10 Easy to Perform Card Tricks for Kids

10 Amazing Card Tricks For Kids

We have all visited a magic show and loved that trick where the magician pulls a bunny rabbit out of his hat. Card tricks have been passed on through generations to keep the magic alive. As kids, one is always seeking those cool card magic tricks to amuse themselves or friends and family. There are several card tricks that have been passed on for generations to keep the magic alive!

10 Simple Kid-Friendly Card Tricks

Which kid dislikes card tricks? Card tricks are great to get familiar with kids. If you have a few up your sleeve and teach them, then you are sure to become a favourite and rule the popularity charts. For kids and beginners, card tricks have to be easy to understand, learn and perform. There are plenty of card tricks for children that fit this description to get them to feel like magicians. Some of these tricks are even easy card tricks for beginners. Read on to find on 10 easy magic card tricks to teach kids.

1. Mind Reading

How to Do The Trick 

  • Count 25 cards out of sight of spectators before beginning the trick.
  • Place these 25 cards on top of the pile. Hold the cards slightly apart.
  • Split the pack into two separates piles, noting where you have split them.
  • Place the 25 cards face down on the table. Ask someone to choose one card from the remaining cards in your hand.
  • Get them to memorise it.
  • Ask them to place that card on top of the pack that you have in your hand and add the 25 cards from the table.
  • Start dealing the cards one after the other and count until 26 in your mind.
  • That is your spectator’s card!

2. Spelling Card Trick

How To Do The Trick 

  • Bring the deck of cards and have the spectator select a random card.
  • As your spectator does this, take a glance at the bottom card on the deck of cards in your hand. Memorise it as it is the key card to find the chosen card.
  • When the spectator returns the card, make sure that the key card goes on top of that card. Place the spectator’s card on top of the deck and cut the deck. This will bring the key card on top of the spectator’s card.
  • Now spread the cards with their face up towards you and the audience. As you spot your key card you will be able to see the chosen card.
  • Now try to spell out the card using one card for each letter until you reach the chosen card. For eg: if the chosen card is “ ten of clubs”, spell it individually until you reach the chosen card.

3. Is This Your Card

How To Do The Trick

  • This trick is done by splitting the deck of cards into piles of suits. For eg: hearts and spades into one pile and diamonds and clubs into the next pile.
  • You need to do this before your audience arrives. If you want to do it in front of the audience, make sure you know where the piles split.
  • Place the split piles into a pre-arranged pattern with their face down on the table.
  • Ask a spectator to choose one of the piles and shuffle the cards in them.
  • Get them to place it on the table face down and choose a card from the pile they shuffle.
  • Ask your spectator to memorise the card and place it back into the other pile. Get them to shuffle the cards in the second pile.
  • Pick up the pile and start looking through them. Once you have seen, throw some drama in with some intuitive expressions and hold the card up for the audience.

4. Cut the 4 Aces

How To Do The Trick 

  • Place the four aces on top of the pack. The deck will be pointing face down and the spectator will not know that the aces are on top of the pack.
  • Get the spectator to divide the cards into four separate pile. Make sure you see where the last pile with the aces is kept.
  • Point to one of the piles without the aces and ask the spectator to pick up and hold the pile. Ask him to take three cards from the top and place them at the bottom.
  • Then ask the spectator to deal one card from the top of the pile in his hand to each of the other three piles.
  • From a second non-ace pile, repeat this process of moving the top three cards to the bottom and dealing a single card to each of the other piles.
  • Repeat the process with the third non-ace pile too.
  • Now you are aware of the situation. The three piles ( non-ace ones) have a mix of random cards.
  • The pile with the aces has three random cards on the top followed by the four aces.
  • When the spectator mixes the cards in this pile in the next step, the top three cards will move to the bottom and three of the aces will be dealt with the top of the other piles. One ace will remain on the original “ace” pile.
  • Once the spectator is done with dealing the top card in the “aces” pile ask them to turn the top card of each pile. They will reveal the aces.
  • Pause after the spectator completes all the steps. Emphasise that the cards are jumbled and then unveil the big “reveal”.

5. Sleight of Hand

How To Do The Trick

  • Shuffle an entire deck of cards and ask a spectator to pick a card.
  • Get them to split the deck and place the card face down on top of the pile.
  • The secret is to remember the card. So make sure to take a quick glance and put it back on the pile together.
  • To throw in some drama you must carefully shuffle the pack without misplacing the card that you glances.
  • Now deal the cards one after the other. Pause every now and then to make it look like you are thinking.
  • When you finally reach the card that the spectator picked. Go past it as if you are concentrating to add some effect. Then go and pick the card!

6. The Reversed Card Trick

How To Do The Trick

  • Spread the deck of card between your hand. Get the spectator to choose and card, take a look and show it around.
  • The spread of cards is closed. The spectator has to return the card and that is slid face down in the middle of the deck.
  • You need to stress how impossible it is to reverse the card in the deck by itself. You need to then stress that you will find it in the centre of the deck in just one move.
  • Hide the deck for a second and then spread them all face-up on the table.
  • Lo and behold the chosen card is reversed in the centre of the deck.

7. Four Queen on Top

How To Do The Trick 

  • Before you perform the trick, pick out four random cards from the pack and place the four Queen under them.
  • Keep these eight cards in your hand.
  • Hold these cards up to the audience and mention that these Queens are going into their castles.
  • Now place these eight cards on top of the deck with their face down and mention that this is the first Queen who is spinning off to the Buckingham Castle.
  • Now place the first card on the deck which your spectators think is the Queen in a random place in the deck. Repeat the same with the following cards too.
  • Now shout out saying the Queens are going to rush to a Royal Ball. Wave your hands on top of the deck and life the first four cards to reveal the Queens from the four suits.

8. Card Colour Trick

How To Do The Trick

  • Separate the cards into a black and red pile. Remember which pile is on top.
  • Spread the cards out and get someone in the audience to pick a card from the top. Ask them to memorise it.
  • Spread the bottom of the deck and get them to put the card in that deck.
  • Split the deck of card in the middle and place the bottom pile on the top to shuffle the cards.
  • Look through the deck and the colour you want will be the mixed one in a similar pile.

9. Card Trick

How To Do The Trick

  • You need a regular deck of cards. Pick one ace to represent the number 1, one Joker Card so that you are aware that the spectator has not moved any cards. Now you need one of each card number up to 10. You can choose whichever suit you wish. You should have eleven cards now.
  • Lay them down in the following order- face up- 6,5,4,3,2,Ace, Jack, 10,9,8,7.
  • Get the spectator to move cards one at a time from right to left.
  • Now mention that they moved five cards and the new arrangement is – 8,9,10, Jack, Ace,6,5,4,3,2.
  • Count starting from the left and count seven cards and turn the seventh card over. This will be the sum of cards they moved over.
  • If the spectator does not move any cards over the 7th card which will be joker, you will know that no cards have been moved
  • Now move the cards back again to do the trick again. It will work every time.

10. Jumping Cards Trick

How To Do The Trick

  • You will need two sets of cards. Prepare one deck by placing two cards of different suits at the top of the deck.
  • Now take the same set of cards from the second deck and place it at the bottom of the first deck.
  • Now announce that you will get the cards to jump from one deck to another.
  • Reveal the cards at the top of the deck and get your audience to memorise it. Place the cards back on the top.
  • Tap the deck twice to add some drama. Pull out the bottom two cards which will be the same that the audience saw.

This collection of simple tricks will get your child interested in learning magic tricks! You just need to remember to be vigilant, observant and need some practice before the grand finale. With a bit of drama and panache, you will surely nail it.

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