25+ Easy One Minute Games for Kids

25+ Easy One Minute Games for Kids

Kids love spending their free time playing games with their friends at school or home. However, children have a short attention span and can quickly lose interest in a particular game after playing it. Luckily, there are many one-minute indoor games for kids to enjoy in the comfort of their homes. They can play these interesting short games and engage them longer. Children often enjoy short one-minute games because they are fast-paced and engaging, keeping their attention and providing a quick burst of fun. These games are also easy to learn and understand, meaning children can jump right in and start playing without spending much time learning rules or instructions. We have prepared a list of games that are one minute to win it games for kids.

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What Are One-Minute Games?

One-minute games are short, quick and easy games that typically take no more than one minute to play. These games are designed to be fast-paced and engaging, providing a burst of fun and excitement in a short amount of time.

One-minute games can take many forms, including physical games, like relay races, tag, and jumping contests, and mental games, like memory challenges, trivia quizzes, and word puzzles. These games can be played individually or in groups and often require little to no equipment or preparation.

Some examples of one-minute games include:

  • Balloon Pop
  • Cup Stack
  • Ping Pong Bounce
  • Name That Tunes

Overall, one-minute games are a fun and simple way to break up the day, provide a quick distraction or challenge, and engage in friendly competition with others.

How Do You Play These Games?

Let’s learn more about these quick and easy one-minute games.

  • One-minute games can be played in various settings, including at home, in the classroom, at a birthday party, or even on the playground. 
  • Depending on the game and available space, they can be played indoors or outdoors. 
  • These games are great for quick breaks during long periods of sitting or studying, as they allow kids to get up and move around while still having fun.
  • Playing short games like these can also help improve children’s social skills, such as turn-taking, sharing, and communication while promoting physical activity and mental agility. 
  • Overall, short one-minute games are a great way to engage children and give them a quick burst of fun and entertainment.

Fun One-Minute Games for Children

If you want to engage your little ones and challenge them physically and mentally, try these fascinating games and bring cheer to the children’s faces. These innovative 1-minute games for kids’ birthday parties will keep the fun going. Here is the list of one-minute games for your children.

1. Unwrap the Candies

Unwrap the Candies

Things Needed

  • A bunch of candies
  • A pair of gloves
  • A bowl

How to Play

  • Ask every kid in the room to wear the gloves one by one
  • Now ask them to unwrap the candies within one minute

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2. Black and White Coins

Black and White Coins

Things Needed

  • Chess Board
  • 1 rupee and 2 rupee coins (32 each)

How to Play

  • Ask the kids to put 1 rupee coins in the black square and 2 rupee coins in the white square.

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3. Bindi Circles

Bindi Circles

Things Needed

  • Bindi packs in multiple colours
  • Printouts of concentric circles

How to Play

  • Each child will have to put the bindis on the circles, beginning from the outside.
  • They have to complete the first circle before moving on to the next one.

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4. Cup Stack

Cup Stack

Things Needed

  • Large-sized paper cups
  • Table

How to Play

  • Ask the kids to stack the paper cups over each other on the table and form a pyramid.

5. Post-It Challenge

Post-It Challenge

Things Needed

  • Post-it notes

How to Play

  • Form teams of two and ask one child to put as many post-it notes as possible all over the partner.
  • The notes should not fall off.

6. Pom-Pom and Straw Challenge

Pom Pom and Straw Challenge

Things Needed

  • A bunch of straws
  • Half-a-dozen pompoms

How to Play

  • Draw a start line and finish line on the floor or a table.
  • Place the pompoms on the start line and hand over straws to the participants.
  • Ask them to blow through the straws to push the pompoms to the finish line.

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7. Matching Easter Eggs

Matching Easter Eggs

Things Needed

  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Stopwatch

How to Play

  • Split the Easter eggs and ask the kids to put them together.
  • You can ask them to match the colours or tops to bottoms.

8. Cookie Face

Cookie Face

Things Needed

  • Cookies or biscuits

How to Play

  • Place the cookie on the kids’ forehead, and the challenge is to push the cookie towards their mouths using facial muscles only.

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9. Seal the Envelopes

Seal The Envelopes

Things Needed

  • Envelopes
  • Blank white sheets
  • Glue stick

How to Play

  • The kids are instructed to fold the white sheets per the envelope size.
  • Insert them in envelopes, and glue the envelope close.

10. Pick the Ice

Pick The Ice

Things Needed

  • Bucket of ice cubes
  • Two knitting needles
  • Two bowls

How to Play

  • Put lots of ice cubes in one bowl and ask the participants to transfer them from one bowl to another using the knitting needles.
  • The time limit is one minute.

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11. Toothpaste on the Toothbrush

Toothpaste on The Toothbrush

Things Needed

  • Two toothpastes (white and red)
  • 10 toothbrushes (white and red)

How to Play

  • The player has to apply the white paste over the red toothbrush and red paste over the white toothbrush.

12. Polo Tower

Polo Tower

Things Needed

  • Polo candies (a dozen at least)

How to Play

  • Ask all the kids to form teams of two and stand around a table.
  • One kid has to hand out the polo candies to his/her partner.
  • The partner has to stack the candies, one by one, to form a tower.
  • The teams whose towers break have to leave the game. The last team standing is the winner.

13. Pictionary


Things Needed

  • Plain white drawing sheets
  • Sketch pens

How to Play

  • Each child has to draw on the sheet, and the other kids must guess the picture.
  • This has to be done in under one minute.

14. Television Show

Television Show

Things Needed

  • A cardboard cut-out of Television

How to Play

  • Each child takes a turn being the television, and the other kids tell what kind of television show they want to watch.
  • The television kid has one minute to come up with most ideas for television shows and act them out.

15. Pass the Egg Game

Pass The Egg Game

Things Needed

  • A few eggs (artificial, if you want to avoid the mess)

How to Play

  • The kids stand in a circle and have to pass an egg for precisely one minute.
  • The kid left holding the egg at the end of one minute is out of the game.

16. The Mummy Game

The Mummy Game

Things Needed

  • Toilet paper rolls

How to Play

  • Divide the children into teams.
  • Each team gets one minute to wrap the toilet paper around one of the kids to resemble a mummy.
  • If the roll is ripped, the team has to start over again.

17. Straw and Thermocol Game

Straw and Thermocol Game

Things Needed

  • Small thermocol balls
  • Plastic straws
  • Empty containers

How to Play

  • Put the thermocol balls in one container and ask the players to suck the balls with a straw and transfer them to another container.
  • The ball will not be counted if it falls outside the container.
  • Make sure to buy thermocol balls that are larger in diameter than the straws, to ensure safety.

18. Save The Royal Family

Save The Royal Family

Things Needed

  • Playing cards
  • Tray

How to Play

  • Place the King, Queen and Jack cards of any one colour, facing up on the tray first.
  • Place the rest of the cards, face down, on top of them.
  • Players have to blow away the cards so that only the Royal family is left behind.

19. Pull and Pluck Game

Pull and Pluck Game

Things Needed

  • Coloured Cloth Pins

How to Play

  • Clip 10 cloth pins of different colours on each player’s clothes at the back.
  • Every player has to get cloth pins of the same colour from the other players and clip them on their clothes at the front.

20. Tie The Rope

Tie The Rope

Things Needed

  • A long rope

How to Play

  • Ask each kid to tie as many knots as possible on the rope within one minute.

21. Feather Lift

kid playing with a feather

Things Needed

  • Feather

How to Play

  • Give each child a feather and make them stand in a group.
  • The kids must keep the feather in the air without letting it touch their bodies.
  • The last kid standing is the winner.

22. Bowling

tin can bowling

Things Needed

  • Some tins or plastic bottles
  • Ball

How to Play

  • Arrange the tins or bottles at one end of the room in the same style as bowling pins.
  • Each kid has one chance to drop all the bottles with the ball from the other end of the room.

23. Goal!

girl playing cotton ball goal

Things Needed

  • Cotton balls Cardboard
  • A table

How to Play

  • Arrange the cardboard like a goal on one end of the table.
  • Then, one at a time, each kid must blow the cotton ball from the other end of the table, into the goal, in a minute.

24. Paper Toss

Paper Toss

Things Needed

  • New paper Bin
  • Crumpled Paper

How to Play

  • Place the wastepaper bin either on the floor or at an elevation.
  • The kids must throw the crumpled paper into the wastepaper bin.
  • The kid who makes the maximum goals in a minute wins.

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25. Lemon and Spoon

Lemon and Spoon

Things Needed

  • Lemons
  • Spoons

How to Play

  • Give each child a lemon and spoon and make them stand in a line.
  • The kids must place the lemon on the spoon and hold it in their mouths.
  • Mark out a finish line.
  • Instruct the kids to race to the finish line on the count of three without letting the lemon fall.

26. Red Light Green Light

“Red Light, Green Light” is a classic outdoor game for children of all ages. Here’s what you’ll need and how to play:

Things Needed

  • Open space to play
  •  A group of children (2 or more)

How to Play

  • Choose one player to be the “stoplight” and have them stand at one end of the playing area. The other players should stand at the opposite end of the playing area.
  • The stoplight faces away from the other players and calls out, “Green light!” signalling the players to move towards the stoplight.
  • Players continue to move towards the stoplight until the stoplight calls out, “Red light!” and turns around to face the other players. At this point, all players must stop moving immediately.
  • If players are caught still moving after the stoplight calls out “Red light,” they are out for that round.
  • Play continues with the stoplight calling out “Green light” and “Red light” at random intervals. Players who are caught moving during the “Red light” are out of the game.
  • The first player to reach the stoplight becomes the new stoplight for the next round.
  • The game continues until only one player is left, who is declared the winner.

27. Name the Tune

Things Needed

  • A device to play music: You can use a stereo system, a computer, a phone, or any other device to play music.
  • A selection of songs: You’ll need a variety of songs from different genres and eras to make the game challenging and interesting.
  • Players: You’ll need at least two players to play the game, but it’s more fun with a larger group.

How to Play

  • Choose a player to be the “DJ.” The DJ will be responsible for playing the music.
  • The DJ plays a short song clip, usually 10 to 15 seconds long.
  • The other players try to guess the song’s name and the artist who performed it.
  • The first player to correctly guess the song’s name and the artist earns a point.
  • The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

You can make the game more challenging by playing only instrumental parts of the songs or by choosing obscure songs that are less well-known. You can also add a time limit to make the game more fast-paced.

28. Marshmallow Toss

Things Needed

  • Large bowl
  • Small marshmallows
  • A timer

How to Play

  • Set a large bowl a few feet away from the players.
  • The game aims to toss as many marshmallows as possible into the bowl within one minute.
  • Players can stand, sit, and toss the marshmallows with their hands, feet, or other body parts.
  • When the timer goes off after one minute, the player who has tossed the most marshmallows into the bowl wins.

29. Balloon Pop

Things Needed

  • Balloons
  • String or Ribbon
  • A timer

How to Play

  • Inflate several balloons and tie them with string or ribbon.
  • The game aims to pop as many balloons as possible within one minute. Players can pop balloons using their hands or feet or sitting on them.
  • When the timer goes off after one minute, the player who has popped the most balloons wins.

1 Minute Games Prize Ideas

Here are some prize ideas for one-minute games:

1. Balloon Pop: A small trophy or medal with the words “Balloon Pop Champion” on it.

2. Cup Stack: A set of fun and colourful plastic cups or a personalised water bottle.

3. Marshmallow Toss: A bag of marshmallows or a small gift card to a candy store.

4. Word Scramble: A small puzzle book or colourful pens and pencils.

5. Picture Memory: A photo frame or a personalised photo album.

These prize ideas are relatively inexpensive and can be tailored to fit the age and interests of the players. Alternatively, you can also offer small treats or snacks as prizes, such as candies or cookies.

Here are some unique prize ideas for 1-minute games for kids:

  • DIY Craft Kit: This kit includes materials and instructions for making a fun craft or DIY project.
  • Science Experiment Kit: A kit that includes materials and instructions for conducting a science experiment.
  • Board Game: A board game that is age-appropriate and challenging.
  • Puzzle Book: A book of puzzles, such as crossword puzzles or word searches, that is age-appropriate and challenging.
  • Personalized Stationery Set: A set of customised notepads or stationery features the child’s name or initials.
  • Colouring Book and Art Supplies: A colouring book and a set of coloured pencils or markers that are high-quality and vibrant.
  • Movie or Game Night Kit: A kit that includes snacks, popcorn, and a movie or game rental. 

These unique prize ideas encourage creativity, learning, and outdoor play. They can also be adjusted to fit the age and interests of children. The most important thing is to make the prizes fun and rewarding, encouraging the players to participate and have a good time.

Games are the lifeline of any kids’ party or during summer holidays. These games keep them occupied and challenge their mental and physical faculties. Isn’t that a fun way of learning and exercising without much effort?


1. What Are Some 1 Minute Games You Can Play With Groups?

Here are many 1-minute group games that you can play, such as:

  • Balloon Pop
  • Cup Stack
  • Marshmallow Toss
  • Word Scramble
  • Picture Memory

These games are simple, easy to learn, and can be played with groups of any age.

2. Do These Games Require Any Preparation?

Most 1 minute games do not require any preparation. However, some games may require materials, such as cups or balloons, to be gathered beforehand.

3. Is There Any Risk of Playing 1 Minute Games?

Most 1 minute games are safe to play and do not pose any significant risks. However, it’s important to ensure that players are not doing anything that could cause injury or harm to themselves or others. For example, in the Balloon Pop game, players should not use sharp objects for popping the balloons.

4. Do You Need Any Training to Play These Games?

Most one-minute games do not require any training to play. However, some games may have specific rules or instructions that need to be followed, so explaining the rules to players beforehand is a good idea to avoid confusion or disputes.

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