Twin Pregnancy Week 10: Symptoms, Baby Size, Body Changes & More

10 Weeks Pregnant with Twins or Multiples

When a woman completes ten weeks of pregnancy, her belly starts showing considerably, and many people with sharp eyes might deduce the news before she can officially announce it. Being pregnant with multiples or twins can put you on a different path of pregnancy progress altogether. If you’re a pregnant woman expecting twins or multiples, this is the time to celebrate and make an official announcement to your friends and relatives if you haven’t done so already. Many first-time parents are anxious about miscarrying their babies in these initial weeks. With those fears behind you now and the belly showing itself pretty evidently, you can now look forward to what is indeed the golden phase of pregnancy.

Baby Growth at 10 Weeks

If a previous couple of weeks have had a large amount of growth in their length and size, this week is usually a little calmer on that front. They usually expand in length by about an inch or so, which is still a good amount. Their weight, however, undergoes a substantial improvement, sometimes doubling itself from the previous week.

Around the 10th week, most babies reach a stage where their core organs have achieved a proper development and formed fully. This can then allow the process to focus on their growth as a human being. Babies will be moving around quite a bit, now that their legs and hands are flexible and free, leading them to flail about on their own.

Bone growth is on track, with the cartilage growing quite rapidly. The teeth development stays as it is, growing properly below the gums. If you could observe your child with a magnifying lens, you’d be able to spot minuscule fingernails beginning to appear on the toes and the hands, along with a light, lush hair growth all over the body. Male babies start testosterone production by this stage.

What Is the Size of the Babies?

From seeds and peas to grapes, your babies tend to have one of their most significant growth in size around this week. The 10th week has your tiny ones in the womb as large as strawberries with a length of around 3-4 centimetres when measured from their head to the butt. Some doctors might choose to commence measuring baby weight around this week, while others might wait for a couple more since the babies would not be heavier than 5 grams each.

Twin Pregnancy Week 10 - the size of the babies

Common Bodily Changes

As the twins or multiples within your womb start putting on weight and increasing in size, the same will show on your body in various ways.

  • The increase in waistline and breasts becomes a little more apparent. This can result in most of your previous dresses failing to fit you well.
  • Stretch marks could start becoming more visible around your abdomen and thighs, usually the areas where the weight gain is the most.
  • The presence of multiple babies in the uterus ends up being harder on the veins that help circulate the blood to the legs. Due to hormonal changes and increased blood volume, many women observe blue coloured veins becoming visible. This phenomenon can also be seen in your breasts.
  • The hormone production stays strong, and with a twin pregnancy, the human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG production is always on the stronger side, combined with an increment in blood volume. Together, these result in the skin receiving a lot of blood than before, causing it to flush and secrete the natural oils. In many women, this constitutes a lovely magical glow, leading to a skin that is shinier and smoother in all ways.

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy at 10 Weeks

Your body will undoubtedly show signs of having twins at 10 weeks in various ways. A bunch of symptoms are pretty evident on that front, although most of them seem to start being less frustrating over time.

  • You might be expecting chronic nausea and morning sickness to start reducing by now, but some women tend to experience it for a bit longer. If you turn out to be one of those unfortunate ones, have faith. All of those frustrations are on their way out soon.
  • The increasing size of the uterus and the jostling of internal organs within the abdomen to make space for themselves can pressure the muscles in that region, especially the ligaments. While some women experience it just as a discomfort, the presence of multiples can result in ligament pain, which can get worse for some.
  • Carrying twins or triplets or even more is not an easy job. Your body has to spend all its energy to make sure your daily functions carry on unabated. This expense of power can lead you to be exhausted, and it is fine if you choose to rest more often than usual.
  • The increased hormone levels and blood flow do not just affect veins’ visibility. They can also make you experience mood changes. 
  • Since the blood flow is increased and reaches all parts of your body, it stimulates those regions, including the vagina, resulting in a discharge of sorts, which can even look a little weird than usual. The elevated estrogen levels cause the discharge to occur, and it is a natural way for the body to keep your vagina clean and remove any harmful bacteria.

Twin Pregnancy Week 10 - Symptoms

Twin Pregnancy – Belly at 10 Weeks

Carrying twins or multiples inside your womb might make you believe that your stomach is the size of a grapefruit. But you are yet to complete your first trimester, and hence, your belly would be noticeable to you and maybe a few others, but not to everyone. A few women may also observe linea nigra. It is a dark band that becomes prominent in the middle of the belly.

Twin Pregnancy at 10 Weeks – Ultrasound

Generally, having conducted an ultrasound in the previous weeks, doctors won’t ask you to repeat one yet again. If you choose to do so, you would be able to hear your babies’ heartbeats a tad more clearly than before. Your strawberry sized loved ones will now show their tiny legs and arms, which seem to move around or even reach their faces.

What to Eat

Yes, you are growing two or more human beings inside your body, and they are dependent on you for all the nutrition they can get. However, that does not mean you ought to eat meals meant for three adults. Family members tend to coerce many pregnant women into eating more than they feel fit. It is natural to feel hungrier than you usually do, and it is just as important to meet a calorie count of around 600 extra calories or a bit more, as suggested by your doctor or nutritionist. Such an elevated calorie count is usually satisfied by the random snacks you have throughout the day. Weight gain is good, as long as it is natural. Anything that is extra can put extra pressure on the body to maintain health and cause you to be overweight after delivering the children.

Twin Pregnancy Week 10 - what to eat

Pregnancy Care Tips

With your first-trimester mark approaching speedily, you need to start incorporating a few general care tips and a couple of additional ones to keep yourself on the right track.


  • Go and get a scan done by your doctor to check for the presence of any disorders or developmental syndromes in your children. This would be a good time to think about any alternative options or measures to mitigate the condition if it were to be present.
  • As you come to terms with your pregnancy, you can start with future planning for your family and kids in a calm and resolved manner.


  • Don’t overstress yourself about complications that may or may not complicate the pregnancy. Calm yourself down by reassurances about the absence of those risks and enjoy the period with them.
  • When shopping for clothes, don’t opt for ones that fit you properly right now. Your body will keep expanding, so opt for a larger size than what’s good right now.

What You Need To Shop For

With multiple babies coming ahead, you might want to purchase a few financial advice books or lectures to help with family budgets. Stretch marks can start getting a lot more visible, making it necessary to purchase a stretch-marks cream that’s safe to use during pregnancy.

Taking care of twins at ten weeks in the womb is not as difficult as it sounds since the tricky period of the initial phase of embryos has been successfully navigated. Your babies will now be set to grow rapidly, and so will your body. Breathe deeply, for the best times will soon come your way.

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