Teach Your Kid to be Kind to Animals

Why Teaching Your Kid to Care for Animals is More Important Than You Think

Almost every story we tell our little ones involves animals. Our children rejoice, eat and go to sleep in the comfort of listening to how all animals are all happy around them. But, how many of us really take it upon ourselves to teach our kids to show compassion for animals in reality?

This World Animals Day on October 4, let us all get teaching children to be kind to animals. Making kids take care of animals is important so our children develop empathy, kindness, gratitude and the importance of co-existing with four legged friends.

1. Science Says

All kids love animals. Almost all kids grow a special fondness for animals. If not a real pet, every kid has toy doggy or bear pet. Studies have proven that kind children grow up to be kind adults. Children learn kindness at home and what better way to teach your tots compassion than making kids take care of animals?

Teaching Your Kid to Care for Animals

2. Teach Responsibility

Showing kindness to animals can help your child learn responsibility from a very young age. You can ask your little one to give their furry friend food, water or give them a bath. Taking care of animals can also help your kid realise how much time you take to get them ready for school. Your children will begin to appreciate you more!

3. I’m Never Lonely with a Pet Around!

When you go a step further and bring pets home, your child is never going to feel lonely. This is particularly advantageous when you need to help your single child bond and display love and affection. Research has shown that kids with a pet at home have better self-esteem, self-worth, immunity and an over-all better academic performance. Maybe, it is time you thought about gifting your child a pet for his birthday.

4. Learn a Lesson from Animals

Take the time out to show your children how animals also live in families. Show them nests, a cat taking care of her kittens, tell them how mother birds return every night to their young ones in their nests, or how squirrels save for winter. These are important life lessons every child should learn from animals. In this fast paced world we are living in, animals can perhaps teach your kids better values than people!

This World Animal Day 2015, help your little one discover the wonders of the animal kingdom. Showing kindness to animals cannot be hard because our furry friends are just so lovable!

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