10 Things You Should Know About a Libra Child

10 Things You Should Know About a Libra Child

Have or know a little Libra baby? Here’s everything you might want to know!

Raising sweet and charming Libra kids is easy for their parents as Librans are peace lovers and have a balanced temperament. (Relieved, no?) But there’s a lot that you need to know about your Libra baby—their other personality traits to start with—to raise them just right!

Personality Traits of a Libra Child

Children born between 23rd September and 22nd October have Libra as their zodiac sign and Venus as their ruling planet. If you’ve a Libra child, these Libra baby’s personality traits will give you an insight into how they will grow up to be!

1. They are highly social.

A social baby video chatting with mom

Charming, friendly, and fun, Libra babies tend to grow up to be social, a quality that makes them popular and extremely likeable at social gatherings. They are easy-going and can fill awkward silences with their apt communication skills. As a parent to a Libra child, don’t be surprised if you see your child getting along with almost everyone in their class. Being social comes naturally to them.

2. They tend to make friends easily.

As Libra children are social, making friends is not a difficult task for them. They can make friends at school or at a party, or a summer camp. Libra kids look for meaningful companionship, and while they get along with everyone, they usually have a small circle of close friends, whom they can call friends for life!

3. They have a balanced temperament.

This seems a no-brainer, no? Given that this zodiac is represented by the sign of scales—a symbol of balance. Lucky you, if you have a Libra baby. As your little one grows up, they will find a way to balance in everything they do. Your child will balance his study time and playtime fairly well. And as they grow up, you will also observe that keep their emotions in check. They may not get overly excited if they succeed, neither will they express much disappointment in case things don’t work out for them as planned.

4. They love peace and calm.

A baby sleeping in calm

Librans prefer peace and calm in every situation, and that’s what prevents them from getting into arguments. They may not raise their voice if they don’t agree with something, and try their best to avoid conflicts. They may also ignore their friend’s petty behaviour to avoid confrontation.

5. They tend to be curiously detached.

While Librans are social and communicative, their love for peace and harmony makes them distance themselves and refrain from voicing their inconveniences. In case, things get messy or if they see their friends arguing over something, your child may withdraw himself and watch the situation from distance. You may have to identify such behaviour in your child and teach them that walking away from a problem is not the solution and that they should try to be the peacemaker (that they are) and solve conflicts if it’s in their hands.

6. They are polite.

The peace lovers and peacemakers, Librans tend to be polite. What’s more! Their desire to please everyone may keep them from expressing their opinions in case if they don’t approve of something. They may talk sweetly and politely with everyone to please them, but at times, if they get overtly sweet and don’t speak up, it could create problems and others might take advantage of their nature.

7. They are generous to a fault.

A kind and generous child

Another quality Libra kids possess that makes them highly likeable. As your child grows up, you can expect them to share their favourite toy with their friends without being regretful about it. One of the rare quality of Librans is their generosity. They are not governed by a sense of greed and they believe in sharing even when they don’t have enough. You may observe your child’s kindness exceeding beyond their family and friends; they may help strangers, pets, and just about anyone in need.

8. They love attention.

Being the sociable kind that they are, it’s only natural for Libra kids to want attention. Don’t you agree?! Their innate desire to please just about everyone may also make you wonder if they are just doing it for attention. Hmm!

9. They love music.

A baby enjoying music

Music is relaxing, so it’s natural for peace lovers Librans to love it. Music inspires and calms Libra children. If your child shows interest in learning an instrument, give them the opportunity to nurture their talent. Libra kids are intelligent, so your child may pick up an instrument easily, and voila, you will have your own in-house musician.

10. They tend to be indecisive.

This is not to say they are bad at decision making or that they regret their decisions, it’s the consequences of their decisions that they worry about. For instance, your child may evaluate a situation from every angle before arriving at a decision and even if they think that they are doing the right thing, they may worry that their decision might hurt someone’s feelings or offend them.

Parents, you have got to help your child grow into their best version! How? By understanding them, and guiding them in the right direction. We have covered that in the next section. Read on to know how you should raise your Libra child!

How to Raise Libra Kids

Although raising Libra kids is easy, new parents could always do with some tips!

  1. If your child is worried that their decisions might offend someone, explain to them they should do what’s right and not worry about the consequences. They can always talk to the person whom they are concerned about and solve the issue if any.
  2. As Libra children tend to avoid conflicts, chances are others might walk all over them if they keep quiet. Encourage your child to speak up; let your child know that if they have a point of view, they should share it confidently. Share a simple fact with your child: conflicts are bound to happen and that they cannot please everyone. If they are right, they should say it.
  3. While you may appreciate your child’s generous nature and take pride in it, your child may not understand why their peers don’t share the same philosophy of ‘what’s mine is yours’. You should teach them that they should not expect others to be generous like them. Let your child know that they should eventually be able to discern between who is taking advantage of their kindness repeatedly and who really deserves it.
  4. Some of the personality traits of Libra kids might make a parent feel that their child is born adult, but as mature as they might appear, a child is still a child. Just like other kids, your Libra child wants love and undivided attention from you. So shower them with love and more love. Spend as much time as you can doing things together, going for walks and picnics, bedtime snuggles and your little Libra will be overjoyed to have your undivided attention!
  5. Try and develop your child’s confidence by engaging them in simple activities like role play, narrating a short story, organizing a debate competition at home, etc., to encourage your child to open up and share what they feel. Important: Don’t forget to encourage them along the way.
  6. If your child is sad or not in the mood for conversation, play some music they enjoy, they will come around and perhaps smile too!
  7. Last but not the least, do what you think is best for your child, and you will have raised a child whom everyone will adore and respect (more than they already do)!

Most Libra babies grow up to balanced and kind individuals, so you won’t have to worry about your child getting into a fight or creating problems. In fact, you may find yourself appreciating their generous and social nature, and perhaps learn a thing or two from them!

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