What Activities To Avoid While You Are Pregnant?

10 Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy

The good news has arrived! You are expecting to welcome a new member in the family. Everything about this moment and hereafter is exciting and beautiful. But, you must be wondering about all the precautions you will have to take to keep your unborn baby safe and healthy. It is imperative that you take every step to ensure that you and the baby are healthy. This may also include a change or alteration in your day to day activities. This article will help you avoid the activities that may harm you or your baby during pregnancy.

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Why Being Active Is Vital During Pregnancy?

It is important to stay active during pregnancy. It has been proven that women who exercise moderately during pregnancy have shorter labours and deliver a healthy baby. Exercising regularly will prepare your body for the delivery. It is good for you as well as the growing baby.

Having said that, there are some activities that you must avoid for the sake of your little one’s safety. We will chalk those activities out for you.

Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy

Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, consider the changes your body is going through before indulging in any activity. Here is a list of activities to avoid during pregnancy.

  1. Weight Training: First up, avoid weight training of any sort. Heavyweight training can cause injury to the stomach, and anyone with a history of miscarriage or even others should skip heavy weight training during pregnancy.
  2. Stretching: Avoid stretching positions in yoga as it can put a strain on the abdomen and by extension, the foetus. The best alternative is to join prenatal yoga classes, which are specifically designed for pregnant women.
  3. Lying on the Belly: Avoid exercises that make you lie on your stomach as it can cause injury to your baby. It is a very uncomfortable posture during pregnancy and must be avoided.
  4. Hot Water Bath: You may find this weird, but relaxing in a hot bathtub for too long can be dangerous for your baby and may hamper your baby’s neural tube development. For the same reason, you are advised to avoid sauna baths during pregnancy. Also, if the tub or the water is not clean, it can lead to infections in the mother and baby.
  5. Roller Coaster Rides: Any rides in an amusement park are a complete no. The vertical and circular motion of the rides will make you nauseated. Also, the forceful take-off and landing of the rides may harm the baby as it can lead to premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall.
  6. Running: Avoid running and jogging if you are not regular at it. Researchers say that women who have been running for many years can continue running during pregnancy too. But one of the activities to avoid during pregnancy first trimester is running as you will be experiencing fatigue and dizziness during pregnancy. Any overexertion may lead you to collapse and harm to the foetus suddenly. If you have never run before, try walking at a moderate pace as it helps strengthen the pelvic muscles.
  7. Cycling: Once your belly grows bigger, sitting on a cycle will become very difficult. The growing belly may also make it difficult to balance on the cycle. Falling off from a cycle during pregnancy can be very dangerous and must be avoided.
  8. High Impact Aerobics: Especially if you have had a miscarriage in the past, then high impact aerobics that involves a lot of jumping, hopping, and skipping must be avoided entirely. Even otherwise, jumping and skipping during pregnancy may make you lose your balance, which can prove harmful to you and your baby. If you are used to aerobics, then you may continue with light aerobic exercises after consulting your doctor.
  9. Contact Sports: These can prove to be very dangerous during pregnancy as your pelvic joints become loose in preparation for childbirth, and loose ligaments and muscles are usually more prone to injury. Avoid contact sports activities like skiing, volleyball, and horse riding.
  10. Rigorous Workouts: Even if you want to indulge in exercise, do it at home or hit a gym somewhere close by. Your workout should be light and under the air conditioner. Your heartbeat should not go beyond 140 beats per minute, and your temperature should stay below 102 degrees.

Lend an ear to your body. Stop when you must. An overdose of any exercise can be injurious both to you and the baby.

  • When pregnant, please don’t think about dieting and losing weight. Starving yourself would also mean starving your foetus, which and can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.
  • Avoid loud noises during pregnancy as a loud noise may cause your hormones to fluctuate causing mood swings.
  • Cosmetic surgeries of any kind must be avoided during pregnancy. It puts the baby at risk both due to the physical harm and the effects of certain chemicals used during the surgery.
  • If you have a pet at home, cats or dogs, please ensure that you avoid attending to their every ritual, especially cleaning the cat’s poop or taking a big dog for a walk. Cat faeces may contain bacteria called toxoplasmosis, which can be dangerous for you and the baby.

Please stay informed about what is safe for you and your baby. Before indulging in any activity, consult your doctor and understand the pros and cons. After all, it is just a matter of 10 months. Once you have delivered your little angel, you can slowly resume your activities. Wish you a happy and safe pregnancy!

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