Tips to deal with a Bossy Child

Parenting Tips to Handle a Bossy Child

Parenting a preschooler is always a challenge and if you have a bossy child, you are in for a rough ride! When toddlers reach the preschool age, there is a sudden change in their behavior. They tend to take control and instruct parents to do things as per their wish. While this may initially feel good for you seeing your child taking control, soon you realize that he dominates everyone around!

Bossy children usually don’t mingle with their friends and take time to settle at school too. Sometimes their arrogant behavior may put you in embarrassing situations in front of friends and family. This situation can be reversed with a little effort from you.

Stop being reactive

When you react by laughing or yelling at your child for his bad behaviour, things only go from bad to worse. Instead, simply ignore his aggressive behaviour and bossy tone. Teach him the importance of politeness and manners in a kindly tone. Make sure your child watches you talk politely. Read to him stories with polite conversations and dialogues.

Appreciate their manners

Whenever your child says “thank you” or “please”, appreciate him for being so good and respectful. When your child adheres to the rules you set, praise him and occasionally gift him with chocolates. This will promote a positive behavioural pattern in your child.

Stop acting on their orders

If your child orders or demands things, don’t succumb to it. He should learn to accept “no” as an answer. Bossy children resist, shout or cry when others don’t pay heed to them. This behavior should be dealt passively by explaining to them that they can’t get everything as they want. Ask them to request things instead of demanding. Don’t use physical force as it will only strengthen their aggressive nature and they will tend to act more violently the next time.

Involve teachers and friends

Ask your child’s teachers and friends to know how he behaves with them. Monitor his activities during playtime and teach him to share his toys with his playmates.
Monitor his activities during playtime

Give them some power

A demanding child has the urge to feel powerful. Whenever you get an opportunity, give him some power to make his own decisions, like what he wants to play or wear. Such things will temporarily subside his aggression and tone down his behavior.

Remodel your behavior

Reconsider your behaviour in the first place. Children pick up habits and patterns from their parents’ behaviour. Avoid bossiness at home, instead be kind and polite to everyone so that the child also learns the same from you.

Your child’s demanding and bossy nature need not always be a negative trait. With a little care, this behavior can be fostered into strong leadership skills. Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them; it is all in the parent’s hands to mold their children the way they want to see them.

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