10 Negative Discipline Techniques Parents Should Never Use

10 Negative Discipline Techniques Parents Should Never Use

Kids are moody. One moment, they may get happy over a small thing, and the next moment, they may throw a tantrum for no reason. If your kid also has his share of meltdowns, you need not punish him to discipline him. Parents should never adopt negative or stringent ways to discipline their kid. It is imperative to teach the value of discipline to a growing child, but not at the cost of being harsh on him. Take a look at the following post to know some of the negative techniques that you should never try to discipline your child.

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Why Negative Discipline is Harmful?

All children depend on their parents for emotional support and love. However, when parents use various hurtful ways of disciplining their child, it fiddles with their psychological, emotional, and physical well-being of the child. In other words, it can have damaging effects on the growth and development of the child.

Negative Discipline Methods That Parents Must Avoid

Some of the methods that you must avoid to save your child from the negative effects of discipline include:

1. Shouting

You should not shout at your child because when you shout at your little one, he may not be able to understand what you want from him or what you intend him to do. On the contrary, your child may get scared and may even feel ashamed for his actions. Talk to him politely instead, tell him what he did wrong and help him correct it.

A father shouting at his son

2. Emotional Blackmailing

Getting things done from your child by emotionally blackmailing him is not a good technique of parenting. This way your child may find it hard to trust or believe you.

3. Humiliating Your Child in Public

Whenever you scold or shout at your child in front of your family members, friends, or relatives, you insult your child in front of everyone. This may shake his self-respect and self-confidence.

4. Sending Your Child On Guilt Trips

Making a statement or saying hurtful words to make a child feel guilty for his actions may not be good for his self-worth. This way your kid may become resentful and may find himself engulfed in the vicious cycle of guilt.

5. Being Sarcastic

Sarcasm may not be a good way of disciplining a child. Little ones don’t get sarcasm and the older ones may feel hurt and may take your sarcastic comment to heart. They may also isolate themselves from you slowly. Furthermore, your child’s self-esteem may also be affected negatively. Hence, it is suggested that you watch what you speak.

6. Physical Violence

Physical abuse of any kind not only causes physical hurt and trauma to a child but it also affects the child emotionally. If you want your child to grow up into a kind person and remember his childhood happily then never use physical abuse to discipline your child. Physical violence is never an option for anything.

A father being physically abusive to his son

7. Commanding Your Child

Your child is not a slave of yours to order him around. Yes, you want him to respect elders and do as he is told, but there’s a way to get things done. Forcing your child to do something will instil fear in him and he may not come to you. Unreasonable commanding parenting style may make your child feel suffocated and helpless. You may ask your child to do the exact same things in a loving manner.

8. Being Distant or Cold

In order to punish your child for his mistakes, you may act distant or become cold towards him. But this technique of discipline should never be adopted as young children are dependent on their parents for emotional support. Acting cold to your kid may shake his trust and he may distant himself from you.

9. Threatening

Asking your child to do a certain thing by threatening him is also a negative way of disciplining your child. This way you scare your kid. If you threaten your kid, he will be under the constant fear of consequences of his actions.

10. Abusive Language

You should not use abusive words or language for your child. Verbal abuse is no less than physical abuse and can have the same ill-effects on the child. The use of inappropriate words, curse words or slang should be avoided when you are with your child.

All parents wish to inculcate and imbibe good habits and virtues in their children. However, using wrong means like adopting negative ways of disciplining is not considered a healthy practice and may harm the child physically and emotionally. Hope this article will help you understand the practices that you should never follow to discipline your child.

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