even start hearing the heartbeat of their babies prominently, through a doppler machine, as their stomach makes space for the little ones inside. If you’re curious to know how your babies are developing at 11 weeks and the changes you can expect in your body during this week, then read this article.

Growth of the Babies at 11 Weeks

Once you reach the 11th week of your pregnancy, your twins or multiples will grow rapidly. If compared to the baby of a woman with a singleton pregnancy, the size of your twins will be comparatively smaller than theirs, and the size of the multiples will be even lesser. This is a completely normal fact, given the space within the uterus, and don’t worry as your little ones will catch up pretty soon.

The genitals of the babies are already formed by this time, but it won’t be possible to tell them apart yet. However, their bodies are already responding to their sex by developing respective hormones or internal bodies. Testosterone production in a baby boy takes off to a great start and the ovaries begin to form in a baby girl.

The tiny hair that was initially spotted a week ago, begins to grow all over the body as well as on the head as well. The beds for the nails will also emerge properly on the fingers and the toes begin to create around this point.

One of the key developments that babies go around this point is the formation of a diaphragm, though it is not of much use while they are within the womb. Some babies tend to have hiccups while they are inside and along with these internal movements, the little ones even begin to roll around and flip inside the amniotic fluid quite often. You may not feel their movements as they are not strong enough to be felt, but their movements can surely be observed in an ultrasound.

What Is the Size of the Babies at 11 Weeks?

Most babies tend to weigh around 30-45 grams or so, and the length, when measured from the head down to the buttocks, is around 5 centimetres or so. At this stage, their head is the largest and usually half of the entire body size. Though the little ones might be as large as a fig, the sizes might be a tad smaller in case of multiples being present in the womb.

A baby at 11 weeks is as large as a fig

Common Bodily Changes

A woman pregnant with twins or multiples will notice a few shifts in the way her body functions. At 11th week of your pregnancy, you can expect the following changes to occur in your body.

  • The enlarged uterus will now leave a very little space in the abdomen as the bladder and other organs will be squeezed together. This will put pressure on the muscles of the pelvis and the sphincter and can make it difficult to control them properly. Many women tend to realize this when they accidentally pee in their pants if they sneeze or end up laughing heavily. All it causes is an embarrassment and there’s nothing to worry as you can strengthen your pelvic muscles by practising pregnancy-friendly kegel exercises if permitted by your gynaecologist.
  • One of the common changes in the body that women notice much later into their pregnancy is a substantial growth of hair and nails, which is at a far quicker pace than before. However, you might start noticing it at the 11th week itself, finding your hair or nails to be longer or shinier than they usually are. All of this is a result of elevated hormone levels in your body, which also help counter any sort of hair loss that you might be experiencing earlier.
  • The increased circulation of blood can cause you to feel warm at random times, and could even result in instances where you find yourself sweating for no particular reason. In most cases, these are signs of hot flashes, which is a result of boosted blood circulation for the babies and is totally normal. If sweating is at specific times around the evening or accompanied by a fever and a feeling of illness, you can ask your doctor to take a look.

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy at 11 Weeks

While pregnant with twins or multiples, you can expect the following at 11 weeks of pregnancy.

  • At 11 weeks, you will continue to experience morning and nausea. But rest assured, as soon you will enter the second trimester of your pregnancy and these troublesome pregnancy symptoms shall subside for a while. Your moments of peace are on their way soon.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy bring about good changes too. You will have glowing skin and shiny hair owing to the changes in hormones.
  • Constant interaction with people may get you irritated, so make sure you spend some time alone. You can read, relax, and meditate to calm yourself down.
  • As the uterus expands, you can expect ligament cramps and leg cramps. You may experience cramps in legs usually at night but these can be kept in check quite easily by staying hydrated.A pregnant woman has leg cramps
  • You can expect acidity and constipation during this time. Combined with gases and bloating, these can make you feel full and lead you to fart quite often. All of these are a result of hormones and relaxed muscles that slow down the digestive process. There’s nothing much that can be done, but following a healthy diet, eating fibre-rich foods, and staying hydrated water can help to an extent.
  • The discharge taking place through your vagina could get stronger around this week. Wearing thicker panties or using old underwear can be beneficial for you around this time. Similarly, you might suddenly notice the presence of a dark line running down your stomach, if not earlier. That’s totally normal, too. So, don’t panic!

Twin Pregnancy – Belly At 11 Weeks

It is the 11th week of pregnancy that makes a woman feel that she is finally pregnant, as it is this time when her belly starts showing. The uterus nearly fills the pelvic region, which can also be felt by the firmness of your stomach when you touch it.

Some women may also feel their babies moving in the womb and assume that their little ones are excited inside. But, at this week, twins or multiple babies are still too small to kick or show their excitement, and all that movement might be gas.

11 Weeks Pregnant With Twins/Multiples – Ultrasound

Most ultrasounds at this stage are done to check if the babies are developing in the right manner and to rule out any disorders in them. In cases of twins and multiples, your doctor may also tell you if you have identical or fraternal babies, depending on the placenta sharing. Any pregnancy issues will also be nipped in the bud at this checkup.

What to Eat

A good look at a pregnant woman’s diet is highly suggested when she reaches the 11-week mark. The presence of proteins, iron, iodine, carbohydrates in your diet is important for a healthy twin pregnancy. However, you should not overdo the consumption of foods rich in these, as it can result in gases and constipation, which can disturb the baby.

Giving in to cravings for fatty food products is a strict no-no. Go for healthy vegetables, cheese products, porridge, which are much healthier options than anything else. And just like always, make water and other juices your best buddies through the pregnancy.

Foods rich in protein

Pregnancy Care Tips

With the first trimester completion in sight, there are some basic care tips you can keep in mind to ease yourself into the coming months.


  • Try to relax as much as possible in the initial weeks of your pregnancy. Your body needs the time to relax, especially if you experience morning sickness and nausea often.
  • Interact with other pregnant mothers for support. If you have any concern, share it with them, they might be able to help you. Better yet, get in touch with your doctor for any query.


  • Do not overeat as it can result in irreversible consequences.
  • Do not exercise for long or it can leave you exhausted.

What You Need to Shop For

You can choose to invest in a tiny baby monitor amplifier that can help you listen to the heartbeats in your womb. Similarly, get some nice incenses to get you through these last stages of morning sickness.

Being pregnant with twins or multiples can be taxing on your body, but if you take good care of your health and follow a healthy diet, you will give birth to healthy babies. You have made it till 11th week and soon you will be entering the second trimester, it calls for a celebration! Have a nice dinner together with your partner and dream about how you will raise a family together. A healthy body and a healthy mind can work wonders in keeping your little ones happy in the womb.

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